Judge approves Detroit bankruptcy plan

By Jerry White, 8 November 2014

In a thoroughly undemocratic ruling, Judge Steven Rhodes sanctioned the city’s restructuring plan, setting a precedent for attacking the rights of public sector workers throughout the country.

The trade unions and the Detroit bankruptcy

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Obama doubles US troop strength in Iraq

By Patrick Martin, 8 November 2014

Obama made the announcement three days after an election in which there was virtually no discussion of the war in Syria and Iraq.

After elections, Washington plans escalation of Middle East war

US general suggests delaying troop withdrawals from Afghanistan

By James Cogan, 8 November 2014

General Campbell’s comments reflect concerns in Washington that its puppet government in Kabul could fall to the Taliban.

Why is the media silent on the continuing shakeup in the US nuclear command?

By Bill Van Auken, 8 November 2014

Since the original report carried by the Associated Press on the unprecedented firing of nuclear missile commanders, no major media outlet has pursued the story.

Another shakeup hits US nuclear missile command

German train drivers continue strike

By our correspondents, 8 November 2014

Along with freight service, passenger service has been affected by the strike since Thursday.

Germany: Left Party attacks striking train drivers

By Johannes Stern, 8 November 2014

The statements by the party chairman and its daily newspaper make clear where the Left Party stands in the escalating conflict—not on the side of the workers, but in solidarity with the German government.

Mass protest strike against austerity staggers new Belgian government

By Alex Lantier, 8 November 2014

Over 100,000 workers from Belgium’s Flemish- and French-speaking regions marched in one of Belgium’s biggest protests since the 1960-1961 general strike.

UK teenage killer named publicly and sentenced to 20 years

By Julie Hyland, 8 November 2014

Having successfully petitioned for the overturning of his anonymity, much of the media have used Cornick’s case as an occasion for prurient coverage and demands for retribution.

Imperialist powers, bourgeois “opposition” reach out to military junta in Burkina Faso

By Antoine Lerougetel, 8 November 2014

France and its allies are pushing to give a civilian façade to the Burkinabé regime after mass protests last week led to a military coup.

Low-paying service-sector jobs predominate in October US jobs report

By Andre Damon, 8 November 2014

The so-called “recovery” proclaimed by the Obama administration is premised on continued high unemployment and stagnating wages.

FBI director defends media impersonation by bureau agents

By Thomas Gaist, 8 November 2014

Without seeking a specific warrant, FBI agents forged an Associated Press article during a 2007 investigation.

AT&T and Verizon use “supercookies” to track users’ online activities

Justice Department seeks massive expansion of FBI hacking powers

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University of California president proposes new fee hikes

By Gabriel Black, 8 November 2014

A yearly tuition increase of up to 5 percent is being implemented in the UC system while the cost of living for students skyrockets.

New in French

La prestation télévisée de mi-mandat du président Hollande : il n’y aura pas de changement de sa politique droitière

Par Alex Lantier, 8 novembre 2014

Conçue comme une ultime tentative d’enrayer l’effondrement du Parti socialiste de Hollande, la prestation télévisée du président a clairement montré qu’il n’entendait rien changer à sa politique réactionnaire.

Il faut défendre la grève des conducteurs de trains!

Par Ulrich Rippert, 8 novembre 2014

La grève des conducteurs de train et du personnel d’accompagnement en Allemagne concerne la défense du droit fondamental des travailleurs à s’opposer aux attaques menées contre leurs emplois et leur niveau de vie.

Les puissances impérialistes et l'‘opposition’ bourgeoise tendent la main à la junte militaire au Burkina Faso

Par Antoine Lerougetel, 8 novembre 2014

La France et ses alliés s’efforcent de donner une façade civile au régime burkinabé après que des manifestations de masse ont conduit à un coup d’Etat militaire.

A propos du bicentenaire de la naissance de l’écrivain allemand Georg Büchner (1813-1837) -- Deuxième partie

Par Sybille Fuchs, 8 novembre 2014

Nous publions ici un article en cinq parties sur l’auteur allemand révolutionnaire Georg Büchner dont on a commémoré le bicentenaire l’an dernier. Une des manifestations les plus marquantes de ce bicentenaire fut une exposition dans la ville de Darmstadt, en Hesse, où Büchner a passé son enfance et sa jeunesse. (Pour la 1ere partie cliquez ici : Première Partie)

New in German

25 Jahre seit dem Mauerfall – eine Bilanz

Von Peter Schwarz, 8. November 2014

Entgegen der offiziellen Mythen ging die Initiative zur Einführung des Kapitalismus in der Sowjetunion und der DDR von der herrschenden stalinistischen Bürokratie selbst aus.

Lokführer-Streik: Nach zentraler Protest-Kundgebung vorzeitiger Streikabbruch

Von unserem Reporterteam, 8. November 2014

Unmittelbar nach der Kundgebung gab der GDL-Vorstand bekannt, dass der Streik nicht wie ursprünglich angekündigt bis Montag fortgesetzt, sondern bereits am Samstagabend beendet werde.

Video: „Heute müssen wir wieder für unsere Rechte kämpfen“
Lokführer demonstrieren in Berlin

Von Julian Fischer und Sonja Bach, 8. November 2014

Am Freitag demonstrierten mehr als eintausend Lokführer und Zugbegleiter vor der Zentrale der Deutschen Bahn auf dem Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

Hollandes Fernsehauftritt zur Hälfte seiner Amtszeit:
Keine Änderungen an rechter Politik

Von Alex Lantier, 8. November 2014

Hollandes Fernsehauftritt war ein verzweifelter Versuch, den Zusammenbruch seiner Sozialistischen Partei zu verhindern. Aber er machte deutlich, dass keine Änderung seiner reaktionären Politik vorgesehen ist.

The Cut, eine Geschichte über den Völkermord an den Armeniern

Von Hiram Lee, 8. November 2014

Der Film des türkisch-deutschen Filmemachers Fatih Akin erzählt eine Geschichte über eine Familie, die durch den Völkermord an den Armeniern 1915 auseinandergerissen wird.

Other Languages


Central bank decisions deepen global capitalist disorder

8 November 2014

The growing financial madness underscores that the crisis that erupted in 2008 was a breakdown of the global capitalist economy, not a conjunctural downturn from which there would be a “recovery.”

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Twenty five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall: A balance sheet

By Peter Schwarz, 8 November 2014

Contrary to the official myths, the initiative to restore capitalism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe came from the ruling Stalinist bureaucracy itself.

The Nation and the International Socialist Organization respond to the 2014 elections

By David Walsh, 7 November 2014

New York Times column advocates ending midterm elections in America

The Democratic Party implosion

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French President Hollande’s mid-term TV appearance: No shift in right-wing policies

By Alex Lantier, 7 November 2014

More than 100,000 march in Mexico City over disappeared students

By Rafael Azul, 7 November 2014

Australia’s WWI Albany commemoration: All about the future, not the past

By Richard Phillips, 7 November 2014

Arts Review

The death of German writer Siegfried Lenz (1926-2014)

By Sybille Fuchs, 8 November 2014

Lenz, who died October 7 at the age of 88, was one of the most widely read figures in postwar German literature.

Featured video

The best of all possible worlds?
Students respond to Obama’s claim that this is the “best time in human history”

By Seraphine Collins and Jeff Lusanne, 7 November 2014

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

8 November 2014

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.


Prehistoric rock art in Indonesia dated to 40,000 years ago

By Matthew MacEgan, 7 November 2014

Book Review

Broken Nation: A glimpse of Australian anti-war sentiment in World War I

By Will Morrow, 6 November 2014

It is significant—and to Joan Beaumont’s credit—that her latest book lifts the lid, albeit within definite limits, on anti-war opposition in the working class.

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25 years ago: Berlin Wall comes down

On November 9, 1989, thousands of residents of East Germany crossed the border into West Berlin after the government of Egon Krenz announced free travel into West Germany.

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50 years ago: Johnson wins US election landslide

On November 3, 1964, Democrat Lyndon Johnson won the most lopsided presidential election in US history, in terms of popular vote, winning more than 61 percent to Republican Barry Goldwater's 38 percent.

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75 years ago: Failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler

On the evening of November 8, 1939, at an event to commemorate the 16th anniversary of Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, an unsuccessful attempt was made on the life of the Nazi leader.

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100 years ago: Britain annexes Cyprus

On November 5, 1914, the British government formally annexed Cyprus, which had previously been within the nominal sphere of influence of the Ottoman Empire.

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Socialist Equality Party

Packed IYSSE meeting at Humboldt University in Berlin

By our correspondents, 25 October 2014

Scholarship instead of war propaganda! IYSSE statement on the dispute at Humboldt University

German IYSSE defends freedom of speech at Humboldt University

IYSSE protests censorship at Berlin’s Humboldt University

Mehring Books

New pamphlet outlines basis for struggle against imperialist war

7 October 2014

The pamphlet contains three important statements on war from the International Committee of the Fourth International, the Socialist Equality Party in the US and the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit in Germany.