US steps up military operations in Iraq, Syria

By Patrick Martin, 10 November 2014

US warplanes struck along a 400-mile front from Idlib, in northwestern Syria, to Mosul in northern Iraq, and at numerous locations in western Iraq.

Obama doubles US troop strength in Iraq

After elections, Washington plans escalation of Middle East war

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German NATO general announces plans for military maneuvers against Russia

By Johannes Stern, 10 November 2014

Seventy-five years after the beginning of World War II, the German general staff is once again preparing for war with Russia.

The revival of German militarism: One year on

French Senate votes law facilitating impeachment of the president

By Kumaran Ira and Olivier Laurent, 10 November 2014

Hollande is the most unpopular president since the creation of the Fifth Republic in 1958.

French President Hollande’s mid-term TV appearance: No shift in right-wing policies

US Supreme Court to hear challenge to Obamacare subsidies

By Kate Randall, 10 November 2014

The Supreme Court’s decision to hear King v. Burwell comes just days before the beginning of open enrollment for the second year of the Affordable Care Act.

AIG lawsuit reveals global economy on the brink

By Gabriel Black, 10 November 2014

The US government’s bailout of insurance giant AIG in September 2008 channeled tens of billions of dollars to the largest Wall Street banks.

Six years since the Wall Street crash

Scottish National Party benefits from Labour’s collapse

By Steve James, 10 November 2014

The Scottish Labour Party is sharply divided over the extent to which it should advocate greater devolution in Scotland.

Israel committed war crimes in Gaza, Amnesty International finds

By Jean Shaoul, 10 November 2014

Amnesty detailed eight instances in which people’s homes were attacked with large aerial bombs without warning, resulting in the deaths of at least 104 civilians, including 62 children.

The slaughter in Gaza: A warning to the international working class

Canada’s NDP promotes Remembrance Day as celebration of militarism

By Roger Jordan, 10 November 2014

Canada’s trade union-backed NDP is campaigning for Remembrance Day to be made a national holiday.

Australian mining fatalities on the rise

By Terry Cook, 10 November 2014

Amid the collapse of the mining boom, safety is being further eroded in one of the country’s most dangerous industries.

Australia: Victorian state government facing electoral defeat

By Patrick Kelly, 10 November 2014

A Liberal Party defeat in the November 29 ballot would mark the first one-term government in Victoria since 1955.

India criticises Chinese submarine visits to Colombo

By Wasantha Rupasinghe, 10 November 2014

By objecting to Chinese vessels docking in Sri Lanka, the Indian government is clearly acting with Washington’s support.

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L'implosion du parti démocrate américain

Par Joseph Kishore, 10 novembre 2014

La stratégie des Démocrates consistant à faire appel à des couches aisées des classes moyennes sur la base de politiques identitaires, tout en coopérant avec les Républicains pour augmenter l'assaut sur les emplois, les salaires et les conditions de vie, a produit un désastre électoral.

Une grève de masse pour protester contre l’austérité secoue le nouveau gouvernement belge

Par Alex Lantier, 10 novembre 2014

Plus de 100.000 travailleurs venus des régions flamande et francophone ont participé à l’une des plus importantes manifestations en Belgique depuis la grève générale de 1960-1961.

Les lycéens français manifestent contre le meurtre policier de Rémi Fraisse

Par Francis Dubois, 10 novembre 2014

Des milliers de lycéens ont manifesté dans plusieurs villes, et des dizaines de lycées sont bloqués à travers la France.

Allemagne: Le parti La Gauche s’en prend aux conducteurs de train en grève

Par Johannes Stern, 10 novembre 2014

Les déclarations du président de La Gauche et de son quotidien montrent clairement que, dans ce conflit qui s’intensifie, ce parti ne se trouve pas du côté des travailleurs mais qu’il est solidaire du gouvernement allemand.

Le NPA soutient le rétablissement de l’ordre au Burkina Faso

Par Anthony Torres, 10 novembre 2014

Le NPA tente d'enjoliver la collaboration entre l'opposition bourgeoise et la nouvelle junte militaire en la présentant comme la victoire du soulèvement populaire.

A propos du bicentenaire de la naissance de l’écrivain allemand Georg Büchner – Troisième partie

Par Sybille Fuchs, 10 novembre 2014

le bicentenaire de la naissance de l’auteur allemand révolutionnaire Georg Büchner, commémorée l’an dernier, a permis de rappeler la grande actualité de son œuvre. Une des manifestations les plus marquantes de ce bicentenaire fut une exposition dans la ville de Darmstadt, en Hesse, où Büchner a vécu. (Voir aussi Première partie et Deuxième partie)

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After the US elections: An intensification of war and social counterrevolution

10 November 2014

The Republican victory last Tuesday was not the result of a surge in popular support for the Republican Party or its right-wing policies. It was the result of the collapse of the Democrats.

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Arts Review

HBO’s Olive Kitteridge: Why are these people so unhappy?

By Joanne Laurier, 10 November 2014

Adapted from Elizabeth Strout’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, HBO’s miniseries Olive Kitteridge deals with life in a small community on the coast of Maine.

The death of German writer Siegfried Lenz (1926-2014)

By Sybille Fuchs, 8 November 2014

Lenz, who died October 7 at the age of 88, was one of the most widely read figures in postwar German literature.

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Workers Struggles

German GDL union shuts down train drivers’ strike

By our correspondents, 10 November 2014

The strike, which interrupted two-thirds of the country’s rail transport, was shut down even as the courts refused to grant Deustche Bahn a back-to-work order.

Germany: Left Party attacks striking train drivers

UK postal workers take unofficial strike action

By Zach Reed, 10 November 2014

The walkouts are a result of work speedups and job cuts at Royal Mail.

25 years ago: Nicaraguan peace talks suspended by contras

Nicaraguan peace talks in New York effectively collapsed when leaders of the US-backed contras demanded their immediate suspension on November 15, 1989.

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50 years ago: Israel provokes border clash with Syria

This week in 1964, Israel and Syria engaged in a series of border clashes. Seven Syrian soldiers and three Israelis were killed in the fighting, which began on November 13.

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75 years ago: Soviet Army moves into Baltic States

On November 14, 1939, Red Army detachments moved into the Baltic state of Lithuania under the terms of an agreement forced on the small country by Stalin and his foreign minister, Molotov.

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100 years ago: Germany and Russia fight battle of Lodz

On November 11, 1914, the German and Russian armies confronted one another near Lodz, a city in what is now south-central Poland.

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Twenty five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall: A balance sheet

By Peter Schwarz, 8 November 2014

Central bank decisions deepen global capitalist disorder

By Nick Beams, 8 November 2014

Why is the media silent on the continuing shakeup in the US nuclear command?

By Bill Van Auken, 8 November 2014


The Nation and the International Socialist Organization respond to the 2014 elections

By David Walsh, 7 November 2014

New York Times column advocates ending midterm elections in America

The Democratic Party implosion

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More than 100,000 march in Mexico City over disappeared students

By Rafael Azul, 7 November 2014

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

Judge approves Detroit bankruptcy plan

By Jerry White, 8 November 2014

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Featured video

The best of all possible worlds?
Students respond to Obama’s claim that this is the “best time in human history”

By Seraphine Collins and Jeff Lusanne, 7 November 2014

NSA Spying and the Defense of Edward Snowden

FBI director defends media impersonation by bureau agents

By Thomas Gaist, 8 November 2014

Without seeking a specific warrant, FBI agents forged an Associated Press article during a 2007 investigation.

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Prehistoric rock art in Indonesia dated to 40,000 years ago

By Matthew MacEgan, 7 November 2014

Book Review

Broken Nation: A glimpse of Australian anti-war sentiment in World War I

By Will Morrow, 6 November 2014

It is significant—and to Joan Beaumont’s credit—that her latest book lifts the lid, albeit within definite limits, on anti-war opposition in the working class.

Socialist Equality Party

Packed IYSSE meeting at Humboldt University in Berlin

By our correspondents, 25 October 2014

Scholarship instead of war propaganda! IYSSE statement on the dispute at Humboldt University

German IYSSE defends freedom of speech at Humboldt University

IYSSE protests censorship at Berlin’s Humboldt University

Mehring Books

New pamphlet outlines basis for struggle against imperialist war

7 October 2014

The pamphlet contains three important statements on war from the International Committee of the Fourth International, the Socialist Equality Party in the US and the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit in Germany.