Obama-Xi talks underscore US war threat in Asia

By Patrick Kelly, 13 November 2014

New military “confidence-building mechanisms” resolve none of the issues underlying Washington’s confrontation of China.

Harper’s Beijing trip highlights Canadian-Chinese tensions

By Keith Jones, 13 November 2014

ASEAN summit opens in Myanmar

By Joseph Santolan, 13 November 2014

The summit’s first day was marked by an avoidance of the question of the South China Sea.

Philae spacecraft lands successfully on comet

By Don Barrett and Bryan Dyne, 13 November 2014

With its touchdown on Wednesday, the Philae module became the first spacecraft to land on the surface of a comet.

Two years after the Libor scandal
Banks get token fines for rigging global foreign exchange rates

By Andre Damon and Barry Grey, 13 November 2014

Major international financial institutions, with the knowledge of at least one central bank, conspired to rig the multitrillion-dollar foreign exchange market.

The Bank of America settlement and the “justice” of capitalism

AIG lawsuit reveals global economy on the brink

Russian Central Bank floats ruble

By Clara Weiss, 13 November 2014

Moscow is floating the ruble in response to the West’s policy of economic warfare against Russia.

Kiev escalates war in eastern Ukraine

Dozens of “near miss” incidents bring NATO and Russia to brink of war

More on the crisis in Ukraine »

German army prepares for civil war

By Denis Krassnin, 13 November 2014

Four hundred military and arms experts from 40 countries discussed the suppression of uprisings and other forms of civil war at a three-day conference held in Berlin in October.

Violent clashes erupt at Poland Independence Day rally

By Dorota Niemitz, 13 November 2014

More than 270 people were arrested as far-right protesters battled riot police.

Neo-fascist National Front calls for rearming of French imperialism

By Francis Dubois, 13 November 2014

On November 11, FN leader Marine Le Pen called for France to rearm, introduce universal military service and develop a policy independent of NATO and the European Union.

UK parliament backs anti-democratic European Arrest Warrant

By Julie Hyland, 13 November 2014

It was Labour that effectively shut down any discussion on the EAW and ensured its passage.

Brisbane, Australia in lockdown for G20 summit

By Mike Head, 13 November 2014

Australia’s third biggest city resembles a ghost town under police occupation.

Young people in Brisbane denounce “population control”

By a WSWS reporting team, 13 November 2014

Small audiences mark Remembrance Day in Australia

By James Cogan, 13 November 2014

The “Eleventh of the Eleventh” is considered of secondary importance by the Australian ruling elite in promoting patriotism.

Former South African police boss exploits footballer’s murder in comeback bid

By Thabo Seseane Jr., 13 November 2014

Under Cele, the ranks of the South African Police Service were again militarised as they had been under the white supremacist regime.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, rights groups sue over Pennsylvania’s “Mumia Law”

By Ed Hightower, 13 November 2014

A lawsuit was filed Monday challenging Pennsylvania’s recently enacted Revictimization Relief Act.

New in French

Kiev intensifie la guerre en Ukraine orientale

Par Christoph Dreier, 13 novembre 2014

Les combats les plus féroces depuis la signature du cessez-le-feu début septembre ont sévi cette semaine dans les villes de l’Est de l’Ukraine, Donetsk et Lugansk.

Le Front National appelle au réarmement de l’impérialisme français

Par Francis Dubois , 13 novembre 2014

Le 11 novembre, la dirigeante du FN Marine Le Pen a appelé au réarmement et à une politique militaire indépendante de l’OTAN et de l’Union européenne

Réunion publique du PES à Montréal contre la participation du Canada à la guerre au Moyen-Orient

13 novembre 2014

Le Parti de l’égalité socialiste (Canada) organise une réunion publique à Montréal le 23 novembre contre la participation du Canada à la guerre au Moyen-Orient.

New in German

BND will verschlüsselte Internetverbindungen knacken

Von Johannes Stern, 13. November 2014

Der Bundesnachrichtendienst will seine Operationen zur Ausspähung der Bevölkerung ausweiten und technisch und finanziell massiv aufrüsten.

Bundeswehr bereitet sich auf Bürgerkrieg vor

Von Denis Krassnin, 13. November 2014

Ende Oktober diskutierten in Berlin 400 Militärs und Rüstungsexperten aus 40 Ländern drei Tage lang über die Niederschlagung von Aufständen und andere Formen des Bürgerkriegs in städtischen Gebieten.

Massenstreik gegen Sparkurs bringt neue Regierung ins Straucheln

Von Alex Lantier, 13. November 2014

Über hunderttausend Arbeiter aus beiden Sprachregionen beteiligten sich am größten Massenprotest seit dem Generalstreik von 1960/61.

Rechte Minderheitsregierung in Bulgarien

Von Anna Rombach und Markus Salzmann, 13. November 2014

Die Bildung einer weit rechts stehenden Minderheitsregierung um Premierminister Bojko Borrisow und seine Partei Bürger für eine Europäische Entwicklung Bulgariens (GERB) wird die Krise im ärmsten Mitgliedsstaat der Europäischen Union weiter verschärfen.

Pseudolinke NPA unterstützt Wiederherstellung der Ordnung in Burkina Faso

Von Anthony Torres, 13. November 2014

Die NPA präsentiert die Zusammenarbeit der bürgerlichen Opposition mit der neuen Militärjunta als Sieg des Volksaufstandes.

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The illegitimate US election

13 November 2014

The low voter turnout in last week’s US election reflects popular hostility toward the Obama administration, the political establishment and both big-business parties.

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The Bankruptcy of Detroit

Video: Defend the social rights of Detroit workers!

By Lawrence Porter, 13 November 2014

In this video, SEP Assistant National Secretary Lawrence Porter explains the significance of the Detroit bankruptcy ruling and calls on workers to take up the fight in defense of their social rights.

The Detroit bankruptcy ruling: A new chapter in the class war against workers

By Jerry White, 12 November 2014

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Arts Review

Atlanta Symphony musicians agree to concessions after nine-week lockout

By Fred Mazelis, 13 November 2014

The latest contract follows a pattern across the US, but there is also growing anger at the corporate stranglehold on culture.

Anderson: Artists and the Stasi in Stalinist East Germany

By Bernd Reinhardt, 12 November 2014

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Capitalism and the space program

By Don Barrett, 12 November 2014

France’s pseudo-left NPA backs restoration of law and order in Burkina Faso

By Anthony Torres, 12 November 2014

US troops sent to Iraq’s Anbar province

By Bill Van Auken, 12 November 2014

More on the war in Iraq and Syria »

As grand jury decision in Michael Brown case nears
Missouri governor vows to deploy National Guard against protesters

By Tom Hall, 12 November 2014

More on police violence in America »

Harvard’s new sexual harassment policy, democratic rights and the new right

By David Walsh, 11 November 2014

Twenty-five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

Why is the media silent on the continuing shakeup in the US nuclear command?

Workers Struggles

American Airlines flight attendants reject contract

By Shannon Jones, 11 November 2014

German GDL union shuts down train drivers’ strike

By our correspondents, 10 November 2014

Socialist Equality Party

David North to speak November 15 in Toronto on “Imperialism and the World Wars of the Twentieth Century”

12 November 2014

WSWS Chairman David North will give a lecture, “Imperialism and the World Wars of the Twentieth Century: Historical Lessons and Present Dangers,” in Toronto this Saturday.

ICFI/WSWS public meeting in India on the danger of world war

11 November 2014

25 years ago: Nicaraguan peace talks suspended by contras

Nicaraguan peace talks in New York effectively collapsed when leaders of the US-backed contras demanded their immediate suspension on November 15, 1989.

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50 years ago: Israel provokes border clash with Syria

This week in 1964, Israel and Syria engaged in a series of border clashes. Seven Syrian soldiers and three Israelis were killed in the fighting, which began on November 13.

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75 years ago: Soviet Army moves into Baltic States

On November 14, 1939, Red Army detachments moved into the Baltic state of Lithuania under the terms of an agreement forced on the small country by Stalin and his foreign minister, Molotov.

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100 years ago: Germany and Russia fight battle of Lodz

On November 11, 1914, the German and Russian armies confronted one another near Lodz, a city in what is now south-central Poland.

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Mehring Books

New pamphlet outlines basis for struggle against imperialist war

7 October 2014

The pamphlet contains three important statements on war from the International Committee of the Fourth International, the Socialist Equality Party in the US and the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit in Germany.