No indictment for Ferguson cop who killed Michael Brown

By Andre Damon, 25 November 2014

The entire process through which the grand jury arrived at its decision is a legal fraud, with the outcome dictated by the political calculations of the ruling class.

Who is responsible for violence in Ferguson?

Preemptive state of emergency in Missouri

Brooklyn residents outraged at police killing of Akai Gurley

By Sandy English, 25 November 2014

The killing of unarmed Akai Gurley by a police officer in Brooklyn has sparked widespread revulsion in the housing project where he died.

Twelve-year-old boy killed by police in Cleveland, Ohio

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Obama fires Defense Secretary Hagel

By Patrick Martin, 25 November 2014

The ouster of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is an expression of the growth of tensions within the administration amidst a series of foreign policy crises.

Obama authorizes wider war in Afghanistan

After elections, Washington plans escalation of Middle East war

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Iran nuclear talks extended

By Keith Jones, 25 November 2014

Washington has extorted significant concessions from Tehran and calculates that more can be won by continuing to cripple Iran’s economy, while holding in reserve the threat of military action.

Markets rise as global economic outlook worsens

By Nick Beams, 25 November 2014

The Chinese central bank’s decision to cut interest rates and a speech by the European Central Bank president point to deteriorating conditions in the world economy.

Global economy falls deeper into slump

“Red-Red-Green” coalition in Thuringia: Welfare cuts and heightened state powers

By Christoph Dreier, 25 November 2014

With a ruthless austerity policy in Thuringia, the Left Party intends to show its readiness to take on ministerial positions in the federal government.

Scottish National Party’s Salmond and Sturgeon pitch to Labour and the ex-left

By Steve James, 25 November 2014

With UK opinion polls showing the likelihood of a hung parliament at the 2015 election, the SNP’s clutch of Westminster parliamentary seats could hold the balance of power.

Care UK workers asked to vote for massive pay cut

By Danny Richardson and Richard Tyler, 25 November 2014

The Care UK workers were betrayed by their union, Unison.

Report calls for ending guaranteed affordable housing for Washington, DC residents

By Adam Soroka and Nick Barrickman, 25 November 2014

City officials latched onto the report, citing “practical realities” of implementing a plan to guarantee affordable housing for the city’s working population.

Split from right-wing party intensifies Australian government’s impasse

By Mike Head, 25 November 2014

Senator Lambie’s acrimonious departure from the Palmer United Party further fractures the Senate, where the government lacks a majority.

Australia: Rallies against ABC/SBS cuts promote Labor and Greens

By Oliver Campbell, 25 November 2014

The ABC announced more than 400 redundancies, along with significant changes to programming and news coverage.

New in Spanish

¿Quien es culpable de violencia en Ferguson?

Por Andre Damon, 25 noviembre 2014

Cuanto más se demora la decisión judicial, más crecen las amenazas e intimidaciones de la policía, municipal, estatal y federal.

New in French

Qui est responsable de la violence à Ferguson?

Par André Damon, 25 novembre 2014

L’attente prolongée d’une décision du jury d’accusation a été accompagnée d’intimidations et de menaces de la part des responsables de l’Etat au niveau local, régional et fédéral.

La « réforme » d’Obama et la criminalisation des immigrants

Par Patrick Martin, 25 novembre 2014

La mesure exécutive décidée par la Maison Blanche traite les immigrants comme des criminels et maintient leur statut de travailleurs hautement exploités et sans aucun droit démocratique élémentaire.

La Banque centrale russe décrète le flottement du rouble

Par Clara Weiss, 25 novembre 2014

L’effondrement du rouble et le déclin sur les marchés d’actions russes ouvrent la possibilité d’une crise monétaire pouvant sérieusement menacer la stabilité du système économique. Ils sont au moins en partie attribuables à des attaques ciblées du gouvernement américain.

New in German

Obamas "Reform" und die Kriminalisierung von Immigranten

Von Patrick Martin, 25. November 2014

Durch die Executive Order, die das Weiße Haus verfügt hat, werden nicht registrierte Einwanderer wie Verbrecher behandelt und gelten weiterhin als extrem ausgenutzte Beschäftigte ohne demokratische Rechte.

PSG und IYSSE protestieren gegen politischen Angriff der Humboldt Universität

Von der Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, 25. November 2014

Die Humboldt Universität hat die Partei für Soziale Gleichheit und ihre Jugend- und Studentenorganisation heftig angegriffen, weil sie die rechten politischen Auffassungen und Ziele des Historikers Jörg Baberowski kritisieren.

„Warum wollen die deutschen Eliten wieder Krieg?“
PSG-Versammlung und lebhafte Diskussion in Stuttgart

Von unseren Korrespondenten, 25. November 2014

Vergangenen Samstag fand in Stuttgart eine erfolgreiche Versammlung der Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (PSG) über die Kriegsvorbereitungen in Deutschland statt.

US-Vizepräsident Biden äußert bei Ukraine-Besuch neue Drohungen gegen Russland

Von Niles Williamson, 25. November 2014

Biden reiste in die Ukraine, um das rechte Regime zu stützen und weitere Wirtschaftssanktionen gegen Russland anzudrohen.

Großbritannien begünstigte Schwedens jüngsten Schritte zur Auslieferung Assanges

Von Robert Stevens, 25. November 2014

Das einzige "Verbrechen" des WikiLeaks-Gründers Julian Assange besteht darin, dass er imperialistische Kriegsverbrechen und eine Verschwörung gegen die Weltbevölkerung enthüllt hat.

ThyssenKrupp macht wieder Gewinn und verschärft Sparprogramm

Von Elisabeth Zimmermann, 25. November 2014

Entlassungen, Arbeitshetze und Sparmaßnahmen, die von der IG Metall ausgearbeitet und von den Betriebsräten durchgesetzt wurden, haben die die Aktionärsgewinne und Vorstandgehälter bei ThyssenKrupp gesteigert.

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The impoverishment of industrial workers in America

25 November 2014

Recent reports highlight the historic reversal in the living standards of American workers that underlies Obama’s supposed economic recovery.

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Socialist Equality Party

WSWS readers will be able to participate in this live interview on December 13 with International Editorial Board Chairman David North, the author of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century.

SEP & IYSSE public meetings: Why have Australia’s parliamentary parties all signed up for war?

25 November 2014

The G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane underscored just how embroiled Australia is in US-led wars and intrigues.

Mehring Books

Mehring Books launches holiday sale

24 November 2014

Prices marked down up to 50 percent on a large selection of titles and sale bundles.

Arts Review

Israel Nash on the way to excellence with Rain Plans

By Eric London, 25 November 2014

The musician has broken through with his third album, which combines late-1960s rock influences with the plaintive drawl of the Southwestern country desperado.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1: More battle scenes and bloodshed—to what end?

By Christine Schofelt, 24 November 2014

Film and theater director Mike Nichols dies at 83

By David Walsh, 22 November 2014

Jon Stewart’s Rosewater: Fatal sins of omission

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

25 November 2014

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Teamsters sell out strike by port truck drivers in southern California

By Marc Wells, 24 November 2014

British health unions carrying out fraudulent “fair pay fight”

By Ajanta Silva, 24 November 2014

Australian mining services workers reject 25 percent pay cut

American Airlines flight attendants and the global airline industry


Senate hearings on Wall Street crimes: The bankers rule

By Barry Grey, 24 November 2014

Wall Street banks and commodities fraud

Sri Lankan minister quits ruling party to contest presidential election

By K. Ratnayake, 24 November 2014

Obama’s “reform” and the criminalization of immigrants

Mexican military threatens intervention against mass protests

US manufacturing wages plummet

UK paved way for Sweden’s new demand for Assange’s extradition

Russian conductor barred from German music festival

The Bankruptcy of Detroit

The “rescue” of the Detroit Institute of Arts has resolved nothing

By David Walsh, 20 November 2014

Detroit Workers Action Committee meeting: Lessons of the Detroit bankruptcy

19 November 2014

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25 years ago: Pilots and flight attendants abandon Eastern Airlines strike

After eight and a half months on the picket line, Eastern Airlines flight attendants voted within a day of the pilots to end their strike.

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50 years ago: US drops Belgian paratroopers into rebel-held Congo

On November 24, 1964, a battalion of Belgian paratroopers, backed by the US Air Force and mercenaries, overwhelmed the capital of the recently-proclaimed “People’s Republic of the Congo.”

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75 years ago: Mounting confrontation between Finland and USSR

On November 26, 1939, four Red Army personnel were killed and nine wounded near the Soviet-Finnish border, in an event staged by Stalin to provoke hostilities between the two countries.

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100 years ago: Russian war losses pass one million

This week, the European press reported that Russian losses during the first three months of World War I had surpassed one million, including the dead, the wounded, those who deserted and those taken prisoner.

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