Greece’s Syriza government proposes list of social cuts to European Union

By Johannes Stern, 25 February 2015

Days after capitulating to EU demands for austerity, Syriza presented the EU with a list of cuts it is proposing to impose on the working class.

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Rightist mayor faces coup charges as Venezuela’s crisis deepens

By Bill Van Auken, 25 February 2015

While there is no doubt that the US and the Venezuelan right are up to their necks in plots, the principal conspiracy is aimed against the country’s working class.

Who are Obama and the US Congress to sanction Venezuela?

Striking oil workers from Kentucky, Ohio and Louisiana speak out

By Seraphine Collins and Tom Hall, 25 February 2015

As the strike by oil refinery workers entered its fourth week, workers remained defiant in the face of intransigence by the oil giants.

US oil strike highlights sacrifice of workers’ safety to corporate profit

A warning to US oil workers: The United Steelworkers’ record of betrayal

The political significance of the US oil workers’ strike

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United Steelworkers reaffirm support for big business Parti Quebecois

By Laurent Lafrance, 25 February 2015

The United Steelworkers union is championing Martine Ouellet’s bid to win the leadership of the Parti Quebecois—a pro-austerity big business party.

Chicago Police Department operates “black site” interrogation compound

By Evan Blake, 25 February 2015

The Guardian revealed the existence of a secret detention and interrogation building used by Chicago police to “disappear” prisoners.

Guantanamo in America

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In leaked recording, Egyptian minister calls for machine-gunning protesters

By Thomas Gaist, 25 February 2015

Mass protests could leave the US-backed Sisi dictatorship "helpless" unless they were crushed, Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim warned subordinates last year.

Blood and capital

Conflict over DHS funding masks bipartisan attack on immigrants in US

By Patrick Martin, 25 February 2015

Both the Democrats and Republicans favor the repression and exploitation of immigrant workers.

White House delays immigration order after court ruling

Pennsylvania school district to be run for profit

By Samuel Davidson, 25 February 2015

York City School District is set to become the largest school district in the US to be run by a single for-profit company.

The US “pivot to Asia” and the Australian leadership crisis

By Peter Symonds, 25 February 2015

A major obstacle to Malcolm Turnbull’s ambitions to take over as prime minister lies in Washington.

Australia: Aurizon workers confront deep assault on conditions

By Terry Cook, 25 February 2015

Amid plummeting coal prices, the rail freight company is seeking to dismantle long-standing working conditions and protections for its Queensland workforce.

Sri Lankan president’s visit to India highlights foreign policy shift

By Deepal Jayasekera, 25 February 2015

Four bilateral agreements were signed during Sri Lankan President Sirisena’s trip, including a strategic civil nuclear cooperation pact.

Poland increases military spending

By Sonja Bach, 25 February 2015

Poland will spend the equivalent of two percent of its GDP on its defence budget by 2016, fulfilling NATO’s minimum requirements for military spending.

Irish police clamp down on water charge protesters

By Dermot Quinn, 25 February 2015

There is widespread opposition from working people to the water charge, which is seen as an attempt to make them pay for the economic crisis.

UK retail giant Tesco announces thousands of job losses

By John Farmer, 25 February 2015

The UK’s largest retailer is cutting jobs in the face of growing competition from low-cost supermarket chains.

New in Spanish

Lecciones para la clase obrera de la postración de Syriza

Comité Internacional de la Cuarta Internacional, 25 febrero 2015

En tan sólo un mes el nuevo gobierno griego ha pisoteado su programa contra la austeridad y traicionado a la clase obrera.

New in Russian

70 лет после освобождения Освенцима Красной армией

Клара Вайс, 25 февраля 2015 г.

Роль Красной армии во Второй мировой войне стала еще одним свидетельством глубоко прогрессивного характера русской революции, из которой эта армия выросла.

New in French

Les Etats-Unis poursuivent le massacre en Afghanistan

Par Bill Van Auken, 25 février 2015

L’escalade d’une guerre dont on a dit, il y a moins de deux mois, qu’elle « s’achevait de manière responsable » s’inscrit dans l’éruption à l’échelle mondiale du militarisme américain.

Forte progression des actes antimusulmans en France depuis l’attentat contre Charlie Hebdo

Par Anthony Torres, 25 février 2015

La réaction officielle à la fusillade dans les locaux de Charlie Hebdo encourage le passage à l’action des forces les plus réactionnaires de la société.

La grève dans le pétrole s’étend à d’autres usines au Texas et en Louisiane

Par Jerry White, 25 février 2015

La grève des travailleurs de l’industrie pétrolière aux États-Unis s’est étendue au cours du week-end.

New in German

Guantánamo in Amerika

Andre Damon, 25. Februar 2015

Ein Bericht des Guardian enthüllt, dass ein leitender Verhörbeamter in Guantánamo Bay als Kriminalbeamter in Chicago mit Folter falsche Geständnisse erpresst hat.

Griechische Regierung reicht “Sparliste” in Brüssel ein

Von Johannes Stern, 25. Februar 2015

Nur wenige Tage nach ihrer Kapitulation vor der Europäischen Union lässt die von Syriza geführte griechische Regierung ihren Worten Taten folgen. In der Nacht von Montag auf Dienstag präsentierte sie die von Brüssel geforderte Reform- oder besser Sparliste.

Ein Brief aus Griechenland

25. Februar 2015

Diesen Brief aus Griechenland erhielt die WSWS als Antwort auf unsere Perspektive „Die Kapitulation von Syriza und die Lehren für die Arbeiterklasse“.

Die theoretischen und politischen Wurzeln der Pseudolinken

David North, 25. Februar 2015

Der folgende Bericht, mit dem David North im Juli 2012 den zweiten Nationalen Parteitag der Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in den USA eröffnete, bietet einen Schlüssel zum politischen und theoretischen Verständnis der jüngsten Ereignisse in Griechenland.

Karstadt: Verdi stimmt 1400 Entlassungen zu

Von Dietmar Henning, 25. Februar 2015

Der Arbeitsplatz- und Lohnabbau beim Kaufhauskonzern Karstadt geht ungebrochen weiter – mit voller Unterstützung der Gewerkschaft Verdi und des Gesamtsbetriebsrats.

USA: Ölarbeiterstreik weitet sich auf weitere Betriebe in Texas und Louisiana aus

Von Jerry White, 25. Februar 2015

Zu Beginn der vierten Woche des Arbeitskampfs streikten 6.550 Ölarbeiter in Kalifornien, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana und Washington. Es ist der größte Arbeitskampf in der Ölindustrie seit dem Jahr 1980.

Türkische Truppen fallen in Nordsyrien ein

Von Patrick Martin, 25. Februar 2015

Ein syrischer Regierungssprecher verurteilte das Vorgehen der Türkei am vergangenen Wochenende als „offensichtliche Verletzung“ des syrischen Territoriums.

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The US oil strike and the international struggles of the working class

25 February 2015

The struggles of oil and dockworkers in the US and strikes by German and Australian rail workers point to the need for an international strategy for the working class.

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Fund appeal

An appeal from PSG Chairman Ulrich Rippert
Help the WSWS fight for an international socialist perspective!

25 February 2015

The capitulation of the newly-elected Greek government to the demands of the EU exposes the total bankruptcy of pseudo-left outfits such as Syriza. Donate today to help the WSWS build a genuine socialist movement!

The Crisis in Greece

The capitulation of Syriza and the lessons for the working class

the International Committee of the Fourth International, 23 February 2015

Letter from Greece
A comment on Syriza's “back-flips” over austerity

24 February 2015

The theoretical and historical origins of the pseudo-left

By David North, 24 February 2015

This 2012 report by WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North provides the critical theoretical and historical background to the events in Greece, where the pseudo-left Syriza has risen to state power and rapidly capitulated to the European banks.

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis’ mission to save capitalism

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The UAW and the GM share buy-back scheme

By Shannon Jones, 25 February 2015

The UAW has indicated that it could endorse share buy-backs, enriching billionaire shareholders at the expense of workers.

US slaughter in Afghanistan rages on

By Bill Van Auken, 24 February 2015

White House economic report calls for cutting corporate taxes

By Andre Damon, 24 February 2015

Governor, legislature move to pass right-to-work legislation in Wisconsin

By Niles Williamson, 24 February 2015

US federal study predicts ten oil derailments per year

By Jeff Lusanne, 24 February 2015

US seizes on video to escalate repression at home and war in Somalia

By Thomas Gaist, 24 February 2015

Netanyahu exploits Islamist attacks on European Jews

By Jean Shaoul, 24 February 2015

One fifth of world suicides linked to unemployment

Inmates riot against miserable conditions at south Texas prison

As temperatures drop, overcrowded New York City shelters forced to turn away homeless

UN delays war crimes report on Sri Lanka

Obama administration forces five-year agreement on West Coast dockworkers

Arts Review

65th Berlin International Film Festival—Part 3
Haiti and Romania: Drama and social life in Murder in Pacot and Why me?

By Stefan Steinberg, 25 February 2015

Raoul Peck’s film focuses on a middle class couple whose home in Port-au-Prince has been ruined by the 2011 earthquake. Tudor Giurgiu’s feature looks at all-pervasive corruption in Romania.

87th Academy Awards: A more intriguing event than in recent years

By David Walsh, 24 February 2015

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Oppose political censorship at Griffith University!

the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 21 February 2015

No to war and austerity! Join the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!

Socialist Equality Party

SEP Australia to stand in New South Wales state election
Against war and austerity! For social equality and democratic rights!

the Socialist Equality Party, 19 February 2015

25 years ago: Sandinistas defeated in Nicaragua election

Nicaragua’s ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front conceded defeat in national elections held on February 25, 1990.

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50 years ago: Madrid students revolt against Franco

On February 24, 1965, Spanish police wielding truncheons broke up a peaceful student march of some 5,000 in Madrid, arresting hundreds.

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75 years ago: Stalinist massacre of Polish officers at Katyn Forest

On March 1, 1940, between 15,000 and 22,000 Polish Army offices, along with a number of intellectuals, were taken from three Soviet detention camps and executed by the Soviet NKVD.

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100 years ago: Ohio coal strikers appeal for support

Coal miners in eastern Ohio’s Jefferson and Belmont counties issued an urgent appeal on February 16, 1915 to the entire working class to come to their aid.

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