Washington halts drawdown of troops from Afghanistan

By Bill Van Auken, 25 March 2015

Obama announced his reversal Tuesday of plans to withdraw some 5,000 more troops this year, under conditions of a further deterioration of the situation facing the US-backed regime in Afghanistan.

The continuing US war in Afghanistan

Israel spied on US-Iran talks in effort to block deal

By Patrick Martin, 25 March 2015

Israeli intelligence services spied on the Iran nuclear talks and leaked details to congressional Republicans and Democrats in an effort to block a prospective deal.

Behind the tensions between Obama and Netanyahu

German Airbus crash in southern France kills 150

By Stefan Steinberg, 25 March 2015

The plane, which belonged to a subsidiary of Lufthansa, had recently been grounded due to technical problems.

Philadelphia police shot nearly four hundred people over the past eight years

By Evan Blake, 25 March 2015

The Justice Department’s report on the Philadelphia Police Department is the latest in a series of documents revealing rampant police violence in cities throughout the country.

FBI helped infiltrate Minnesota protest against police murders

Reign of police violence continues with killing of unarmed teen in Cleveland

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United Auto Workers union meets in Detroit to prepare 2015 contract betrayal

By Jerry White, 25 March 2015

The first day of the UAW bargaining convention underscored the organization’s role as a tool of the auto companies and the Obama administration.

As United Auto Workers bargaining convention opens
Media worries whether UAW can contain auto workers’ expectations

Stockton, California teachers endorse possible strike action

By David Brown, 25 March 2015

The Stockton Teachers Association and School District have exchanged allegations of illegal labor practices in the wake of a recent strike authorization vote.

Washington, DC homelessness rises to record levels

By Trent Novak, 25 March 2015

With the winter “hypothermia season” not set to officially end until April, the number of families requiring shelter has already exceeded official expectations.

Military court clears four Polish soldiers of war crimes in Afghanistan

By Dorota Niemitz, 25 March 2015

A Polish squad from the 18th storm trooper battalion fired mortar shells into a wedding party in an Afghan village in 2007, killing eight civilians.

Whistleblower from UK covert police unit reveals spying on workers

By Harvey Thompson, 25 March 2015

The covert Special Demonstration Squad monitored hundreds of political groups between 1968 and 2008.

UK government pledges further spying powers and to “move on” from Snowden

UK National Gallery staff face privatisation

By Margot Miller, 25 March 2015

Government funding to the arts in the UK has been cut by 36 percent in the last four years.

Centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign: Turkish elite commemorates imperialist bloodbath

By Halil Celi, 25 March 2015

The Turkish ruling elite has promoted the glorification of the imperialist bloodbath at the Dardanelles as “the defence of the motherland.”

Sri Lankan president forms a “national government”

By K. Ratnayake, 25 March 2015

Sirisena allocated 26 ministerial posts to Sri Lanka Freedom Party parliamentarians in an attempt to stabilise his shaky government.

Swine flu ravages India

By Arun Kumar, 25 March 2015

Almost two thousand people have died from swine flu in India in the past four months and a further 33,000 have contracted the disease.

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Rus Devrimi ve Tamamlanmamış Yirminci Yüzyıl’ın Almanca basımının tanıtım konferansına yüzlerce kişi katıldı

Muhabirlerimizden, 25 Mart 2015

WSWS Uluslararası Yayın Kurulu Başkanı David North, geçtiğimiz Cuma günü, Leipzig Kitap Fuarı’nda, Rus Devrimi ve Tamamlanmamış Yirminci Yüzyıl adlı kitabının Almanca çevirisini tanıttı.

New in French

Ce qu’il y a derrière les tensions entre Obama et Netanyahu

Par Bill Van Auken, 25 mars 2015

Par son rejet explicite de la soi-disant « solution à deux Etats », le premier ministre israélien a dévoilé la fraude que constituait la politique américaine et il est allé à l’encontre des intérêts de Washington dans la région.

France : Nouvelle défaite pour le Parti socialiste et montée des néo-fascistes aux élections départementales

Par Antoine Lerougetel, 25 mars 2015

Le résultat du premier tour des élections départementales de dimanche dernier en France est un désaveu cinglant du gouvernement du Parti socialiste et de sa politique d'austérité et de guerre.

New in German

Spannungen zwischen Obama und Netanjahu

Von Bill Van Auken, 25. März 2015

Mit seiner ausdrücklichen Zurückweisung der so genannten “Zwei-Staaten-Lösung” hat der israelische Ministerpräsident den Betrug der US-Politik offen gelegt. Damit kommt er Washingtons Interessen in der Region in die Quere.

Linkspartei trifft Tsipras

Von Johannes Stern, 25. März 2015

Die Linkspartei stärkt Tsipras in einer Situation den Rücken, in der dieser voll auf die Linie der Bundesregierung und die Austeritätspolitik der Troika einschwenkt.

Departementswahlen in Frankreich:
Neue Niederlage für Sozialistische Partei, Neofaschisten gewinnen Stimmen

Von Antoine Lerougetel, 25. März 2015

Das Ergebnis der ersten Runde der Departementswahlen in Frankreich am Sonntag war eine scharfe Zurückweisung der Austeritäts- und Kriegspolitik der Sozialistischen Regierung.

Ungarn: Enge Zusammenarbeit von Regierung und Faschisten

Von Markus Salzmann, 25. März 2015

Jüngsten Umfragen des Institutes Ipsos zufolge liegt die neofaschistische Partei Jobbik in Ungarn nur noch drei Prozentpunkte hinter der regierenden Fidesz-Partei.

Schweden will WikiLeaks-Gründer Assange in London befragen

Von Julie Hyland, 25. März 2015

Trotz des offiziellen Angebots schwedischer Staatsanwälte, Assange zu den Vorwürfen sexueller Nötigung zu befragen, ist der WikiLeaks-Gründer weiter in Gefahr.

International Socialist Organization bejubelt Verrat der USW am Streik der Ölarbeiter

Von Jerry White und Kevin Reed, 25. März 2015

Die ISO übt nicht einmal zum Schein Kritik an der USW, die schon seit Beginn des Streiks versucht, zu verhindern, dass er sich zu einer breiteren Bewegung der Arbeiterklasse entwickelt.

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Growing warnings of another financial disaster

25 March 2015

There are an increasing number of warnings that financial markets could be headed for a “liquidity crunch” if major players head for the exits at the same time.

Earlier Perspectives »

Arts Review

FICUNAM 2015: Part 3
Pedro Costa’s Horse Money, Jean-Marie Straub’s “leftism” and other problems

By David Walsh, 25 March 2015

The recent FICUNAM festival in Mexico City screened a number of films which, while not belonging to a single school by any means, provide the opportunity for something of a generalized overview.

FICUNAM 2015: Part 2
The rule and the exceptions—three good films: Court, National Gallery and The Gold Bug

An interview with Alejo Moguillansky, co-director of The Gold Bug

FICUNAM 2015: Part 1
A remarkable film festival in Mexico City

Bleakness without respite: Atticus Lish’s novel Preparation for the Next Life

By Sandy English, 24 March 2015

Philistinism and crime in the German art market

By Sybille Fuchs, 23 March 2015


Malcolm Fraser (1930–2015): A political assessment

By Nick Beams, 25 March 2015

Fraser’s name is indelibly etched in history for his role in the ousting of the Whitlam government in the 1975 Canberra Coup.


Official endorsements reveal Kshama Sawant’s close ties with Democratic Party

By Eric London, 25 March 2015

As Sawant racks up endorsements from prominent Democrats and Wall Street speculators, an internal Socialist Alternative memo exposes Sawant’s close ties to the two-party system.

Tsipras in Berlin: Germany and Greece pledge “cooperation” in imposing austerity

By Johannes Stern, 24 March 2015

Democrats, pseudo-left groups maneuver in lead-up to Chicago mayoral runoff

By Marcus Day, 24 March 2015

Detroit’s water shutoffs and the aristocratic principle

Houthi militia takes over Taiz as Yemen descends into civil war

German government plans new “anti-terrorism unit”

Bellum Americanum: US imperialism’s delusions of world conquest

SEP (Australia) Campaign in New South Wales Election

NSW election: Greens strike vote-swapping deal with Labor

By Mike Head, 25 March 2015

The pact is a clear signal of the party’s hopes of returning Labor to office, in partnership with the Greens.

Key historical issues discussed at SEP’s final New South Wales election meeting

By our reporters, 25 March 2015

The SEP’s final campaign meeting provoked discussion on the Russian Revolution, Trotsky’s struggle against Stalinism, revolutionary leadership and other critical historical and political issues.

Youth, students and workers discuss SEP’s socialist perspective

By our correspondents, 25 March 2015

Youth unemployment—a social catastrophe for the working class

More on the SEP (Australia) election campaign »


The political issues in the fight to defend education

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Australia), 25 March 2015

The following statement is being distributed by members of the IYSSE at “day of action” rallies called by the National Union of Students in Australia on Wednesday.

Australia: IYSSE campaign pushes back Griffith University’s political censorship

By our correspondents, 21 March 2015


250 years since the Stamp Act
The Coming of the American Revolution

By Tom Mackaman, 24 March 2015

Interview with Gordon Wood on the American Revolution: Part one
“Labor celebrated as the highest value”

Interview with Gordon Wood on the American Revolution: Part two
“History has to engage the whole public”

US oil workers strike

USW imposes sellout, seeks to wind down remaining oil strikes

By Jerry White, 24 March 2015

Striking US oil workers explain issues at stake in their struggle

Reject USW-Shell sellout deal!
For a general strike to defend jobs, safety and living standards!

More on the US oil workers strike »

Workers Struggles

Toronto university strikes: Workers reject another sell-out contract

By Dylan Lubao, 24 March 2015

Toronto university strikes:
A socialist strategy to defeat austerity and defend education

In Defense of Historical Truth

Socialism and historical truth
A lecture delivered at the Leipzig Book Fair

By David North, 17 March 2015

Hundreds attend lecture introducing German edition of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century

NHS FightBack

UK: Private sector given largest ever National Health Service contract

By Ajanta Silva, 23 March 2015

Visit the NHS FightBack web site »

25 years ago: Australian Labor government narrowly survives election

The Labor government of Prime Minister Bob Hawke barely remained in office for its fourth term after the general election held on March 24, 1990.

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50 years ago: Civil rights worker Viola Liuzzo murdered

On March 25, 1965, civil rights worker Viola Liuzzo was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan near Lowndesboro, Alabama.

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75 years ago: Ali Jinnah advocates separate state for Indian Muslims

At the Muslim League conference in Lahore on March 24, 1940, the group’s President Muhammad Ali Jinnah publicly advocated the division of the Indian subcontinent along religious lines.

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100 years ago: Karl Liebknecht mustered into the German army

On March 25 1915, Karl Liebknecht, a leader of the revolutionary wing of German Social Democracy, was mustered into the German army and assigned to the eastern front.

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