US-backed Saudi forces dropped cluster bombs on Yemeni villages

By Thomas Gaist, 5 May 2015

The use of the illegal weapons was corroborated by video footage, photographs, and satellite imagery analyzed by Human Rights Watch.

Obama’s criminal war against Yemen

US warplanes kill dozens of civilians in Syria

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Police attack demonstration against police violence in Israel

By Chris Marsden, 5 May 2015

Sunday’s protest was sparked by video footage of police officers beating an Ethiopian-Israeli soldier without provocation.

Police quickly suppress spontaneous protests after arrest in Baltimore

By Evan Blake, 5 May 2015

The crackdown on city residents demonstrates the reality behind all the talk of reforming the police department after the indictment of six cops for the murder of Freddie Gray.

“It is a war zone”
Baltimore workers and youth speak out

Capitalism, the working class and the fight against police violence

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Two gunmen killed outside anti-Islam provocation in Texas

By Bill Van Auken, 5 May 2015

The violence outside the Mohammad cartoon contest had been sought and was welcomed by its organizers.

Re-sentencing leaves Atlanta educators still facing years in prison

By Kranti Kumara and Jerry White, 5 May 2015

From the beginning, the Atlanta case has been a political vendetta aimed at further discrediting public school teachers and accelerating the process of privatizing public education.

The Atlanta “cheating” case and the crisis of public education in the US

BP and Steelworkers union reach sellout deal to end three-month Indiana refinery strike

By Marcus Day, 5 May 2015

Even as it rewards its executives and shareholders, BP has repeatedly claimed that it must cut costs and impose harsh working conditions to remain competitive.

The oil workers’ strike and the return of the class struggle in the US

Wayne County, Michigan “Recovery Plan” guts public worker pensions, health benefits

By Johanna Murger, 5 May 2015

Executive Warren Evans says the “strong medicine” in his financial plan is the only way to avoid emergency management in the county that includes Detroit.

German foreign intelligence service aided NSA spying in Europe

By Sven Heymanns, 5 May 2015

The BND has been spying on leading European politicians and companies on behalf of the NSA for decades.

Spain: Rebound in employment based on wage cuts and increased job insecurity

By James Lerner, 5 May 2015

More than 3.5 million jobs had been eliminated in Spain between 2008 and 2013.

Two years since the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh

By Sarath Kumara, 5 May 2015

The brutal exploitation of Bangladeshi workers continues as profit-hungry global retailers demand lower-cost goods.

Global corporations and the Bangladesh building collapse

Australian Federal Police defend decision to expose “Bali 9” to Indonesian death penalty

By Mike Head, 5 May 2015

The police commissioners refused to apologise for the decisions that led to last week’s executions and declared that they would do the same again.

New in Turkish

Mülteci krizi ve yeni “Afrika kapışması”

Johannes Stern, 5 Mayıs 2015

Afrika’da yenilenen askeri saldırganlık ve bir III. Dünya Savaşı tehlikesi, sadece, işçi sınıfının sosyalist ve devrimci bir program temelinde seferberliği yoluyla engellenebilir.

Polis cinayeti üzerine öfke patlamasının ardından Baltimore’da Ulusal Muhafızlar konuşlandırıldı

Jerry White, 5 Mayıs 2015

Maryland Valisi Larry Hogan, Baltimore’da polis şiddeti ve yoksulluk nedeniyle yaşanan kitlesel öfke patlamasının ardından, Pazartesi akşamı kentte olağanüstü hal ilan etti.

Nepal’deki depremde binlerce kişi öldü

W. A. Sunil, 5 Mayıs 2015

Nepal’de Cumartesi günü yerel saatle öğleden hemen önce meydana gelen büyük bir depremin ardından, 3.200’den fazla insan öldü, 6.500’den fazla kişi yaralandı.

New in French

Le rassemblement international en ligne du 1er mai attire un auditoire mondial

Par Shannon Jones, 5 mai 2015

Des travailleurs et des jeunes de six continents ont écouté les intervenants du Comité international de la Quatrième Internationale exposer un programme socialiste pour s’opposer à la guerre impérialiste.

La France va dépenser des milliards supplémentaires pour réarmer

Par Kumaran Ira, 5 mai 2015

Dans le contexte de guerres qui s’enchaînent et de montée des tensions géopolitiques entre grandes puissances en Europe comme au plan international, la France prévoit de renforcer ses dépenses militaires.

Une collégienne musulmane exclue pour avoir porté une jupe trop longue

Par Anthony Torres, 5 mai 2015

L'exclusion d'une collégienne souligne l'atmosphère anti-musulmane encouragée par l'ensemble de la classe politique française.

New in German

Sozialismus und Widerstand gegen Krieg

David North, 5. Mai 2015

Mit diesem Beitrag eröffnete David North, der Leiter der internationalen Redaktion der World Socialist Web Site, die Online-Kundgebung zum International May Day am 3. Mai.

Unterstützt den Streik der Lokführer und Zugbegleiter!

Ulrich Rippert, 5. Mai 2015

Im GDL-Streik geht es um das Recht von Arbeitern, sich in Organisationen ihrer Wahl zusammenzuschließen, um gegen sinkende Einkommen, steigende Arbeitshetze und Arbeitsplatzabbau zu kämpfen.

Große Teilnahme bei der Online-Kundgebung zum International May Day 2015

Shannon Jones, 5. Mai 2015

Arbeiter und Jugendliche aus mehr als 60 Ländern von sechs Kontinenten nahmen an diesem wichtigen Weltereignis teil.

Stimmen zum International May Day aus Deutschland

unseren Korrespondenten, 5. Mai 2015

In Deutschland stieß der International May Day auf reges Interesse. In Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt und Bochum versammelten sich jeweils größere Gruppen, um das Ereignis gemeinsam zu verfolgen.

Italien: Abgeordnetenhaus verabschiedet neues Wahlgesetz

Marianne Arens, 5. Mai 2015

Die Wahlrechtsreform verschafft der Regierung mehr Unabhängigkeit vom Willen der Wähler.

Russland und China geben gemeinsame Marine-Übungen im Mittelmeer bekannt

Alex Lantier, 5. Mai 2015

Manöver Russlands und Chinas vor den Toren Europas bezeugen die scharfen Spannungen zwischen den Großmächten.

Other Languages


The 2015 May Day Online Rally and the fight against imperialist war

5 May 2015

The rally provided a comprehensive analysis of the causes of war and outlined a political program for a renewed anti-imperialist and socialist movement of the international working class.

Earlier Perspectives »

International May Day 2015

The world capitalist crisis and the drive to world war

By Nick Beams, 5 May 2015

This speech was delivered by Nick Beams, leading member of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), to the May 3 International May Day Online Rally.
Link to audio

South Asia, the US “pivot” and the perspective of permanent revolution

By Wije Dias, 5 May 2015

This speech was delivered by Wije Dias, the general secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka) to the May 3 International May Day Online Rally.
Link to audio

German participants respond to International May Day Online Rally

By our correspondents, 5 May 2015

There was an enthusiastic response by workers and young people who took part in the International May Day Online Rally in Germany.

Socialism and the struggle against war

By David North, 4 May 2015

This perspective is the text of the speech delivered by David North, chairman of the World Socialist Web Site International Editorial Board, to open the May 3 International May Day Online Rally.
Link to audio

International Online May Day Rally draws worldwide audience

By Shannon Jones, 4 May 2015

Mehring Books launches May Day sale

1 May 2015

Mehring Books is launching a two-week sale in honor of May Day, the international day of working class solidarity, with almost all titles marked down between 10 and 50 percent.

More on International May Day 2015 »

Socialist Equality Party (Australia)

University of Sydney meeting discusses attacks on democratic rights

By Oliver Campbell, 5 May 2015

While the meeting expressed growing opposition to attacks on democratic rights at the university, it also underscored political issues that need to be tackled by those seeking to oppose the crackdown on civil liberties.

Australia’s Anzac celebrations and the fight against war

By Nick Beams, 28 April 2015

More details emerge over sacking of Australian journalist for challenging Anzac myth

More on the banning of SEP (Australia) anti-war meetings »

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: The Americas

5 May 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature

Socialist Equality Party (UK) Election Campaign

Glasgow Care Crisis hustings: Pseudo-left make overtures to the Scottish National Party

By Richard Tyler, 4 May 2015

SEP UK candidate David O’Sullivan addresses Primrose Hill hustings

Class issues behind Sun columnist Katie Hopkins’ attacks on migrants

Socialist Equality Party (UK) 2015 General Election manifesto: No to war and austerity! Fight for socialism!

More on the SEP (UK) election campaign »


Muslim girl expelled from French high school for wearing long skirt

By Anthony Torres, 4 May 2015

German press demands more effective tanks for war against Russia

By Johannes Stern, 4 May 2015

The new global arms race

Parasitism, plutocracy and economic depression

By Andre Damon, 2 May 2015

New York Times lies, falsifies history to promote neo-fascist Kiev regime

By Barry Grey, 2 May 2015

Pseudo-left to lay foundations for Syriza-type alliance at upcoming Chicago conference

American Psychological Association played critical role in CIA torture program

Military police attack Brazilian teachers, leaving over 200 injured

25 years ago: Greyhound bus strike enters third month

As the bitter nationwide Greyhound bus drivers’ strike entered its third month, the company presented an offer that was worse than the one originally rejected by the 6,300 drivers.

More »

50 years ago: US Congress in near-unanimous vote to fund Vietnam War

The US House of Representatives and Senate voted on May 5, 1965 and May 6, 1965 respectively, to approve a special $700 million funding request to drastically increase US military operations in Vietnam.

More »

75 years ago: Nazi Germany invades Western Europe

On May 10, 1940 German imperialism launched its invasion of Western Europe with a blitzkrieg assault on Holland, Belgium and northern France.

More »


100 years ago: German torpedo sinks RMS Lusitania

On May 7, 1915, a torpedo fired by a German U-boat struck the RMS Lusitania, sinking the ship in the Atlantic off the coast of Ireland.

More »

Book Review

Pro-capitalist “anti-capitalism”
A review of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, by Naomi Klein

By Evan Winters, 4 May 2015


Fracking linked to earthquakes and increased levels of radon in homes

By Philip Guelpa, 4 May 2015


For freedom of speech at Humboldt University

By the Socialist Equality Party (Germany) and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, 29 April 2015

Socialism and historical truth
A lecture delivered at the Leipzig Book Fair

Scholarship, not war propaganda!
The IYSSE’s campaign against war and historical falsification at Humboldt University

Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)

The political struggle against war and the tasks of the Socialist Equality Party
Perspective resolution of the First National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)

30 April 2015

Arts Review

Woman in Gold: The battle to recover art stolen by the Nazis

By David Walsh, 29 April 2015

“Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit,” at the Detroit Institute of Arts
In defense of Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry frescoes