US signals military escalation in Iraq and Syria

By Barry Grey, 26 October 2015

Moves to step up US military intervention in Iraq and Syria are largely driven by concerns over the growing influence of Russia in both countries and throughout the Middle East.

US, Russia hold tense talks on Syria

US takes first Iraq war combat fatality since 2011

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UAW announces last-minute sellout agreement with GM

By Jerry White, 26 October 2015

The tentative agreement between the United Auto Workers and General Motors announced late Sunday night will be patterned on the sellout contract the UAW rammed through at Fiat Chrysler.

After the Fiat-Chrysler ratification: The way forward for autoworkers

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Hamburg: Social Democrats and Greens promote brutal policy towards refugees

By Benjamin Harder, 26 October 2015

The Hamburg city administration is deliberately creating the conditions for violence and xenophobia.

Germany: IG Metall congress backs government in refugee crisis

By Ulrich Rippert, 26 October 2015

Germany to deport refugees in military cargo planes

The refugee crisis, war and socialism

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UK’s courting of China sours relations with Washington

By Robert Stevens, 26 October 2015

US officials and advisors have warned that London is “playing a dangerous game” in developing its economic relations with Beijing.

UK woos China during Xi visit

French president applauds Syriza’s austerity measures before Greek parliament

By Alex Lantier, 26 October 2015

François Hollande and Syriza have been working together closely to block the eruption of mass opposition in the working class to austerity across Europe.

FBI director admits use of spy planes over Ferguson and Baltimore

By Tom Hall, 26 October 2015

After admitting the use of surveillance flyovers during police brutality protests, FBI Director James Comey sought to blame public scrutiny of police for a supposed spike in crime.

Republican ultra-right faction backs Ryan as US House leader

By Patrick Martin, 26 October 2015

An advocate of the privatization of Medicare and elimination of most federal social programs, Ryan was nonetheless considered not right-wing enough by many in the House Freedom Caucus.

New York City mayor falsely hails sale of Stuyvesant Town complex as advance for affordable housing

By Fred Mazelis, 26 October 2015

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio’s concept of affordability applies, at best, only to the top 10 percent of the city’s population.

Collapse of West Virginia coal industry spurs growing inequality

By Naomi Spencer, 26 October 2015

As the coal industry has hemorrhaged jobs, state and local social services have been slashed and inequality has soared.

Amidst mass coal mine layoffs, West Virginia takes blunt ax to budget

Ontario government gave teachers’ unions millions for “negotiating expenses”

By Carl Bronski, 26 October 2015

The existence of the payments only came to light when contents of the late summer deals the three unions reached with the government were leaked to the Globe and Mail.

General elections called in Spain

By James Lerner, 26 October 2015

The Citizens party has been abruptly catapulted to national prominence in Spain by wall-to-wall favourable coverage by the national media.

Australian PM refuses to halt deportations of New Zealanders

By Tom Peters, 26 October 2015

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull bluntly rejected a request to end the removal of New Zealand-born Australian residents who have received prison sentences.

Australian government plans to repackage university cuts

By Evrim Ludlow, 26 October 2015

Despite union claims of “victory,” the Turnbull-led Coalition will push ahead with revised schemes to slash student funding.

New in Spanish

La misteriosa desaparición del movimiento antiguerra

Por Bill Van Auken, 26 octubre 2015

Han pasado 14 años de guerras y agresiones sin fin sin que el sentimiento antiguerra del pueblo tenga voz política.

El significado del voto rechazo al contrato con la Fiat-Chrysler en Estados Unidos

Por Joseph Kishore, 26 octubre 2015

El voto “no” es un hito en el desarrollo de la lucha de clases en Estados Unidos. Es la primera vez que trabajadores automotrices rechazan un contrato nacional en 33 años.

El 1 por ciento más rico se adueña de más de la mitad de la riqueza mundial

Por Patrick Martin, 26 octubre 2015

Un informe de Credit Suisse devela niveles asombrantes de desigualdad social.

New in French

Après la ratification de l'accord Fiat-Chrysler: la voie à suivre pour les travailleurs de l'automobile

Par Joe Kishore, 26 octobre 2015

Pour les travailleurs de l'automobile et la classe ouvrière dans son ensemble, la tâche essentielle consiste à assimiler les leçons politiques de la bataille sur le contrat de Fiat Chrysler afin de préparer la prochaine étape de la lutte.

Pourparlers tendus entre les États-Unis et la Russie sur la Syrie

Par Bill Van Auken, 26 octobre 2015

La réunion des ministres des Affaires étrangères a été dominée par l’affrontement entre Washington et Moscou sur l’exigence américaine d’un changement de régime en Syrie.

Portugal: la tentative du Parti socialiste de former un gouvernement déclenche une crise politique

Par Paul Mitchell, 26 octobre 2015

Face à la colère sociale croissante des travailleurs, le PS tente, comme Syriza en Grèce, de préparer un gouvernement qui donne un visage «de gauche » à la poursuite de l’austérité.

Canada: Le nouveau gouvernement libéral continuera les politiques d’austérité et de guerre

Par Roger Jordan, 26 octobre 2015

Le gouvernement Trudeau utilisera une rhétorique «progressiste» et des changements symboliques afin de redorer le programme de la grande entreprise qui vise à attaquer les droits des travailleurs et poursuivre l’agression impérialiste.

Un terrible accident de car coûte la vie à quarante-trois personnes en France

Par Stéphane Hugues, 26 octobre 2015

La rapidité avec laquelle les flammes ont englouti le car, tuant des dizaines de personnes, soulève des questions troublantes quant à la sécurité des véhicules impliqués et à celle des infrastructures en France.

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Central banks boost stocks as world economy sinks deeper into slump

26 October 2015

There is no recovery in the global economy, as one emergency measure is piled on another, and those in charge of economic and monetary policy have no idea how to engineer one.

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25 years ago: Bush sets Iraq invasion timetable

The US State Department confirmed October 31, 1990 that Secretary of State James Baker was leaving on a trip to the Middle East and Europe.

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50 years ago: NLF attack US airfields in South Vietnam

In one of the most devastating attacks yet on US forces in South Vietnam, National Liberation Front fighters destroyed over 20 aircraft in mortar assaults against airfields at Danang and Chulai on October 28, 1965.

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75 years ago: Fascist Italy invades Greece

On October 28, 1940, Italian forces launched an attack on Greece from Albania after Greece refused an ultimatum from Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to surrender strategic bases to Italy.

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100 years ago: Cabinet crisis in France

On October 27, 1915, French Prime Minister René Viviani resigned, amid a deepening crisis of his cabinet prompted by mounting difficulties for French imperialism in World War I.

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News Feature

Ten years since Hurricane Katrina: Part four
A legacy of poverty and austerity in New Orleans

By Tom Hall, 26 October 2015

The “rebuilding” process in New Orleans has left the city’s working class more impoverished than ever before.

Ten years since Hurricane Katrina: Part three
The privatization of New Orleans schools

By Tom Hall, 24 October 2015

75 Years Since The Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

David North to speak at public meetings in UK and US: Why and How the GPU Murdered Leon Trotsky

21 October 2015

A public meeting in London on Sunday November 22 has been added to a series of US meetings that will review the significance of Trotsky’s murder at the hands of the Stalinist GPU and the origins and findings of the Security and the Fourth International investigation.

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

By David North, 30 September 2015

Why and how the GPU murdered Leon Trotsky
Online interviews with David North
Listen to part one Listen to part two


Pediatricians group calls for screening all US children for hunger

By Patrick Martin, 24 October 2015

Ahead of contract agreement, GM to lay off 500 at Lake Orion assembly plant

By our reporter, 24 October 2015

After the Democratic presidential debate
Pseudo-left groups step up promotion of Sanders and the Democrats

By Barry Grey, 24 October 2015

The Argentine general elections and the Workers’ Left Front

By Rafael Azul, 24 October 2015

Netanyahu’s apology for Hitler

The global significance of China’s economic slowdown

The New York Times peddles excuses for Kunduz hospital slaughter

Arts Review

Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies: An episode from the Cold War

By David Walsh, 24 October 2015

Coming Home: A small, sincere film about big, complex times

Autoworkers Struggles

Autoworkers’ struggle at the crossroads

By Jerry White, 14 October 2015

Letter from Ohio GM worker on UAW betrayal of Kmart struggle

Tennessee GM autoworker expresses solidarity with Fiat Chrysler workers

John Deere workers in US demand recount, full release of contract

By George Gallanis, 22 October 2015

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New genetic data show “Back to Africa” migration in Neolithic times

By Philip Guelpa, 23 October 2015

The 2016 US Elections

Clinton testifies before House Benghazi committee

By Patrick Martin, 23 October 2015

US Vice President Biden declines to run for president

By Patrick Martin, 22 October 2015

Bernie Sanders endorses Obama’s decision to keep troops in Afghanistan

By Patrick Martin, 19 October 2015

Bernie Sanders backs the prosecution of Edward Snowden

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party and socialism

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