US launches South China Sea military provocation against China

By Nick Beams, 27 October 2015

The brazen and aggressive character of the operation is underscored by the fact that it has been undertaken in the total absence of military activity against the US by China.

UK’s courting of China sours relations with Washington

UK woos China during Xi visit

Ford third-quarter profits double

By Jerry White, 27 October 2015

With the auto companies, the corporate media and the UAW warning workers not to make “unrealistic” demands, Ford and GM have raked in billions in profits in North America.

"The company has had record-breaking profits on the backs of hard working men and women."
GM workers react to contract agreement

By Shannon Jones, 27 October 2015

The new deal covering 53,000 GM workers is based on the sellout agreement forced through by the UAW at Fiat Chrysler.

Ahead of contract agreement, GM to lay off 500 at Lake Orion assembly plant

After the Fiat-Chrysler ratification: The way forward for autoworkers

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Hundreds dead in Afghanistan and Pakistan after 7.5 magnitude earthquake

By Oscar Grenfell, 27 October 2015

The devastating consequences of the natural disaster will be compounded by 15 years of US-led neo-colonial occupation.

Tony Blair uses CNN interview to cover for his lies on Iraq

By Chris Marsden, 27 October 2015

Blair’s partial apology was designed to divert from the central issue of his joining with George W. Bush in launching an illegal war of aggression to bring about regime change.

New evidence that US Army deliberately targeted hospital in Kunduz

By Joseph Kishore, 27 October 2015

Aided by the media, the US military and the Obama administration are continuing their efforts to cover up and whitewash a war crime.

The New York Times peddles excuses for Kunduz hospital slaughter

Appeals Court allows lawsuit against NYPD’s spying on Muslims to proceed

By Isaac Finn, 27 October 2015

The lawsuit was filed in response to extensive spying on Muslims carried out by the NYPD’s now-disbanded Demographics Unit.

WikiLeaks publishes documents from CIA director’s private email account

By Tom Carter, 27 October 2015

The publication of documents related to torture from the private email account of John Brennan is a reminder that there are torturers and war criminals who remain at large and have yet to be brought to justice.

FBI director admits use of spy planes over Ferguson and Baltimore

Detroit Water and Sewerage workers express anger over layoffs

By James Brewer, 27 October 2015

The claim by Brenda Jones of the Detroit City Council that they were in the dark about the DWSD plan to lay off key employees is a lie.

Detroit water system layoffs signal pro-corporate transformation

West Virginia counties, school districts make drastic cuts as coal industry contracts

By Naomi Spencer, 27 October 2015

Local governments and schools across West Virginia are making deep reductions as the coal industry continues to contract and the state imposes a fresh round of cuts.

Collapse of West Virginia coal industry spurs growing inequality

Amidst mass coal mine layoffs, West Virginia takes blunt ax to budget

Fraud, cancellations, mass abstention mark Ukrainian local elections

By Niles Williamson, 27 October 2015

The Obama administration was quick to fix its stamp of approval on the conduct and outcome of Sunday's elections.

Australian electricity unions go to industrial tribunal to assist job shedding

By Terry Cook, 27 October 2015

A directive by the Fair Work Commission ordering the reinstatement of 74 workers amounts to nothing more than a temporary stay of execution.

New in Turkish

Netanyahu’nun Hitler’i savunması

Jean Shaoul, 27 Ekim 2015

Kudüs’teki 37. Dünya Siyonist Kongresi’nde konuşan Netanyahu, Avrupalı altı milyon Musevi’nin gaz odalarında yok edilmesinin, Hitler’in değil, Kudüs’ün Müslüman bölgelerini yöneten Kudüs Baş Müftüsü’nün fikri olduğunu söyledi.

New in French

Les banques centrales dopent les actions alors que l'économie mondiale s'enfonce dans la récession

Par Nick Beams, 27 octobre 2015

Il n'y a pas reprise de l'économie mondiale alors qu’on enchaîne les unes aux autres les mesures d'urgence et les responsables de la politique économique et monétaire n'ont aucune idée de comment en créer une.

Les États-Unis signalent une escalade militaire en Irak et en Syrie

Par Barry Grey, 27 octobre 2015

Les initiatives visant à intensifier l’intervention militaire américaine en Irak et en Syrie sont en grande partie motivées par l’inquiétude devant l’influence croissante de la Russie dans ces deux pays et dans tout le Moyen-Orient.

Hollande applaudit les mesures d'austérité de Syriza au parlement grec

Par Alex Lantier, 27 octobre 2015

Alors que la colère monte contre leurs politiques désastreuses, Hollande et Syriza travaillent main dans la main pour bloquer l'éruption de luttes dans la classe ouvrière.

Le premier ministre canadien Trudeau vise une approche «responsable» à la guerre au Moyen-Orient

Par Roger Jordan, 27 octobre 2015

Moins de 24 heures après avoir été élu, Justin Trudeau a commencé à reculer sur son engagement à retirer le Canada de la campagne de bombardement des États-Unis en Irak et en Syrie.

New in German

EU-Balkan-Gipfel schottet Flüchtlingsroute ab

Von Peter Schwarz, 27. Oktober 2015

Die Regierungschefs von 13 Staaten haben einen 17-Punkte-Plan beschlossen, um die Flüchtlinge auf der sogenannten Balkanroute zu kontrollieren, zu stoppen und zurückzuschicken.

USA treiben militärische Eskalation im Irak und Syrien voran

Von Barry Grey, 27. Oktober 2015

Angesichts des wachsenden russischen Einflusses verschärft die US-Regierung ihre Militärintervention im Irak und in Syrien.

Berlin: Sicherheitsdienst greift Flüchtlinge an

Von Christoph Dreier und Franci Vier, 27. Oktober 2015

Am letzten Donnerstag kam es vor dem Berliner Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales (Lageso) zu einem brutalen Übergriff auf mindestens zwei Flüchtlinge durch die private Sicherheitsfirma SpySec.

Rechtsnationalistische PiS gewinnt polnische Parlamentswahlen

Von Clara Weiss, 27. Oktober 2015

Der Ausgang der Parlamentswahlen in Polen bedeutet ein Anwachsen der nationalen Spannungen innerhalb der EU und eine Verschärfung des Kriegskurses Warschaus gegenüber Russland.

Nach der Zustimmung zum Fiat-Chrysler Vertrag:
Der Weg vorwärts für die Autoarbeiter

Von Joseph Kishore, 27. Oktober 2015

Nicht nur die Autobauer: alle Arbeiterinnen und Arbeiter müssen die Lehren aus dem Tarifkampf bei Fiat-Chrysler ziehen, um sich für den weiteren Kampf zu rüsten.

VW Kassel: Großes Interesse am WSWS-Autoarbeiter-Info

Von Marianne Arens, 27. Oktober 2015

Die Schlagzeile „Lehren aus dem Volkswagen-Skandal“ stieß auf Interesse und löste Diskussionen aus.

Großbritannien umwirbt China

Von Robert Stevens, 27. Oktober 2015

Die Regierung in London feiert die chinesische Entscheidung das erste außerchinesische Finanzzentrum für den Handel von Staatsanleihen in chinesischer Währung in der britischen Hauptstadt zu errichten.

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EU-Balkan summit seals off refugee escape routes

27 October 2015

Supposedly democratic governments have moved to strengthen their security forces, seal off borders, build internment camps and dispatch vulnerable refugees back to the war zones from which they fled.

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75 Years Since The Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

David North to speak at public meetings in UK and US: Why and How the GPU Murdered Leon Trotsky

21 October 2015

A public meeting in London on Sunday November 22 has been added to a series of US meetings that will review the significance of Trotsky’s murder at the hands of the Stalinist GPU and the origins and findings of the Security and the Fourth International investigation.

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

By David North, 30 September 2015

Why and how the GPU murdered Leon Trotsky
Online interviews with David North
Listen to part one Listen to part two


Ahead of plans for 5,000 layoffs
ISO-led Chicago Teachers Union aligns itself with mayor against teachers

By Kristina Betinis, 27 October 2015

CTU Vice President and ISO member Jesse Sharkey’s statements and actions in relation to the contract talks are indistinguishable from those of any garden variety union sellout artist.

Central banks boost stocks as world economy sinks deeper into slump

By Nick Beams, 26 October 2015

The global significance of China’s economic slowdown

French president applauds Syriza’s austerity measures before Greek parliament

By Alex Lantier, 26 October 2015

US signals military escalation in Iraq and Syria

By Barry Grey, 26 October 2015

US, Russia hold tense talks on Syria

More on the crisis in Syria and Iraq »

Hamburg: Social Democrats and Greens promote brutal policy towards refugees

By Benjamin Harder, 26 October 2015

More on the refugee crisis »

Republican ultra-right faction backs Ryan as US House leader

By Patrick Martin, 26 October 2015

Pediatricians group calls for screening all US children for hunger

By Patrick Martin, 24 October 2015

After the Democratic presidential debate
Pseudo-left groups step up promotion of Sanders and the Democrats

The Argentine general elections and the Workers’ Left Front

Netanyahu’s apology for Hitler

Socialist Equality Party

Mehring Verlag publishing house presents new book, Scholarship or War Propaganda? at Frankfurt Book Fair

By our correspondent, 27 October 2015

Scholarship or War Propaganda? deals with the political controversy at Humboldt University in Berlin over the critique of the positions of Professors Jörg Baberowski and Herfried Münkler in support of the return of German militarism.

Workers Struggles

Postal workers strike in Belgium

By Ross Mitchell, 27 October 2015

Belgium Post’s plan to increase productivity and enforce flexible work schedules across the board is intended to prepare the way for full scale privatisation.

Indian trade unions shut down Kerala plantation workers’ strike

By Arun Kumar, 27 October 2015

There is growing anger among plantation workers across the southern Indian state of Kerala over the unions’ wage betrayal.

Workers Struggles: The Americas

27 October 2015

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

News Feature

Ten years since Hurricane Katrina: Part one
The catastrophe unfolds

By E.P. Bannon, 22 October 2015

Arts Review

Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies: An episode from the Cold War

By David Walsh, 24 October 2015

Coming Home: A small, sincere film about big, complex times

Autoworkers Struggles

Autoworkers’ struggle at the crossroads

By Jerry White, 14 October 2015

Letter from Ohio GM worker on UAW betrayal of Kmart struggle

Tennessee GM autoworker expresses solidarity with Fiat Chrysler workers

John Deere workers in US demand recount, full release of contract

By George Gallanis, 22 October 2015

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New genetic data show “Back to Africa” migration in Neolithic times

By Philip Guelpa, 23 October 2015

The 2016 US Elections

Clinton testifies before House Benghazi committee

By Patrick Martin, 23 October 2015

US Vice President Biden declines to run for president

By Patrick Martin, 22 October 2015

Bernie Sanders endorses Obama’s decision to keep troops in Afghanistan

By Patrick Martin, 19 October 2015

Bernie Sanders backs the prosecution of Edward Snowden

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party and socialism

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25 years ago: Bush sets Iraq invasion timetable

The US State Department confirmed October 31, 1990 that Secretary of State James Baker was leaving on a trip to the Middle East and Europe.

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50 years ago: NLF attack US airfields in South Vietnam

In one of the most devastating attacks yet on US forces in South Vietnam, National Liberation Front fighters destroyed over 20 aircraft in mortar assaults against airfields at Danang and Chulai on October 28, 1965.

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75 years ago: Fascist Italy invades Greece

On October 28, 1940, Italian forces launched an attack on Greece from Albania after Greece refused an ultimatum from Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to surrender strategic bases to Italy.

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100 years ago: Cabinet crisis in France

On October 27, 1915, French Prime Minister René Viviani resigned, amid a deepening crisis of his cabinet prompted by mounting difficulties for French imperialism in World War I.

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