Evidence mounts that poisoned Flint water caused deaths

By Andre Damon, 23 January 2016

At least 10 people have died from an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, which has been linked to the poisoning of Flint residents covered up for more than a year by the government.

Michigan residents speak on Flint lead poisoning

By a WSWS reporting team, 23 January 2016

The roots of the crisis in Flint and Detroit

Autoworkers speak on Flint water crisis

More on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan »

Detroit schools’ injunction against teachers: An anti-democratic attempt to crush protests

By Eric London, 23 January 2016

DPS is threatening to fire all protesting teachers, encouraging teachers to snoop on each other and employing reactionary legal arguments to attack public education.

Hearing scheduled to consider injunction against protesting Detroit teachers

Escalating Michigan crisis overwhelms Obama’s visit to Detroit

Mass protests against unemployment erupt across Tunisia

By Alex Lantier, 23 January 2016

None of the grievances that drove the working class into revolutionary struggle five years ago against first Ben Ali in Tunisia, then Mubarak in Egypt, have been resolved.

New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany: Growing inconsistencies

By Ulrich Rippert, 23 January 2016

After three weeks of intense investigations, what really took place at the central train station in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve remains unclear.

The assaults in Cologne and the call for a strong state

Dozens of refugees drown near Greek island of Farmakonisi

By Thomas Gaist, 23 January 2016

The deaths come amid escalating state repression and military operations by the European powers targeting refugees.

The refugee tragedy and the European Union: The balance sheet for 2015

More on the refugee crisis »

Spain: Podemos ready to form government with Socialist Party

By Alejandro López, 23 January 2016

All of the parties willing to form or back a “left government” have a historical record and programme of supporting austerity and war.

Mass protests against pension cuts in Greece

By Christoph Dreier, 23 January 2016

In Greece, an increasing number of professional groups are protesting against the planned pension cuts of the Syriza government.

Syriza presents plan for drastic pension cuts

Misery compounds as mass layoffs continue in West Virginia

By Naomi Spencer, 23 January 2016

Each week brings announcements of hundreds of layoffs in coal, rail or other industries across the state.

Three US coal miners killed in three weeks

Windfall affordable housing tax break for New York developers expires

By Philip Guelpa, 23 January 2016

Failure to renew the 421-a tax break for developers will have a negligible effect on the critical lack of affordable housing in New York City.

Behind the struggle for affordable housing in New York City

Indian Stalinist leaders divided over alliance with big business Congress Party

By Arun Kumar and K. Ratnayake, 23 January 2016

For weeks, leaders of the Stalinist Communist Party of India (Marxist) have been signalling their readiness to form an electoral alliance with the Congress Party for the West Bengal state elections.

Indian Stalinists form pro-imperialist Third Front in Tamil Nadu

Australian prime minister visits US military commander in Hawaii

By Mike Head, 23 January 2016

Over the past year, the admiral has played a vocal role in inflaming tensions with China, particularly over its territorial claims in the South China Sea.

Australian industrial court bans port strikes

By Oscar Grenfell, 23 January 2016

The ruling will likely be invoked by the union to strike a backroom deal with the port company.

New in Turkish

Türkiye’nin istila tehdidi Suriye çatışmasını tırmandırıyor

Bill Van Auken, 23 Ocak 2016

Suriye içerisinde Türk askeri harekatı, Suriye’deki iç çatışmayı tırmandırma ve Türkiye ile Rusya arasında bir karşı karşıya gelme tehlikesini arttırma tehdidi yaratıyor.

IYSSE’nin Humboldt Üniversitesi öğrenci meclisi seçim sonucu üzerine açıklaması

Toplumsal Eşitlik İçin Uluslararası Gençlik ve Öğrenciler (Almanya), 23 Ocak 2016

Öğrencileri ve gençleri, Humboldt Üniversitesi’nde ve Almanya’daki ve dünya genelindeki diğer üniversitelerde IYSSE’yi inşa etmemize yardım etmeye çağırıyoruz.

New in French

La menace d'une invasion turque intensifie le conflit syrien

Par Bill Van Auken, 23 janvier 2016

Des informations font état d’incursions turques dans le nord de la Syrie dans une situation de tensions accrues entre Ankara et Moscou.

Allemagne: L’EJIES remporte quatre sièges aux élections étudiantes à l’université Humboldt

Par nos correspondants, 23 janvier 2016

Selon de premiers résultats publiés tôt jeudi matin par l’université Humboldt à Berlin, l’organisation des Etudiants et Jeunes internationalistes pour l’égalité sociale a obtenu 149 voix et disposera de quatre sièges au parlement étudiant.

Déclaration de l’EJIES suite à l’élection au parlement étudiant de l’université Humboldt

Par le Etudiants Jeunes internationalistes pour l’égalité sociale (Allemagne), 23 janvier 2016

C’est sur la base de son opposition au militarisme, à la xénophobie et au révisionnisme historique de droite que l’EJIES a bénéficié d’un soutien considérable lors des élections au parlement étudiant à l’université Humboldt de Berlin.

Votes sur l'entente de principe au Québec:
Les syndicats brandissent la menace d’une loi spéciale pour intimider les travailleurs

Par nos reporters, 23 janvier 2016

Les chefs syndicaux s’opposent à toute tentative de mobiliser l’ensemble des travailleurs pour défendre les droits sociaux et les services publics.

Les staliniens indiens forment un Troisième Front pro-impérialiste au Tamil Nadu

Par Athiyan Silva et V.Gnana, 23 janvier 2016

Les staliniens ont choisi V.Gopalasamy, un politicien proaméricain et admirateur de Barack Obama, comme chef coordinateur des activités des partis du Front

New in German

Das Ende des liberalen Europa

Von Peter Schwarz, 23. Januar 2016

Der wahre Grund für den Rechtsruck der europäischen Eliten sind die explosiven sozialen, ökonomischen und politischen Widersprüche, die sich seit dem Zusammenbruch der Sowjetunion vor 25 Jahren angestaut haben.

USA: Die Ursachen der Krise in Flint und Detroit

Von Eric London, 23. Januar 2016

Die katastrophale Lage im US-Staat Michigan, die zu einer Bleivergiftung von Tausenden Bewohnern in Flint geführt hat, löste im ganzen Land Empörung aus.

Türkische Invasion droht Syrienkonflikt zu verschärfen

Von Bill van Auken, 23. Januar 2016

Der türkische Einfall in Nordsyrien erhöht die Spannungen zwischen Ankara und Moskau.

Massenproteste gegen Rentenreform in Griechenland

Von Christoph Dreier, 23. Januar 2016

In Griechenland protestieren immer mehr Berufsgruppen gegen die geplanten Rentenkürzungen der Syriza-Regierung.

Berlin: Bürgerversammlung protestiert gegen Massenlager für Flüchtlinge

Von Verena Nees, 23. Januar 2016

Der Berliner Senat will in den Hangars und auf dem Vorplatz des Flughafens Tempelhof eine Massenunterkunft für 7000 Flüchtlinge errichten.

Italienisches Stahlwerk Ilva vor dem Verkauf

Von Marianne Arens, 23. Januar 2016

Die Stahlarbeiter in den Werken Tarent (Apulien), Cornigliano (Genua) und Novi Ligure (Piemont) müssen mit Schließungen, Entlassungen oder massiven Lohnkürzungen rechnen.

Ein Reisebericht aus dem polnischen Łódź

Von Clara Weiss, 23. Januar 2016

Nur wenige Städte in Osteuropa haben eine so große Rolle in der Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung gespielt wie Łódź.

David Bowie (1947-2016)

Von Hiram Lee, 23. Januar 2016

Am 10. Januar verstarb die britische Rocklegende David Bowie nur zwei Tage nach seinem neunundsechzigsten Geburtstag und der Veröffentlichung seines letzten Albums Blackstar.

Other Languages


The end of liberal Europe

23 January 2016

The shift to the right by the European elites is rooted in explosive social, economic and political contradictions that have been building up since the collapse of the Soviet Union 25 years ago.

Earlier Perspectives »

The Crisis in Detroit and Flint

“We are all in this together. This is class warfare”
Video: Detroit teachers speak out in protests during Obama visit

By Jerry White and Buster Haycook, 21 January 2016

“We’ve lost our democracy. It’s a revolutionary time.”
Video: Workers and youth protest Flint water poisoning at Michigan State Capitol

By Lawrence Porter and Zac Corrigan, 20 January 2016

Emergency meeting January 27 on the crisis in Flint and Detroit

22 January 2016

The Socialist Equality Party and International Youth and Students for Social Equality are calling a public meeting in Detroit, Michigan on January 27 to discuss a political strategy to unite the working class.

More on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan »

Arts Review

Charlie Kaufman’s often charming, moving Anomalisa (and Michael Moore’s feeble Where to Invade Next)

By Joanne Laurier, 23 January 2016

Anomalisa is an adult animated film created with stop-motion puppetry centering around an angst-ridden, self-help author. Where to Invade Next is a non-comment on Washington’s never-ending wars.

Jazz album: Crisis by Amir ElSaffar and the Two Rivers Ensemble

By Jeff Lusanne, 22 January 2016

The semi-boycott of the “whites only” Academy Awards

Featured Commentary

To create a genuine artistic “avant garde” means confronting critical historical issues

By David Walsh, 20 January 2016

The essay by David Walsh we are posting today considers whether or not an artistic vanguard exists today—and, if not, what such a vanguard would consist of and what questions it would have to confront.

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE statement on the student parliament vote at Humboldt University

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Germany), 22 January 2016

German IYSSE wins four seats in Humboldt University Student Elections

IYSSE at Berlin’s Humboldt University holds final election campaign meeting

Mehring Books

Twenty-five years since the first Gulf War
Desert Slaughter: The Imperialist War Against Iraq—an enduring contribution to waging war on war

By Eric London, 21 January 2016

In 1991, the Workers League, forerunner of the SEP, published this valuable compendium of articles and statements providing a Marxist analysis of the imperialist war in Iraq and the breakdown of the postwar international order.

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

23 January 2016

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.


Turkish invasion threat escalates Syrian conflict

By Bill Van Auken, 22 January 2016

“Staggering” violence in Iraq: The legacy of US war and occupation

More on the war in Iraq and Syria »

Job cuts mount as global economy falters

By Gabriel Black, 22 January 2016

The political significance of the global economic turmoil

Japan heightens its profile in the South China Sea

By Peter Symonds, 22 January 2016

President Maduro to rule by emergency decree as Venezuela heads toward default

By Alexander Fangmann, 22 January 2016

Canadian elite seizes on Burkina Faso terrorist attack to push militarist agenda

By Roger Jordan, 22 January 2016

UK parliament debates banning Donald Trump—but what about David Cameron?

By Chris Marsden, 22 January 2016

UK: Corbyn offers Labour’s right an olive branch over Trident

Calls for “primary of the left” offer political cover to French ruling party

Illinois Republicans announce Chicago bankruptcy legislation

New in Arabic

Arabic translation of “On the threshold of the New Year”

We are publishing here an Arabic translation of the Perspective that was posted on the WSWS in English on December 31.

The 2016 US Elections

Sanders in the Democratic debate: A “political revolution” that stops at the water’s edge

By Bill Van Auken, 19 January 2016

Bernie Sanders poses as an opponent of Wall Street in New York speech

Socialist Alternative forms group to support Sanders campaign

Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

More on the 2016 US Elections »

25 years ago: First week of bombing in US war against Iraq

On January 19, 1991, after two days of relentless air strikes on Iraqi forces during the “Desert Storm” operation, military analysts declared the Iraqi air force could no longer “be regarded as any kind of a serious threat.”

More »

50 years ago: Pentagon asks for more troops in Vietnam

On January 20, 1966, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara outlined Pentagon plans to more than double US troop strength in Vietnam during the year to over 400,000.

More »

75 years ago: Churchill government crackdown on Communist Party

On January 21, 1941 Britain’s Home Secretary Herbert Morrison ordered the suppression of the Daily Worker, newspaper of British Communist Party.

More »


100 years ago: British parliament introduces conscription

On January 24, 1916, the House of Commons, the lower house of the British parliament, voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Military Service Act, a bill to introduce conscription into the army.

More »

Autoworkers Struggles

US auto companies announce big payout to stockholders

By Shannon Jones, 15 January 2016

Worker killed in Ohio Honda plant

UAW local publishes blacklist of workers who opt out of dues payment

More on autoworkers struggles »

Book Review

Power Wars: Inside Obama’s Post-9/11 Presidency
Obama’s place in history: Permanent war and the breakdown of American democracy
Part two

By Eric London, 14 January 2016

75 Years Since the Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

Security and the Fourth International, the Gelfand Case and the deposition of Mark Zborowski
An open letter from David North to Susan Weissman

10 November 2015

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

Meetings in Germany mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky