Sweden announces plans to deport up to 80,000 refugees

By Martin Kreickenbaum, 29 January 2016

Sweden’s announcement came the same day as Human Rights Watch published a scathing indictment of the curtailment of democratic rights in Europe in response to the refugee crisis.

Cameron’s attack on migrants spearheads appeal to far right in the UK

By Julie Hyland, 29 January 2016

Comments this week by UK Prime Minister David Cameron make clear that anti-immigrant propaganda is an integral part of a pro-corporate agenda of austerity and war.

European governments step up offensive against refugees

The end of liberal Europe

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Questions emerge over motives behind ending Flint’s ties to Detroit water system

By James Brewer and Jerry White, 29 January 2016

The official narrative, that Flint officials disconnected the city from the relationship from the Detroit water system simply to save money, has been undermined by recent revelations.

The Rachel Maddow show in Flint: Damage control for Democrats

By Shannon Jones, 29 January 2016

Maddow’s appearance was an attempt to bolster the credibility of the state’s political establishment, whose criminality has been exposed by the crisis around the city’s lead-poisoned water.

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World Health Organization: Zika virus “spreading explosively” in Americas

By Kate Randall, 29 January 2016

In Brazil, there have been an estimated 500,000 to 1.5 million people infected by Zika as of early January, and nearly 4,000 children have been born with congenital microcephaly.

German defence minister demands additional €130 billion for military

By Johannes Stern, 29 January 2016

The German government is calling for the procurement of more armoured vehicles, howitzer tanks, marine helicopters, transport helicopters and ships.

Ten thousand jobs in danger at Volkswagen

By Dietmar Henning, 29 January 2016

VW has signaled through the corporate press that it is planning mass layoffs, wage cuts and a drastic worsening of working conditions.

Google’s UK tax deal leaves major corporations with nothing to fear

By Simon Whelan, 29 January 2016

Technology giant Google’s pathetically small British tax payment confirms once again that major corporations operate virtually unhindered by national governments.

Former army chief named “Australian of the Year”

By Oscar Grenfell, 29 January 2016

The award is part of a broader campaign to normalise military involvement in political life, under conditions of escalating militarism and war.

Australian Treasury head demands deep spending cuts

By Mike Head, 29 January 2016

Fraser’s speech is part of a mounting ideological offensive by the financial and corporate elite to combat public hostility to the austerity agenda.

Death toll climbs to 49 in US snowstorm

By Tom Hall, 29 January 2016

The fatalities continue to mount as local officials in Washington, DC struggle to bring the city’s decaying infrastructure back on line.

Expedited US drug approvals lack adequate post-market oversight

By Brad Dixon, 29 January 2016

Expedited approvals reduce the time needed to test a drug’s safety and efficacy by allowing drug sponsors to conduct shorter and smaller clinical trials.

New in French

Les gouvernements européens intensifient leur offensive contre les réfugiés

Par Marianne Arens, 29 janvier 2016

Des propositions soumises lors d’une réunion de l’UE équivalent à transformer la Grèce en un camp de concentration géant pour les réfugiés.

La guerre et la destruction sociale en Amérique

Par André Damon, 29 janvier 2016

La crise de l’eau à Flint, Michigan, met en évidence la diminution drastique des fonds pour les infrastructures publiques afin de financer la guerre et l’enrichissement de l’élite financière.

New in German

Schweden plant Massendeportation von 80.000 Flüchtlingen

Von Martin Kreickenbaum, 29. Januar 2016

Die schwedische Regierung plant die Massenabschiebung von 80.000 Flüchtlingen und beerdigt damit endgültig die liberale Flüchtlingspolitik des Landes.

US-Außenminister fordert China auf, gegen Nordkorea vorzugehen

Von Peter Symonds, 29. Januar 2016

US-Außenminister John Kerry droht der chinesischen Regierung, die amerikanische Aufrüstung in Asien zu verschärfen, wenn sie sich nicht bereit erkläre, drakonische neue Wirtschaftsmaßnahmen gegen Nordkorea zu ergreifen.

Polnische Regierung verstärkt militärische Aufrüstung

Von Dorota Niemitz, 29. Januar 2016

Die USA und Großbritannien haben Polen zusätzliche Truppen zur „Stärkung der Nato-Ostflanke“ gegen „Russlands Aggression“ versprochen.

Indische Stalinisten im Streit über Bündnis mit Kongresspartei

Von Arun Kumar und K. Ratnayake, 29. Januar 2016

Die stalinistische KPM-Führung hat sich schon vor Wochen bereit erklärt, zur Parlamentswahl in Westbengalen ein Wahlbündnis mit der Kongresspartei einzugehen.

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Pentagon prepares another war in Libya

29 January 2016

Having first devastated Libya in the name of “human rights,” Washington is now about to attack it again on the pretext of fighting terrorism.

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The Crisis in Detroit and Flint

Emergency meeting on the crisis in Detroit and Flint draws over one hundred workers and youth

By E.P. Bannon, 29 January 2016

The meeting, which was attended by teachers, city workers, autoworkers, students and other sections of the working class, discussed a political strategy for the entire working class.

Detroit student protest organizers explain issues behind Cass Tech walkout

By E.P. Bannon, 28 January 2016

Large turnout at emergency meeting on the crisis in Detroit and Flint called by SEP

28 January 2016

Video: Flint residents protest paying for poisoned water

By a WSWS reporting team, 26 January 2016

Arts Review

Drone, a Norwegian-made documentary: “We just made orphans out of all these children”

By Joanne Laurier, 29 January 2016

The documentary brings together opponents of the CIA drone program and includes interviews with two former US Air Force drone pilots.

A modern Antigone: Son of Saul by László Nemes

By Dorota Niemitz, 28 January 2016

Bernie Sanders mobilizes African American celebrities to help “keep hope alive”

By Nick Barrickman, 27 January 2016


War and the destruction of social infrastructure in America

By Andre Damon, 28 January 2016

US secretary of state demands China act against North Korea

By Peter Symonds, 28 January 2016

Wall Street falls on global growth fears

By Nick Beams, 28 January 2016

Sanders and socialism

By Barry Grey, 27 January 2016

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UK government inquiry purports to link Putin to Litvinenko assassination

US planning to keep military forces in Afghanistan for “decades”

Prominent German journalist beats the drum for nationalism and war

Podemos pressures Socialist Party to form new government in Spain

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

29 January 2016

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Featured Commentary

To create a genuine artistic “avant garde” means confronting critical historical issues

By David Walsh, 20 January 2016

The essay by David Walsh we are posting today considers whether or not an artistic vanguard exists today—and, if not, what such a vanguard would consist of and what questions it would have to confront.

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE statement on the student parliament vote at Humboldt University

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Germany), 22 January 2016

Mehring Books

Twenty-five years since the first Gulf War
Desert Slaughter: The Imperialist War Against Iraq—an enduring contribution to waging war on war

By Eric London, 21 January 2016

In 1991, the Workers League, forerunner of the SEP, published this valuable compendium of articles and statements providing a Marxist analysis of the imperialist war in Iraq and the breakdown of the postwar international order.

New in Arabic

Arabic translation of “On the threshold of the New Year”

We are publishing here an Arabic translation of the Perspective that was posted on the WSWS in English on December 31.

Autoworkers Struggles

US auto companies announce big payout to stockholders

By Shannon Jones, 15 January 2016

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Book Review

Power Wars: Inside Obama’s Post-9/11 Presidency
Obama’s place in history: Permanent war and the breakdown of American democracy
Part two

By Eric London, 14 January 2016

25 years ago: Mass protests against Iraq war erupt as US experiences first casualties

On January 26, 1991, nine days after the launching of an aerial assault on Iraq, more than 150,000 people marched in Washington, DC in opposition to the US war in the Persian Gulf.

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50 years ago: Johnson resumes “Rolling Thunder” bombing of North Vietnam

On January 31, 1966, President Lyndon Johnson ordered the resumption of the bombing of North Vietnam following a 37-day pause.

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75 years ago: Romanian fascist revolt dissolves

On January 25, 1941 the London Times reported that the Romanian military under the leadership of right-wing dictator General Ion Antonescu had wrested back control of Bucharest from the fascist Iron Guard.

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100 years ago: Zeppelin raids in Britain

On January 31, 1916, six German dirigibles attacked East Anglia and the Midlands in Britain, killing 70 people and injuring a further 113.

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75 Years Since the Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

Security and the Fourth International, the Gelfand Case and the deposition of Mark Zborowski
An open letter from David North to Susan Weissman

10 November 2015

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

Meetings in Germany mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky