As its hometown of Flint remains poisoned, GM makes record 2015 profit

By Jerry White, 4 February 2016

General Motors announced that it made $11 billion in pre-tax profits last year as residents in Flint continue to suffer from the water, which was chiefly poisoned by the giant automaker.

“GM will do anything for profits and stockholders”
US autoworkers speak on record profits

By our reporter, 4 February 2016

GM skilled trades worker killed at Defiance, Ohio factory

By Shannon Jones, 4 February 2016

US auto companies announce big payout to stockholders

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Political crisis over Flint poisoning intensifies as Congress holds hearing

By Nick Barrickman, 4 February 2016

Scientists and residents of Flint, Michigan who testified in Washington described a systematic cover-up of lead poisoning at the local, state and federal level.

US Environmental Protection Agency administrator appears in Flint, Michigan to “rebuild trust” over water crisis

Report: Flint lead filters provide inadequate protection for residents

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Wall Street donors account for 40 percent of super PAC funds in US election

By Barry Grey, 4 February 2016

Already in the 2016 election, the total amount of super PAC money from banks and financial firms is 70 times the level 12 years ago.

The Sanders vote in Iowa

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UK Prime Minister Cameron signals early referendum on EU membership

By Chris Marsden, 4 February 2016

The proposed agreement between Cameron and European Council President Donald Tusk is a refutation of those who depict the EU as the guardian of a more progressive agenda.

The end of liberal Europe

Two workers killed as government seeks to crush Pakistan airline strike

By Sampath Perera, 4 February 2016

Pakistan’s government is determined to break the strike so as to demonstrate mass opposition will not deter it from pushing through a sweeping IMF privatization program.

Syrian war negotiations collapse after two days

By Thomas Gaist, 4 February 2016

The talks have been postponed for at least three weeks amid an upsurge of fighting between US and Russian-backed forces.

Geneva talks begin as US-backed war in Syria expands

Netherlands to begin bombing Islamic State in Syria

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German government steps up attacks on refugees

By Martin Kreickenbaum, 4 February 2016

Germany’s grand coalition government is adopting ever more drastic measures against refugees and paving the way for far-right forces in the process.

Far-right German nationalist party calls for shooting refugees

Neo-Nazi mob assaults immigrants in Stockholm, Sweden

Australian High Court sanctions indefinite offshore detention of refugees

By Mike Head, 4 February 2016

The decision sets a new global benchmark for the incarceration of men, women and children in conditions that amount to torture.

Austrian municipalities impose ban on refugees using swimming pools

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Spain’s King calls on Socialist Party to form a government

By Paul Mitchell, 4 February 2016

The Socialist Party is bitterly divided over whether to try to pursue austerity policies through an alliance with Podemos or the right-wing Popular Party.

German economics minister seeks to smooth relations with Poland

By Clara Weiss, 4 February 2016

The Nord Stream pipeline, which supplies gas from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea, is one of the most important issues of dispute between Berlin and Warsaw.

WHO declares Zika virus a “public health emergency”

By David Brown, 4 February 2016

The WHO held a meeting to assess the “appropriate level of international concern” and to avoid a repeat of the Ebola outbreak, when the WHO was criticized for its slow response.

New Zealand to host signing of Trans-Pacific Partnership

By Tom Peters, 4 February 2016

New Zealand’s opposition parties are leading a nationalist campaign against the TPP, but the entire political establishment backs the country’s integration into US war plans against China.

US: Georgia executes oldest inmate on its death row

By Kate Randall, 4 February 2016

The Supreme Court denied a last-minute request for a stay, clearing the way for Brandon Astor Jones’ lethal injection early Wednesday morning.

Deaths in Bronx fires highlight homeless crisis

By our reporters, 4 February 2016

The search for shelter in the largest city in the US, especially in the cold winter weather, has had tragic consequences.

New in Turkish

Suriye’deki ABD destekli savaş yayılırken Cenevre görüşmeleri başladı

Bill Van Auken, 4 Şubat 2016

Kıyım, yalnızca yeni ve daha kanlı çatışmaların bekleme odası olarak hizmet edecek olan Cenevre’deki müzakereler ya da barış görüşmeleri ile durdurulmayacaktır.

New in French

Le budget du Pentagone orienté vers une guerre avec la Russie et la Chine

Par Bill Van Auken, 4 février 2016

Le sens général du discours du secrétaire américain à la Défense Ashton Carter mardi devant le Club économique était que l'impérialisme américain se préparait à une nouvelle guerre mondiale.

Le vote en faveur de Sanders dans l’Iowa

Par Patrick Martin, 4 février 2016

Le soutien de masse à Sanders a fait exploser le mythe colporté à l’infini par les médias que le peuple américain accorderait immuablement son soutien au capitalisme.

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Pentagon budget: A blueprint for World War III

4 February 2016

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s preview of the Pentagon budget spelled out Washington’s advanced preparations for war against both Russia and China.

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The Crisis in Detroit and Flint

Flint pre-screening of the documentary MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic
Parents fighting lead poisoning denounce government inaction and lies

By Tim Rivers, 4 February 2016

Following a preview screening of the film MisLEAD: America’s Secret Epidemic, which documents the epidemic spread of lead across America, a panel of parents was joined by the director of the film and a state expert for lead risk assessment.

Michigan lead expert exposes misinformation and delays in Flint crisis

By Tim Rivers, 4 February 2016

Ed Wenz, a lead expert who provides training to abatement contractors, spoke with the WSWS about the efforts to cover up and delay efforts to address the Flint water crisis.

The World Socialist Web Site and the Flint water crisis

By Shannon Jones, 1 February 2016

More on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan »

Detroit Public Schools emergency manager resigns

By Jerry White, 3 February 2016

What’s behind the Detroit Federation of Teachers’ lawsuit?

Emergency meeting on the crisis in Detroit and Flint draws over one hundred workers and youth

By E.P. Bannon, 29 January 2016

Workers Struggles

Mobilize the working class to defend public education in Chicago!
Statement of the Socialist Equality Party

4 February 2016

A real struggle to defend public education must begin with an understanding that teachers face in the Chicago Teachers Union an enemy no less bitter than Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago teachers face mass layoffs after bargaining committee rejects CTU-backed deal

By Kristina Betinis, 3 February 2016

Chicago teachers union leader pledges to enforce austerity

On what program should workers oppose the sellout agreement in Quebec’s public sector?


New Zealand’s first Labour Party leader was no socialist: A reply to the pseudo-left ISO

By Tom Peters, 4 February 2016

The claim that NZ Labour was founded as a socialist party in 1916 is a fabrication designed to justify the pseudo-left’s support for this pro-imperialist party.

Pentagon budget directed toward war with Russia and China

By Bill Van Auken, 3 February 2016

Working-class opposition to Socialist Party grows in Portugal

By Paul Mitchell, 3 February 2016

Pressure mounts on Australian government to challenge China in South China Sea

More than 1 million in US face food stamps cutoff

Global manufacturing continues to fall

Socialist Equality Party

The Pentagon’s CSIS report and Australia’s role in the escalating war drive against China

By the Socialist Equality Party (Australia), 3 February 2016

Washington’s entire anti-China strategy has received the unconditional backing of successive governments in Canberra.

Arts Review

“Light lights in air”: Value, price, profit and Louis Zukofsky’s poetry

By Andras Gyorgy, 3 February 2016

Louis Zukofsky (1904–78), largely unknown today except in academic circles, was a remarkable American poet. In the late 1920s and 1930s, a supporter of the Communist Party, he wrote complex, modernist works.

Racialism, art and the Academy Awards controversy

By David Walsh, 30 January 2016

Featured Commentary

To create a genuine artistic “avant garde” means confronting critical historical issues

By David Walsh, 20 January 2016

The essay by David Walsh we are posting today considers whether or not an artistic vanguard exists today—and, if not, what such a vanguard would consist of and what questions it would have to confront.

The 2016 US Elections

On eve of first presidential contest: US two-party system in crisis

By Patrick Martin, 1 February 2016

Sanders and socialism

By Barry Grey, 27 January 2016

Sanders in the Democratic debate: A “political revolution” that stops at the water’s edge

Obama, Trump and the working class

Socialist Alternative forms group to support Sanders campaign

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25 years ago: US saturation bombing kills thousands of Iraqi civilians

This week in 1991, Operation Desert Storm brought the saturation bombing of Iraqi cities, towns and villages by US warplanes.

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50 years ago: Soviet probe lands on the Moon

On February 3, 1966, the Soviet Union announced the successful soft landing of its unmanned Luna 9 spacecraft on the surface of the moon, in the lunar region called the Ocean of Storms.

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75 years ago: Bulgaria drawn into Axis

On February 4, 1941, the Bulgarian government of Tsar Boris III was reported about to accept Berlin’s demand to join the Axis powers’ “Tripartite Pact.”

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100 years ago: Mass garment workers strike in New York City

Mass strikes of garment workers continued to grow in New York this week in 1916, taking the total number of striking garment workers in the New York metropolitan area to 25,000.

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International Youth and Students for Social Equality

IYSSE statement on the student parliament vote at Humboldt University

By the International Youth and Students for Social Equality (Germany), 22 January 2016

Mehring Books

Twenty-five years since the first Gulf War
Desert Slaughter: The Imperialist War Against Iraq—an enduring contribution to waging war on war

By Eric London, 21 January 2016

In 1991, the Workers League, forerunner of the SEP, published this valuable compendium of articles and statements providing a Marxist analysis of the imperialist war in Iraq and the breakdown of the postwar international order.

75 Years Since the Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

Security and the Fourth International, the Gelfand Case and the deposition of Mark Zborowski
An open letter from David North to Susan Weissman

10 November 2015

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

Meetings in Germany mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky