Under cover of truce with Russia, US prepares military escalation in Syria

By Barry Grey, 24 February 2016

The Obama administration has pushed for a truce largely to buy time and prevent a complete military rout of the Al Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra Front and its allied “rebels.”

More than 100 killed in ISIS suicide bombings in Syria

The US “Plan B” for Syria and the threat of world war

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Obama, Pentagon outline latest plan to close Guantanamo, move prisoners to US

By E.P. Bannon, 24 February 2016

The maneuver is a cynical ploy aimed at assuaging opposition to the horrific crimes committed in the name of the "war on terror," which have continued unabated under Obama.

Guantánamo: A decade of US torture and repression

Inaccurate metadata analysis used to kill thousands in US drone strikes

By David Brown, 24 February 2016

The Obama administration’s drone assassination program is based on fundamentally unsound metadata analysis that flags thousands of innocent people as terrorists.

Leaked documents: vast majority of those killed in US drone strikes not intended target

Mounting US pressure on China over South China Sea

By Peter Symonds, 24 February 2016

The Chinese foreign minister’s visit to Washington was preceded by planted media stories grossly exaggerating the threat of Chinese “militarisation.”

Australian media use US admiral’s comments to push for confrontation with China

By James Cogan, 24 February 2016

The aim was to lend an air of urgency to a decision by the Australian government to order a military response to alleged Chinese “expansionism” in the South China Sea.

Labor Party steps up demands for Australia to “stand up” to China

Rhetoric escalates over Chinese missile installation in Paracel Islands

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New York City Council members award themselves a 32 percent pay raise

By Isaac Finn and Sandy English, 24 February 2016

The Democratic Party-dominated council’s decision to give itself a pay raise exposes the self-interested character of this upper middle-class layer of elected officials.

Civil rights groups request federal investigation of San Diego police brutality

By Kevin Martinez, 24 February 2016

The request by the ACLU and other groups cites numerous deaths at the hands of the San Diego Police Department involving brutal shootings of those suffering from mental illness.

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California State University faculty headed into confrontation with Democrats

By Guillaume Garnier, 24 February 2016

After years of declining real wages accepted by the faculty union, 23,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches are demanding improved living standards.

Bolivians reject fourth term for Evo Morales in constitutional referendum

By Neil Hardt, 24 February 2016

The “no” vote, which prevents Morales from running in 2019, took place in the midst of escalating social and geopolitical tensions in the impoverished Andean country.

UK schools privatisation programme continues despite failures

By Tom Pearce, 24 February 2016

The Academy programme privatisation scheme has led to a substandard level of education for children and large chains controlling schools across wide geographical areas.

Another mysterious death in the case of far-right NSU in Germany

By Dietmar Henning, 24 February 2016

Sascha W. is at least the fourth witness to have mysteriously died in the investigations of the terrorist murders of the National Socialist Underground.

New in Turkish

IŞİD’in Suriye’deki intihar saldırısında 100’den fazla kişi katledildi

Niles Williamson, 24 Şubat 2016

IŞİD, Pazar günü Suriye’nin Humus ve Şam kentlerindeki yerleşim yerlerini kana bulayarak yüzden fazla kişiyi öldüren ve yüzlerce kişiyi yaralayan bombalı saldırıların sorumluluğunu üstlendi.

New in Spanish

Cinco años desde la Revolución Egipcia

Por Johannes Stern, 24 febrero 2016

El problema básico de la Revolución Egipcia era el de establecer la independencia política de la clase trabajadora de todas las diferentes fuerzas burguesas.

El Pentágono exige un "giro" político hacia Latinoamérica

Por Kevin Martinez, 24 febrero 2016

Los ninis, entre las edades de 15 y 24 años, ahora son más de 20 millones; dos tercios son mujeres viviendo en un hogar urbano que no ha terminado la secundaria.

New in French

Le nationalisme et le « Brexit »

Par Chris Marsden, 24 février 2016

La première responsabilité d'un socialiste dans le référendum sur une sortie britannique de l’UE (« Brexit ») est de rejeter tout appel pour que les travailleurs se rangent derrière l'une ou l'autre des factions bourgeoises qui se querellent sur la meilleure stratégie pour défendre les intérêts de l'impérialisme britannique.

Il y a 75 ans: les travailleurs néerlandais faisaient grève contre la persécution des juifs

24 février 2016

Le 25 février 1941 un événement eut lieu sous l'occupation nazie à Amsterdam qui portera plus tard le nom de « grève de février. » En apprenant la déportation de quelque 425 Juifs néerlandais du quartier juif d'Amsterdam, des centaines de milliers de travailleurs néerlandais arrêtèrent le travail, quittèrent leur poste et firent une grève sauvage.

New in German

Nationalismus und Brexit

Von Chris Marsden, 24. Februar 2016

Die oberste Pflicht eines Sozialisten im Referendum über den „Brexit“ ist es, alle Appelle an die arbeitende Bevölkerung abzulehnen, sich auf die Seite einer der Fraktionen der Bourgeoisie zu stellen.

Der Spiegel trommelt für Krieg gegen Russland

Von Johannes Stern, 24. Februar 2016

Der Leitartikel in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Spiegel unter dem Titel „Putins Aggressionen“ ist ein kaum verhohlener Kriegsaufruf gegen Russland.

Slowakische Wahlen im Zeichen der Flüchtlingshetze

Von Markus Salzmann, 24. Februar 2016

Die sozialdemokratische Smer-SD von Premierminister Robert Fico reagiert auf sinkende Umfragewerte und die wachsende soziale Opposition, indem sie die rechtesten Kräfte im Land mobilisiert.

Schweiz: Volksabstimmung über fremdenfeindliche Initiative

Von Max Schneider und Marianne Arens, 24. Februar 2016

Am 28. Februar wird in der Schweiz über die Volksinitiative „Zur Durchsetzung der Ausschaffung krimineller Ausländer (Durchsetzungsinitiative)“ von Christoph Blochers SVP (Schweizerische Volkspartei) abgestimmt.

Noch einmal zum Thema Sanders und Sozialismus

Von Barry Grey, 24. Februar 2016

Wirklich fortschrittliche Veränderungen lassen sich nur durch einen Kampf gegen die Grundlagen der kapitalistischen Herrschaft erreichen: das Privateigentum an den Konzernen und Banken sowie das System der Lohnsklaverei.

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The assault on encryption and the drive to expand police state spying

24 February 2016

With its highly public court battle over access to an encrypted phone, the Obama administration is seeking to expand spying powers and counter the popular anger that followed the revelations by Edward Snowden.

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Socialism and the Fight Against War
Build an International Movement of the Working Class and Youth Against Imperialism!

Statement of the International Committee of the Fourth International, 18 February 2016


Germany: Racism in Saxony and political hypocrisy

By Ulrich Rippert, 24 February 2016

The racist attacks in Clausnitz and several other cities and communities in Germany are a direct result of the xenophobic policies of the federal government.

German historian calls for harsher measures against refugees

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BAYAN mounts second bogus challenge to US basing deal

By Joseph Santolan, 24 February 2016

The Philippine Maoists are speaking for the most reactionary layers of the Philippine bourgeoisie, who are spearheading the US war drive against China, but want firm guarantees of US support if a conflict breaks out.

Nationalism and “Brexit”

By Chris Marsden, 23 February 2016

Right-wing “Remain” and “Leave” campaigns begin for UK referendum on EU membership

“Secular stagnation” and the contradictions of capitalism

By Nick Beams, 23 February 2016

Germany’s Deutsche Bank in crisis

By Gustav Kemper, 23 February 2016

Solitary confinement and the brutality of the US prison system
“Angola 3” prisoner Albert Woodfox released after 45 years

By Kate Randall, 23 February 2016

India: Mounting death toll as army deployed to end caste-based job agitation

By Sarath Kumara and Keith Jones, 23 February 2016

US blocked talks with North Korea before nuclear test

By Peter Symonds, 23 February 2016

The Crisis in Detroit and Flint

Who is Judge Steven Rhodes?
The political struggle facing Detroit teachers

By Jerry White, 24 February 2016

Detroit teachers were brought to a meeting Wednesday to listen to retired judge Steven Rhodes, who, during the Detroit bankruptcy, did the dirty work for Wall Street while posturing as a neutral and even-handed arbiter.

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Flint residents protest lead poisoning and political cover-up

By Buster Haycook and Zac Corrigan, 23 February 2016

An interview with Professor Marc Edwards on the Flint water crisis

By Carlos Delgado, 19 February 2016

Despite lead poisoning, Flint water rates highest in US

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Alternative approach to nuclear fusion energy at German lab takes important first step

By Gregory McAvoy, 24 February 2016

The scientists and engineers who designed and built the device are attempting to show that a new type of reactor design could provide a more attainable path to commercial fusion power.

Book Review

The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The US Standard of Living Since the Civil War

By Eric London, 23 February 2016

According to a recent book by Northwestern University economist Robert Gordon, there is no objective foundation for an end to economic stagnation in the United States.

The 2016 US Elections

War and the 2016 US elections

By Joseph Kishore, 22 February 2016

Trump, Clinton win US presidential nomination contests

By Patrick Martin, 22 February 2016

In Detroit visit, Sanders promotes the UAW and economic nationalism

By Jerry White, 17 February 2016

Once again on Sanders and socialism

The political role of the Bernie Sanders campaign

Socialist Alternative defends Sanders’ support for imperialist war

The International Socialist Organization, Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party

Republican debate in South Carolina: Lies, mudslinging and an important truth

By Patrick Martin, 15 February 2016

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Socialist Equality Party

SEP/IYSSE public meeting in Colombo to introduce Sinhala edition of The Russian Revolution and the Unfinished Twentieth Century

22 February 2016

IYSSE Australia

Build the International Youth and Students for Social Equality!
A socialist program to fight war, austerity and dictatorship!

By the IYSSE (Australia), 22 February 2016

Arts Review

66th Berlin International Film Festival—Part 1:
Refugee crisis takes centre stage at the Berlinale

By Stefan Steinberg, 22 February 2016

John Patrick Shanley’s Prodigal Son: A working class youth at a Catholic high school in the 1960s

Mehring Books

Mehring Books features classic biography of Rosa Luxemburg

By Shannon Jones, 22 February 2016

This work by Paul Fröhlich, a contemporary of Luxemburg, outlines both her personal and political struggles.

25 years ago: Blitzkrieg by US forces against fleeing Iraqi troops

On February 26-27, 1991, US-led forces carried out an all-out air and ground attack against retreating Iraqi military personnel fleeing Kuwait along the highway to Basra.

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50 years ago: Nkrumah ousted by military coup in Ghana

On February 24, 1966, Kwame Nkrumah, president of the western African republic of Ghana, was deposed in a CIA-backed military coup.

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75 years ago: Dutch workers strike against persecution of Jews

On February 25, 1941 an event occurred in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam that would become known as the “February Strike.”

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100 years ago: Heavy fighting in the Battle of Verdun

This week in 1916, Germany launched a major offensive in the northeast region of France intending to rapidly capture Côtes de Meuse overlooking Verdun.

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Autoworkers Struggles

UAW President Dennis Williams denounces role of “outside groups” in 2015 auto contract negotiations

By Shannon Jones, 13 February 2016

As its hometown of Flint remains poisoned, GM makes record 2015 profit

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75 Years Since the Assassination Of Leon Trotsky

Security and the Fourth International, the Gelfand Case and the deposition of Mark Zborowski
An open letter from David North to Susan Weissman

10 November 2015

Seventy-five years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

Meetings in Germany mark the 75th anniversary of the death of Leon Trotsky