As Obama endorses Clinton, Sanders signals readiness to back campaign

By Patrick Martin, 10 June 2016

The Vermont senator met with President Obama and other top party leaders in Washington, making clear he will not challenge the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic primary victory

Mass voter disenfranchisement in US elections

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After Tel Aviv attacks, Israel launches police-state crackdown

By Thomas Gaist, 10 June 2016

The Netanyahu government has deployed hundreds of additional troops to the West Bank and imposed punitive travel restrictions on more than 80,000 Palestinian civilians.

All parties in Spain general election committed to austerity

By James Lerner, 10 June 2016

Unidos Podemos’ programme calls for “renegotiating” the deficit, which is virtually indistinguishable from the programme of the right-wing Citizen’s Party.

British rail workers facing state repression

By Michael Barnes, 10 June 2016

Workers have held strikes to protest the elimination of the safety-critical role of the conductor, who operates doors on the busiest routes in the UK.

Five New York City Rikers Island prison guards found guilty in beating

By Sandy English, 10 June 2016

A jury convicted guards at the Rikers Island jail complex this week on several counts in the vicious 2012 attack on inmate Jahmal Lightfoot.

New York court allows police to cover up mass surveillance operations

By Daniel de Vries, 10 June 2016

The NYPD's successful denial of an open records request about spying operation sets a potentially far-reaching precedent.

Wrongfully convicted Detroit teenager released after eight years in prison

By Tom Hall, 10 June 2016

Prosecutors refused to reopen Davontae Sanford’s case even after the real killer stepped forward only weeks after Sanford’s 2008 conviction.

New data exposes widespread lead poisoning of Michigan children

By James Brewer, 10 June 2016

Figures released Monday by state health authorities show that the lead poisoning in Flint is just the tip of the iceberg.

Investigation reveals signs of nationwide US water crisis

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Australia power union calls off New South Wales strike

By Terry Cook, 10 June 2016

The Electrical Trades Union has pushed a long-running Essential Energy workers’ dispute into arbitration, clearing the way for the company to slash jobs and working conditions.

Sri Lankan plantation unions conspire with government and employers

By Shree Haran, 10 June 2016

The Tamil Progressive Alliance and other estate unions have agreed to negotiate with the employers to impose a major attack on the wages, jobs and social rights of plantation workers.

New in Greek

Πρωτομαγιά 2016: Εισαγωγική ομιλία του Ντέιβιντ Νορθ

Του Ντέιβιντ Νορθ, 10 Ιούνιος 2016

Η ακόλουθη ομιλία δόθηκε από τον Ντέιβιντ Νορθ, πρόεδρο της Διεθνούς Συντακτικής Επιτροπής του WSWS και εθνικό πρόεδρο του Σοσιαλιστικού Κόμματος Ισότητας (ΗΠΑ), προς το Διεθνές Διαδικτυακό Συλλαλητήριο της Πρωτομαγιάς που έγινε την 1 Μαΐου, 2016.

New in French

Les grèves contre l’austérité en France et en Belgique défient la pression syndicale à une fin rapide

Par Alex Lantier, 10 juin 2016

Les éboueurs ont débrayé dans plusieurs villes à travers la France, rejoignant les cheminots et les travailleurs portuaires et pétroliers en France et les cheminots en Belgique.

Le NPA salue la trahison des grévistes américains de Verizon par le syndicat CWA

Par Kumaran Ira, 10 juin 2016

La position du NPA sur la grève de Verizon est un avertissement qu’il soutiendrait aussi une capitulation des mouvements de grèves contre la politique d’austérité du gouvernement français

New in German

Der deutsche Militarismus kehrt nach Osteuropa zurück

Von Johannes Stern, 10. Juni 2016

Die Bundeswehr spielt beim Nato-Aufmarsch in Osteuropa, der immer offener der Vorbereitung eines Kriegs gegen Russland dient, eine zunehmend prominente Rolle.

Hillary Clintons Sieg bei den Vorwahlen der Demokraten

Von Joseph Kishore, 10. Juni 2016

Das politische System der USA präsentiert der Bevölkerung in einem Jahr, das von tiefer und wachsender sozialer Unzufriedenheit geprägt ist, die Wahl zwischen zwei Arten von politischer Reaktion: Hillary Clinton und Donald Trump.

Streikende Arbeiter in Frankreich und Belgien widersetzen sich Ausverkauf der Gewerkschaften

Von Alex Lantier, 10. Juni 2016

In mehreren französischen Städten schlossen sich Müllarbeiter den Streiks von Eisenbahnern, Hafen- und Ölarbeitern in Frankreich und Belgien an.

Stahlindustrie: Gewerkschaften fordern Handelskrieg gegen China

Von Jan Peters und Dietmar Henning, 10. Juni 2016

In Deutschland, dem größten europäischen Stahlstandort, wird der Ruf nach Handelskriegsmaßnahmen nach dem Vorbild der USA immer lauter.

Maoisten stellen Minister in der philippinischen Regierung

Von Joseph Santolan, 10. Juni 2016

Die maoistischen Mitglieder der Regierung Duterte werden direkt für die Unterdrückung der Arbeiterklasse verantwortlich sein.

Amerikanisches und chinesisches Flugzeug erneut fast zusammengestoßen

Von Peter Symonds, 10. Juni 2016

Der Vorfall ereignete sich vor dem Hintergrund der aggressiven Haltung Washingtons in den Seegebietstreitigkeiten im Ost- und Südchinesischen Meer.

New in Arabic

التقرير التقديمي بمناسبة الأول من أيار 2016

دافيد نورث, 3 يونيو 2016

فيما يلي الخطاب الذي ألقاه دافيد نورث ، الرئيس الدولي لتحرير موقع WSWS، ورئيس حزب المساواة الاشتراكي في الولايات المتحدة، بمناسبة اللقاء الدولي الافتراضي ( عبر شبكة الإنترنت) الذي نظم في الأول من أيار 2016.

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Hurtling toward the precipice of war, Modi cements Indo-US alliance

10 June 2016

The alliance between the Indian bourgeoisie and US imperialism represents a sea change in world geopolitics, with explosive implications for inter-state relations across Asia and the world.

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Brazil’s pseudo-left in crisis after ouster of PT government

By Miguel Andrade, 10 June 2016

The emergence of Guilherme Boulos as the foremost spokesman of the post-“coup” protest movement is an indictment of Brazil’s entire pseudo-left milieu.

France’s New Anti-capitalist Party hails CWA sellout of Verizon strike

By Kumaran Ira, 9 June 2016

As voting continues, CWA officials pressure Verizon workers to accept sellout

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New York Times columnist Roger Cohen defends war criminal Kerrey

By Tom Hall, 9 June 2016

Massive NATO war game risks conflict with Russia

Former US generals, diplomats clamor for renewal of Afghan war

US and Chinese military aircraft in second close encounter in East Asia

Arts Review

HBO’s All the Way: Lyndon B. Johnson and the civil rights movement

By Charles Bogle, 10 June 2016

HBO’s All the Way is a serious effort, devoid of contemporary identity politics, to portray a significant moment in American history.

Right-wing Polish government revives effort to extradite Roman Polanski

By Alan Gilman, 9 June 2016

Love & Friendship: An early Jane Austen work adapted

Who will follow the example of Muhammad Ali’s principled stand in our day?

SEP 2016 US Election Campaign

SEP vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth visits scene of fatal fire in Manchester, New Hampshire

By John Marion, 10 June 2016

Manchester is a former mill town coping with deindustrialization and old housing that is unsafe for workers.

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SEP (Australia) Election Campaign

Australian elections: Workers and young people speak on mounting social divide

By our reporters, 10 June 2016

The growth of poverty and social distress is being ignored by the campaigns of the major parties and the corporate press.

Socialist Equality Party final election rallies
International class struggle returns: A socialist program against war and austerity

10 June 2016

The meetings will outline the socialist perspective necessary to take forward the independent, international interests of the working class.

SEP Senate candidate Peter Byrne calls for anti-war movement at election forum

By our reporters, 9 June 2016

Australia: The promotion of Senator Jacqui Lambie

Public meetings on the Australian election
Support the SEP in 2016! No to war and budget cuts! For socialism and internationalism!

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May Day

Greek translation of May Day 2016 report by David North

The World Socialist Web Site is pleased to announce that the introductory speech by David North, chairman of the WSWS International Editorial Board and national chairman of the Socialist Equality Party (US), delivered to the International May Day Online Rally 2016 is published in Greek here.

Arabic translation of May Day 2016 report by David North

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

10 June 2016

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

Strikes against austerity in France and Belgium defy union pressure for sellout

By Alex Lantier, 9 June 2016

Striking rail workers speak out on movement against French labor law

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Dr. Coley P. O’Doherty
June 6, 1969 - May 29, 2016

By Helen Hayes, 9 June 2016

Comrade Coley joined the Socialist Equality Party in 2005 and remained loyal to the fight for socialist principles until his death.

Featured series on Australian unions

What the Royal Commission into Australia’s trade unions revealed
Part One: Workers need new organisations of struggle!

By Will Fulgenzi—SEP candidate for Wills, 2 June 2016

25 years ago: Yeltsin defeats Gorbachev in Soviet elections

On June 12, 1991, Boris Yeltsin was elected president of the Russian Republic of the Soviet Union by a 57 percent majority.

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50 years ago: James Meredith shot in Mississippi civil rights march

On June 6, 1966, former University of Mississippi student James Meredith was shot in the back while participating in a march to promote black voter registration in the state.

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75 years ago: Labor candidate loses Minneapolis election

On June 9, 1941, T.A. Eide, candidate of the Minneapolis Central Labor Union, narrowly lost the city’s mayoral election to the Republican candidate, by a margin of 80,359 to 74,497.

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100 years ago: Arab Revolt against Ottoman Empire proclaimed

On June 7, 1916, the Sharif of Mecca, Hussein bin Ali, issued a proclamation denouncing the ruling party in Turkey, and proclaiming the independence of the regions known as Hejaz.

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UK Brexit referendum

For an active boycott of the Brexit referendum!—Socialism versus left nationalism:
Peter Schwarz, secretary of the ICFI, to speak at London public meeting on June 14

4 June 2016

Cameron/Farage debate on EU dominated by anti-immigrant rhetoric

By Robert Stevens, 9 June 2016

UK: Why are the Socialist Workers Party and the Greens debating the merits of the European Union?

UK: The political fraud of the Another Europe is Possible campaign

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Ninety years since the coup of Piłsudski
The Strategy of the Intermarium—Part 1
The Intermarium and the Russian Revolution

By Clara Weiss, 31 May 2016

SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

The Socialist Equality Party (Germany) stands candidates for the Berlin state elections

By Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, 31 May 2016

Support the election campaign of the Socialist Equality Party in Berlin! Vote against war and militarism!