More airstrikes in new US war in Libya

By Peter Symonds, 3 August 2016

While nominally directed against ISIS, the fresh eruption of American militarism is more broadly aimed at stamping US dominance throughout the region.

After Democrats’ celebration of militarism, US warplanes bomb Libya

New chemical weapons claims pose threat of US escalation of Syrian war

By Tom Eley, 3 August 2016

Chemical weapons allegations against the Syrian government should be taken as a warning that the US is prepared to escalate its confrontation with Russia over Syria.

Russian helicopter shot down in Syria as battle rages over Aleppo

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US homeownership rate falls to lowest level in 51 years

By Gabriel Black, 3 August 2016

Declining household income and rising rent prices are preventing workers and young people from owning homes.

Michigan Obamacare insurers request 17 percent premium hikes

By Kate Randall, 3 August 2016

Any premium increases will affect 345,000 people in Michigan, including Detroit city workers who have been forced onto the Obamacare insurance marketplace.

US courts strike down “Voter ID” laws in four states

By Ed Hightower, 3 August 2016

Recent court rulings concerning attacks on the right to vote in several states underscore the deeply anti-democratic character of “Voter ID” laws

State of emergency declared in Maryland suburb after record-breaking flooding kills two

By Nick Barrickman, 3 August 2016

The storm is being called a “1-in-a-1,000-year rain event” by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Massive police operation for pro-Erdogan demonstration in Cologne

By Andreas Kunstmann and Marianne Arens, 3 August 2016

The police operation and civil war exercise in Munich has now been followed by a massive police deployment Sunday in the city of Cologne for a Turkish demonstration.

Spain: Catalan regional parliament votes next steps to independence

By Alejandro López, 3 August 2016

The independence vote has deepened the political crisis in Spain, which has now been without a government for eight months.

UK: Weymouth and Bridport bus drivers escalate strike action

By Ajanta Silva, 3 August 2016

The Weymouth bus drivers’ dispute demonstrates that whenever the union bureaucracy are forced to call industrial action, they ensure that it remains isolated.

Australian Workers Union pushes pay cuts for Arrium employees

By Richard Phillips, 3 August 2016

The union is seeking to blackmail Whyalla workers, by declaring that if they reject the enterprise agreement, Arrium’s steel plant and nearby mines will be closed.

New Zealand rail union pushes pro-company collective agreement

By our correspondent, 3 August 2016

The Greater Wellington Regional Council is demanding $100 million in cost-cutting, which will be imposed by Transdev through attacks on jobs, wages and conditions.

New in Turkish

“Savaş? Bir daha asla!”: PSG, Berlin eyalet seçimleri posterlerini tanıttı

Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi (Almanya), 3 Ağustos 2016

Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi (Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, PSG), 18 Eylül’de yapılacak olan Berlin eyalet seçimleri için hazırladığı posterlerini tanıttı.

New in Spanish

El golpe turco, el militarismo estadounidense y el colapso de la democracia

Por Bill Van Auken, 3 agosto 2016

Los eventos tumultuosos en Turquía han expuesto la conexión entre el estallido de militarismo estadounidense por todo el mundo y el colapso global de las formas de gobierno democráticas.

New in French

Un hélicoptère russe abattu en Syrie pendant la bataille pour Alep

Par Alex Lantier, 3 août 2016

Avec la coupure de leurs voies d’approvisionnement depuis la Turquie, les milices islamistes soutenues par les États-Unis montent une offensive désespérée pour rompre l’encerclement de leurs forces à Alep.

La rhétorique anti-Poutine du Parti démocrate prépare une escalade de la guerre en Syrie

Par Andre Damon, 3 août 2016

Une campagne accusant le gouvernement Poutine d'avoir piraté les serveurs de la campagne du Parti démocrate vise à créer les conditions pour une escalade militaire en Syrie et contre la Russie elle-même.

New in German

Nach Demokraten-Parteitag: USA bombardieren Libyen

Von Bill Van Auken, 3. August 2016

Letzte Woche ließen die Demokraten auf ihrem Parteitag den US-Militarismus hochleben. Nur Tage später zeigt die Bombardierung der libyschen Küstenstadt Sirte den explosiven Charakter der Kriegspolitik.

Russischer Hubschrauber über Syrien abgeschossen

Von Alex Lantier, 3. August 2016

Die islamistischen Milizen in Aleppo, die vom Nachschub aus der Türkei abgeschnitten sind und sich in einer verzweifelten Lage befinden, versuchen den Belagerungsring um den von ihnen kontrollierten Teil der Stadt zu durchbrechen.

Bundessozialgericht: Elterngeld wird auf Hartz IV angerechnet

Von Elisabeth Zimmermann, 3. August 2016

Das Urteil des Bundessozialgerichts zementiert wachsende soziale Ungleichheit in Deutschland.

Die Socialist Alternative wirbt für Sanders „politische Revolution“ ohne Sanders

Von Tom Hall, 3. August 2016

Die Socialist Alternative hat daran mitgewirkt, dass ein Teil der Sanders-Delegierten demonstrativ den Parteitag der Demokraten verließ. Damit soll die Kandidatin der Grünen, Jill Stein, unterstützt werden – die nächste politische Falle für die Arbeiterklasse.

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After the conventions, Democrats attack Trump from the right

3 August 2016

The Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party are seeking to use their Republican opponent Donald Trump as a foil for legitimizing their deeply unpopular program of militarism and war.

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From WikiLeaks’ Clinton Email Archive
The New York Times’ chief military correspondent met secretly with State Department in 2010 to bury Iraq War Logs

By E.P. Bannon, 3 August 2016

The revelation of the correspondence again makes clear the degree to which the American “fourth estate” is completely integrated into the capitalist state.

UK delays nuclear plant deal signed with France and China

By Robert Stevens, 2 August 2016

China issues warning to Australia over South China Sea

By Peter Symonds, 2 August 2016

Erdogan accuses US of supporting failed coup in Turkey

UK Labour Party coup plotters make public their split preparations


The anti-scientific character of “race” as a concept

By Philip Guelpa, 3 August 2016

A recent article in Science correctly demands the expulsion of race as a category from the study of human genetics.

The 2016 US elections

Democrats seize on Khan-Trump conflict to woo right-wing support

By Tom Eley, 2 August 2016

Clinton campaign appeals to Republicans and the military

By Patrick Martin, 1 August 2016

US media celebrates Democratic Party warmongering

By Patrick Martin, 30 July 2016

Socialist Alternative promotes Sanders’ “political revolution” without Sanders

Obama’s legacy: Identity politics in the service of war

The end of the Sanders campaign: The political lessons

The political bankruptcy of filmmaker Michael Moore and his “5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win”

The pro-capitalist program of the US Green Party

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Arts Review

HBO’s Veep: Lots of profanity, but not enough of what’s truly ugly

By Carlos Delgado, 2 August 2016

Elvis, Scotty and Bill: In memory of guitar legend Scotty Moore

SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

Berlin state election 2016
Vote against war! Vote PSG!
Election manifesto of the Socialist Equality Party

1 August 2016

Support the election campaign of the Socialist Equality Party in Berlin! Vote against war and militarism!

SEP 2016 US Election Campaign

SEP candidate for West Virginia House District 16 files petitions

By our reporters, 1 August 2016

After the Democratic and Republican conventions
For a socialist alternative to the parties of austerity and war!

Socialist Equality Party, 30 July 2016

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Socialist Equality Party

After Brexit: The struggle for socialism in Britain

By Chris Marsden, 30 July 2016

SEP Australia holds Third National Congress

The Socialist Equality Party and the fight to build an international anti-war movement

SEP public meeting in Colombo: Halt the attacks on living conditions! Fight for socialist policies!

Flint Water Crisis

Michigan attorney general charges six more state officials in Flint water crisis

By James Brewer, 30 July 2016

Water officials envision doubling of city of Flint water rates

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Book Review

Bitterly Divided: The South’s Inner Civil War

By Eric London, 26 July 2016

Mehring Books

New book by David North
A Quarter Century of War: The US Drive for Global Hegemony 1990–2016

By David North, 11 July 2016

We publish here the preface to A Quarter Century of War: The US Drive for Global Hegemony, 1990-2016 by David North, the chairman of the international editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site. The book is available for preorder today at Mehring Books.

25 years ago: First site goes live on World Wide Web

On August 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee launched the first-ever web site, marking the public debut of the World Wide Web.

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50 years ago: Army mutiny in Nigeria

On August 1, 1966, rebellious army detachments forced the handing of power to the army of chief of staff following the successful kidnapping and execution of Nigerian chief of state General Johnson T.U. Aguiyi-Ironsi.

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Roosevelt extends Lend-Lease to the Soviet Union

On August 2, 1941 the Democratic administration in Washington headed by President Rosevelt extended the policy of “Lend-Lease” to the Soviet Union.

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100 years ago: American socialist leader Tom Mooney indicted

On August 2, 1916, a San Francisco jury indicted five prominent socialist leaders of the working class, including Tom Mooney, on dubious charges stemming from the Preparedness Day bombing on July 22.

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