US maternal death rate soars by 27 percent since 2000

By Kate Randall, 10 August 2016

The growing rate of death in childbirth is just one manifestation of the human toll taken by the vast and all-pervasive inequality and mass poverty that dominates American society.

Inequality, class and life expectancy in America

Trump speech in Detroit: Tax cuts for the wealthy combined with nationalist demagogy

By Patrick Martin, 10 August 2016

Both Clinton and Trump are fully committed to increasing the wealth of the corporate and financial elite at the expense of working people.

The national security state and the US elections

Clinton steps up right-wing appeal to Republicans and billionaires

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Erdogan and Putin meet in St. Petersburg

By Halil Celik and Peter Schwarz, 10 August 2016

Washington is fearful that Erdogan’s visit might signal a strategic reorientation by one of the most important members of the NATO alliance.

Millions demonstrate throughout Turkey against July 15 coup attempt

Turkish regime imprisons and harasses artists, journalists and academics after coup attempt

Japanese emperor cautiously resists constitutional change

By Ben McGrath and Peter Symonds, 10 August 2016

Emperor Akihito suggested he be allowed to abdicate and indirectly implied opposition to remilitarization and constitutional revision.

Atlantic Council proposes to develop Poland as a stronghold for war with Russia

By Clara Weiss, 10 August 2016

The American think tank has published a 25-page strategy paper titled “Arming for Deterrence” calling for a massive NATO military build-up against Russia.

Growing poverty leads to vast increase in UK food bank demand

By Barry Mason, 10 August 2016

The rise in the number of food bank users runs parallel to the increasing levels of austerity imposed by successive governments following the 2008 global financial crisis.

Peru: Kuczynksi takes office along with right wing pro-business cabinet

By Armando Cruz, 10 August 2016

Like the president himself, the incoming cabinet is drawn from the higher echelons of Peruvian and international big business.

Australian government faces “test” over Chinese bid for electricity grid

By Mike Head, 10 August 2016

Sharp differences have erupted over the Turnbull government’s looming decision on whether to permit State Grid to operate Sydney’s electricity supply.

Tragic death of baby in Australian hospital

By Richard Phillips, 10 August 2016

The New South Wales government has responded to an entirely preventable hospital accident by going into damage control.

Canada: Refugees mount hunger strike to protest indefinite detention

By Laurent Lafrance, 10 August 2016

The conditions facing the hunger strikers make a mockery of the Trudeau Liberals’ claims to be heading a “refugee-friendly,” “progressive” government.

Unsafe levels of carcinogenic chemicals found in drinking water of 6 million Americans

By James Brewer, 10 August 2016

A report from a Harvard University research team warns of the widespread impact in the US of particular unregulated industrial chemicals.

Unions seek to block struggle against education cuts in Boone County, West Virginia

By Clement Daly, 10 August 2016

The teachers unions are promoting illusions that the courts and the Democratic Party will defend public education and school employees.

Ten-year-old boy killed, three girls injured in separate US amusement park accidents

By Shelley Connor, 10 August 2016

Happening within a day of each other, the accidents shine a light on the dangerously under-regulated amusement park industry in the United States.

New in Russian

Что стоит за империалистической кампанией по поводу крымских татар?
Часть 1: Русская революция и судьба крымских татар

Клара Вайс, 10 августа 2016 г.

С самого начала кризиса на Украине ведущие СМИ империалистических держав, в частности, New York Times, ведут кампанию, направленную якобы на защиту крымских татар от угнетения со стороны России.

New in French

L'Etat sécuritaire et l’élection américaine

Par Patrick Martin, 10 août 2016

Une lettre dirigée contre Trump écrite par 50 anciens hauts responsables militaires et du renseignement de divers gouvernements républicains est une intervention sans précédent dans une campagne présidentielle.

Washington intensifie son soutien secret au miliciens d'Al-Qaïda à Alep

Par Thomas Gaist, 10 août 2016

La CIA a acheminé agressivement des armes aux milices d’Al-Qaïda à Alep, permettant aux forces américaines par procuration de briser temporairement leur encerclement par le gouvernement syrien dans cette ville.

Des millions de personnes manifestent en Turquie contre la récente tentative de coup d’Etat

Par Halil Celik, 10 août 2016

Dans ce qui était apparemment le plus vaste rassemblement de l’histoire du pays, des millions de personnes se sont rassemblées partout en Turquie pour protester contre la tentative de coup d’État du 15 juillet.

La machine meurtrière d’Obama

Par Patrick Martin, 10 août 2016

Le document procure une autorité essentiellement illimitée à la CIA et au Pentagone dans l’exécution d’assassinats par missiles de drone, qui ne peuvent être supervisés que par la Maison-Blanche.

New in German

Der nationale Sicherheitsapparat und die amerikanische Präsidentschaftswahl

Von Patrick Martin, 10. August 2016

Der offene Brief von 50 Militärs und Geheimdienstlern aus früheren Regierungen der Republikaner ist eine beispiellose Einmischung in den Präsidentschaftswahlkampf.

Washington verstärkt verdeckte Unterstützung für Al-Qaida-Milizen in Aleppo

Von Thomas Gaist, 10. August 2016

Die CIA hat massiv Waffen für Al-Qaida-Milizen nach Aleppo geschleust. Das hat es den Stellvertretertruppen der USA ermöglicht, vorübergehend die Belagerung der Stadt durch die syrische Armee zu durchbrechen.

Olympiade in Rio: Diktatur-Methoden leben wieder auf

Von Rafael Azul, 10. August 2016

Während der Olympischen Sommerspiele zeigen die Behörden von Anfang an selbst gegenüber harmlosen Protesten Null Toleranz.

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The battle for Aleppo and the hypocrisy of US war propaganda

10 August 2016

Fifteen years after launching a “global war on terror” in the name of wiping out Al Qaeda, Washington is arming and funding its associates in Syria to counter Russia.

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Once again on Owen Jones and the coup against UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

By Chris Marsden, 10 August 2016

Guardian columnist Jones sides with the coup plotters with the aim of preserving Labour as a trusted political instrument of British imperialism in the name of ensuring its “electability.”

UK High Court rejects ban on 130,000 Labour members voting in leadership contest

More on the British Labour Party election »

The United Steelworkers, economic nationalism and the US drive to war

By Evan Winters and Jerry White, 10 August 2016

The USW's calls for tariffs against “foreign steel” and its nationalist agitation against China are aimed at dragooning workers into supporting US imperialism’s preparations for war.

Rio Olympics: Reviving the methods of dictatorship

By Rafael Azul, 9 August 2016

Rio 2016: The “Olympic ideal” and the reality of capitalism

UK inquiry refuses to investigate police spying on Workers Revolutionary Party

By Paul Mitchell, 9 August 2016

White House releases “guidance” for targeted killings
Obama’s drone-missile machinery of murder

German “left” journalist Jakob Augstein comes out as a right-winger

Global economic stagnation fuels financial instability

Arts Review

Suicide Squad: The latest comic book film

By David Walsh, 10 August 2016

David Ayer’s film concerns a team of psychotics and criminals recruited by the US government as part of a top-secret program to combat terrorism.

Lady Dynamite and other Netflix comedies

The 2016 US Elections

Green Party convention: Left rhetoric in the service of pro-capitalist politics

By Evan Blake, 9 August 2016

International Socialist Organization calls for Greens to support US-backed “revolution” in Syria

Socialist Alternative promotes Sanders’ “political revolution” without Sanders

The end of the Sanders campaign: The political lessons

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SEP 2016 US Election Campaign

After the Paul O’Neal murder
Stop the police killings! Unite workers and youth of every race and nationality!

By Jerry White—SEP candidate for US president, 8 August 2016

Stop the war drive in Syria and Libya! Workers of the world unite against war!

After the Democratic and Republican conventions
For a socialist alternative to the parties of austerity and war!

Socialist Equality Party campaigns for ballot status in Louisiana

By Tom Hall and Aaron Asa, 4 August 2016

SEP candidate for West Virginia House District 16 files petitions

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Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: the Americas

10 August 2016

The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature

Southern rail conductors begin longest UK rail strike in 50 years

By Robert Stevens, 9 August 2016

West Virginia coal miner killed in explosion

By Naomi Spencer, 9 August 2016

25 years ago: Italy brutalizes and expels Albanian refugees

This week in 1991 saw the deportation of nearly 18,000 Albanian refugees from Italy.

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50 years ago: Anti-riot bill passes house

On August 8, 1966, in response to the wave of ghetto uprisings by minority workers and youth, the US House of Representatives, made it a federal crime to use interstate transportation to incite to riot.

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75 years ago: Congress extends military service

On August 13, 1941, the House of Representatives voted to amend the Selective Service Act to extend the period of military service for drafted soldiers from one year to 18 months.

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100 years ago: Russian offensive in World War I grinds to a halt

This week in August 1916, the Russian army’s World War I offensive against the Central Powers on the eastern front suffered a major setback.

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SEP (Germany) Election Campaign

Berlin state election 2016
Vote against war! Vote PSG!
Election manifesto of the Socialist Equality Party

1 August 2016

Socialist Equality Party

After Brexit: The struggle for socialism in Britain

By Chris Marsden, 30 July 2016

SEP Australia holds Third National Congress

27 July 2016

The Socialist Equality Party and the fight to build an international anti-war movement

SEP public meeting in Colombo: Halt the attacks on living conditions! Fight for socialist policies!

Book Review

Bitterly Divided: The South’s Inner Civil War

By Eric London, 26 July 2016

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

Take up the fight against war, austerity and dictatorship!
Build the IYSSE on Australian campuses and schools!