Death toll mounts in US police killings

By Patrick Martin, 3 October 2016

US police killed at least 19 men last week. Ranging in ages from 18 to 53, the victims were shot, tased or, in one case, beaten and asphyxiated.

Protests continue in El Cajon, California over the police killing of Alfred Olango

By Genevieve Leigh, 3 October 2016

Pasadena police kill father of eight during help call

By Dan Conway and John Andrews, 3 October 2016

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Russia responds to US threats with blunt warning over use of force in Syria

By Jordan Shilton, 3 October 2016

A US attack on Syrian government forces could result in “total war” and “tectonic shifts” in the Middle East, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned.

More US troops sent to Iraq ahead of assault on Mosul

New York Times brands Russia an “outlaw state”

Syria and the pro-imperialist pseudo-left

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India and Pakistan teeter on the brink of war

By Keith Jones, 3 October 2016

In anticipation of a possible Pakistani counter-strike, or to facilitate their own war preparations, India is evacuating tens of thousands of people living near the border.

US backs India’s military strikes on Pakistan

UK Prime Minister announces timetable for UK exit from European Union

By Robert Stevens, 3 October 2016

According to plans put forward by Theresa May, Britain will be out of the European Union by March 2019—a year ahead of a scheduled 2020 General Election.

Corbyn’s capitulation to the right wing and the lessons of the UK Labour leadership contest

Spanish Socialist Party leader resigns to allow formation of right-wing government

By Alejandro López, 3 October 2016

The success of the inner-party putsch against Pedro Sánchez underscores how the ruling class uses parties like the Socialist Party (PSOE) to impose unpopular policies.

Police state preparations in Dresden for German Unity Day

By Marianne Arens and Ulrich Rippert, 3 October 2016

Some 2,600 police officers have been mobilised, including a special unit of the Saxony state police and the elite GSG 9 force.

Hungary’s anti-refugee referendum fails after low turnout

By Markus Salzmann, 3 October 2016

The refugee referendum marked the high point of a vicious anti-refugee campaign waged by the Hungarian government and the entire European Union.

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh orchestra musicians on strike

By Fred Mazelis, 3 October 2016

The musicians in both the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Pittsburgh Symphony face demands for concessions from wealthy patrons and management.

US transit agency launched safety probe before fatal New Jersey train crash

By Alan Whyte, 3 October 2016

The Federal Railroad Administration began an audit of the New Jersey Transit rail system in June, fining it nearly $335,000 for 33 federal regulation safety violations in 2013-2015.

Worker killed at US Steel mill in Indiana

By Jessica Goldstein, 3 October 2016

The death of Jonathan Arrizola comes amid a wave of layoffs at the US Steel mill in Gary, Indiana and rising complaints over unsafe conditions.

Thousands of teachers strike in Brazil as government prepares attack on education

By Gabriel Lemos, 3 October 2016

In addition to cuts in the education budget, teachers protested against President Michel Temer’s proposals for pension and labor “reforms.”

Brazilian teachers speak out on education cuts and social attacks

By our reporters, 3 October 2016

Amnesty International documents torture by Thai junta

By Tom Peters, 3 October 2016

The Amnesty report documents the brutal methods that will be used more broadly as opposition develops to the regime’s austerity measures and brutal repression.

Australia: Strike continues at Anglo American’s German Creek coal mine

By Terry Cook, 3 October 2016

The union continues to isolate a dispute by 140 mine workers at Anglo American’s German Creek coal mine even as the company moves to recruit strike-breakers.

Australian state government to privatise five hospitals

New in Spanish

En la batalla por la dirección de Partido Laborista, Corbyn se postra a la derecha

Por Chris Marsden, 3 octubre 2016

La insistencia de Corbyn en proteger el control que ejerce el Partido Laborista sobre la clase obrera justifica la perspectiva política del Partido Socialista por la Igualdad.

Muere Edward Albee, dramaturgo estadounidense: La forma de su oposición al status quo

Por David Walsh, 3 octubre 2016

Edward Albee, una de las figuras más prominentes en el teatro Estadounidense de posguerra, murió en su casa en Montauk, Nueva York el 16 de septiembre.

New in French

Les États-Unis soutiennent les frappes militaires de l’Inde au Pakistan

Par Keith Jones, 3 octobre 2016

La volonté de Washington d’approuver la nouvelle posture agressive de l’Inde ne fera qu’encourager New Delhi à prendre encore plus de risques militaires et stratégiques.

Deutsche Bank et la crise financière mondiale

Par Nick Beams, 3 octobre 2016

Les contradictions entre les marchés financiers en plein essors et l’incurable récession de l’économie réelle sont en train de prendre des formes toujours plus explosives.

Shimon Peres (1923-2016)

Par Patrick Martin, 3 octobre 2016

Les funérailles nationales de Shimon Peres ont rassemblé les dirigeants impérialistes du monde entier pour rendre hommage moins à Peres lui-même qu’à l’État prédateur, expansionniste et militariste à la construction duquel il aura tant contribué.

New in German

Flüchtlingsfeindliches Referendum in Ungarn gescheitert

Von Markus Salzmann, 3. Oktober 2016

Das Referendum war der abstoßende Höhepunkt einer politischen Kampagne, die die ungarische Regierung und die gesamte Europäische Union seit langem gegen Flüchtlinge führen.

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The “major and deadly” wars to come

3 October 2016

A report by a leading geopolitical strategy think tank makes clear that the US military is engaged in intensive planning for wars involving massive casualties.

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Online Interview with David North

Large audience for interview with David North, author of A Quarter Century of War: The US Drive for Global Hegemony, 1990-2016

By our reporter, 29 September 2016

November 5 Antiwar Conference

Socialism vs. Capitalism and War
The SEP and IYSSE schedule November 5 antiwar conference in Detroit

The purpose of the conference in Detroit is to politically mobilize workers and young people against the war policies of US and world imperialism, which threaten to escalate into a nuclear Third World War.

Register today at


The pseudo-left’s role in the defeat of the British junior doctors’ struggle

By Robert Stevens, 3 October 2016

The Socialist Workers Party sowed illusions in the trade unions and the Labour Party at every juncture in the junior doctors' struggle.

Deutsche Bank and the global financial crisis

By Nick Beams, 1 October 2016

Economist magazine warns of revolutionary consequences of unprecedented corporate power

US media steps up campaign for Clinton

By Patrick Martin, 1 October 2016

The US presidential debate and the war plans of the ruling class

More on the US elections »

Congress overrides Obama veto of bill allowing 9/11 lawsuits

By Tom Carter, 30 September 2016

SPD, Left Party and Greens commence coalition talks after Berlin election

Book Review

Adam Hochschild’s Spain in Our Hearts: A deeply felt work on the Spanish Civil War marred by its perspective

By Emanuele Saccarelli, 3 October 2016

Hochschild is the well-known author of several books on wide-ranging and important topics, including the brutality of Belgian colonialism in the Congo (King Leopold’s Ghost).

SEP 2016 US Election Campaign

SEP Vice Presidential candidate Niles Niemuth speaks about the presidential debate and the danger of war

By Niles Niemuth, 1 October 2016

“I’d say it’s the worst election ever”
US autoworkers speak out on war, inequality and the 2016 elections

By Eric London and Thomas Gaist, 26 September 2016

Socialism and the 2016 elections
Socialist Equality Party campaign launches fall election meetings

Socialist Equality Party (US) 2016 Congress Resolutions
Perspectives and Tasks of the Socialist Equality Party

25 years ago: Yugoslav civil war deaths reach 2,500

On October 7, 1991, the Croatian capital of Zagreb sustained surface-to-surface missile attacks and the presidential palace was rocketed by warplanes, nearly killing the republic’s president and other leaders.

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50 year ago: Hoffa fraud and conspiracy conviction upheld

On October 4, 1966, the conviction on fraud and conspiracy charges of Teamster President James R. “Jimmy” Hoffa was upheld by the US Court of Appeals in a 2-to-1 decision.

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75 years ago: Nazi armies advance upon Moscow

On October 3, 1941, Hitler made his first address to the German public since the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, known as Operation Barbarossa.

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100 years ago: New Japanese cabinet formed amid international tensions

On October 4, 1916, the Emperor of Japan, Taishō, requested that Lieutenant General Count Seiki Terauchi form a new cabinet to replace the government that had been headed by Marquis Okuma.

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Workers Struggles

Defeat MNA sellout!
Mobilize the working class behind the Minnesota nurses strike!

By Ron Jorgenson, 3 October 2016

The fact that the unions could bring such a sellout agreement to a vote only underscores the need for nurses to take the conduct of the strike into their own hands.

As union heads scramble to settle
Chicago teachers set strike date

By Kristina Betinis, 30 September 2016


Shimon Peres (1923-2016)

By Patrick Martin, 1 October 2016

The state funeral for Shimon Peres, former Israeli president and prime minister, brought leaders from around the world to pay tribute, not so much to the individual as to the rapacious, land-grabbing, militaristic state he did so much to construct.

Arts Review

Toronto International Film Festival 2016: Part 3
Loving, The Birth of a Nation: Distinct approaches to historical events

By Joanne Laurier, 1 October 2016

Toronto International Film Festival 2016: Part 2
The Chosen, on Trotsky, and other political subjects

Toronto International Film Festival 2016: Part 1
How well does filmmaking reflect present-day life?

Clint Eastwood’s Sully: The “Miracle on the Hudson” dramatized

By Joanne Laurier, 28 September 2016

International Committee of the Fourth International

Indian workers and students speak out against US war drive

By our correspondents, 28 September 2016

Public meeting in Chennai, India: Oppose the imperialist war drive! Fight for socialist program!

New Zealand public meetings: The US Navy visit and the drive to war

By Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand), 27 September 2016


New Zealand Labour Party marks its centenary

By Tom Peters, 29 September 2016

Contrary to the myths advanced by Labour’s apologists, the party was never socialist. It has always defended capitalism at home and supported imperialist war abroad.

25 years since the death of Bill Brust

A remembrance of veteran Trotskyist Bill Brust, twenty-five years after his death

By Fred Mazelis, 15 September 2016

Today marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of veteran Trotskyist Bill Brust, whose political struggle as a revolutionary socialist spanned 53 years.

The Life and Times of Bill Brust

By David North, 15 September 2016

This speech, originally delivered by David North at a memorial meeting in Minneapolis in 1991, reviews the life and political legacy of Bill Brust.