Trump administration prepares mass deportations

By Patrick Martin, 17 July 2017

Any immigrant, picked up anywhere in the country, who is unable to prove residence in the US for the past 90 days, could be summarily deported.

Trump administration to end legal protection for over one million immigrants in US

Low birth weights, high stress levels among immigrant population in the US

By Genevieve Leigh, 17 July 2017

New studies show a link between severe health problems among immigrants, and anxieties caused by the US anti-immigrant policies under the Bush, Obama and now Trump administrations.

One week after Mosul’s “liberation,” horror of US siege continues to unfold

By Bill Van Auken, 17 July 2017

While the bulk of the US media has moved on, after proclaiming “victory” over ISIS in the Iraqi city, evidence of war crimes and collective punishment is mounting.

New information reveals extent of attack on democratic rights during G20 protest in Hamburg

By Sven Heymann, 17 July 2017

An interview in Spiegel Online and reinforces the conclusion that the police and security forces used the situation in Hamburg as training for uprisings and civil war.

UK contaminated blood scandal has global dimensions

By Barry Mason, 17 July 2017

The 2,400 who died in the UK are among the tens of thousands impacted worldwide due to profiteering from the sale of infected blood.

US Justice Department arrests over 400 in health care fraud crackdown

By Brad Dixon, 17 July 2017

The crackdown is aimed at distracting attention from the main culprits in the opioid crisis—the pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors.

Tufts Medical Center lockout to end with no gains for nurses

By John Marion, 17 July 2017

The Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) and Democratic Party politicians are using stunts to pressure management into negotiations while nurses go without pay.

Tufts Medical Center in Boston locks out 1,200 nurses after one-day strike

New York Democrat Sheldon Silver’s corruption conviction is overturned

By Philip Guelpa, 17 July 2017

Under recent rulings by the US Supreme Court, the ability of politicians to engage in legally protected corruption has been greatly expanded.

China establishes military base in Djibouti

By Peter Symonds, 17 July 2017

China’s military involvement in Africa takes place amid rising geo-political rivalries that threaten its considerable investment in, and trade with, Africa.

Australian government shuts off power to refugees imprisoned on Manus Island

By Max Newman, 17 July 2017

Parts of the camp have been demolished and the Internet facility was taken away, leaving mobile phones as the only connection for detainees to the outside world.

Australia: Hundreds evacuated after toxic blaze at Melbourne recycling plant

By Will Marshall, 17 July 2017

The SKM fire is a product of the systematic gutting of environmental health and safety regulations, as well as town planning and construction guidelines.

Local residents speak out over toxic recycling plant

By our reporters, 17 July 2017

New in Turkish

Musul’un “kurtarılması”: Washington’ın Ortadoğu’daki en son savaş suçu

Bill Van Auken, 17 Temmuz 2017

Washington’daki savaş suçlularının hesabını görmek, Irak’ın, Ortadoğu’nun ve tüm gezegenin emekçileri ile ortak mücadelede birleşmiş Amerikan işçi sınıfının görevidir.

New in Spanish

Revelación de encuentro con abogada rusa agrava crisis política en Washington

Por Joseph Kishore y David North, 17 julio 2017

La reunión de Donald Trump Jr. con una abogada rusa en junio del 2016 se ha vuelto un factor explosivo contra el trasfondo de la feroz riña política en Washington.

El cambio climático y la lucha contra el capitalismo

Por Patrick Martin, 17 julio 2017

Los obstáculos más nocivos para la ejecución de una política climática racional son la propiedad privada capitalista de los medios de producción y la división del mundo en Estados nación.

Parasitismo financiero global y estrategia obrera

Por Nick Beams, 17 julio 2017

La declaración del PSI estadounidense: “Un golpe palaciego o la lucha de clases: la crisis política en Washington y la estrategia de la clase obrera” parte de la “situación de existencia” de la clase obrera, transformada por el parasitismo financiero que controla todos los aspectos de vida económica y social.

El ex presidente del Partido de los Trabajadores, Lula, condenado a prisión en medio de la espiral de crisis política de Brasil

Por Bill Van Auken, 17 julio 2017

La condena del ex dirigente del sindicato de los obreros de la metalurgia y ex presidente del Partido de los Trabajadores llegó un día después de que el Senado Brasileño aprobó una “reforma” laboral que impliquen amplios ataques contra los derechos de los trabajadores.

Los expertos demócratas exigen medidas más severas de inmigración

Por Eric London, 17 julio 2017

Several recent articles call for the Democratic Party to respond to the election of Trump by shifting further to the right on issues of immigration and “national identity.”

New in French

L‘Assemblée nationale vote la loi d‘habilitation de Macron

Par Francis Dubois, 17 juillet 2017

En approuvant la loi d‘habilitation du gouvernement Macron, l‘Assemblée ouvre la porte à une augmentation massive de l‘exploitation des travailleurs en France.

La colère monte en l’absence de poursuites judiciaires contre les responsables du brasier de Grenfell Tower

Par Chris Marsden, 17 juillet 2017

Malgré une montagne d’indices des méfaits criminels commis par les politiciens et chefs d’entreprises, personne n’a été arrêté pour des faits liés à l’incendie qui a tué au moins 80 personnes.

Grève des travailleurs de Fiat en Serbie

Par Ulrich Rippert, 17 juillet 2017

Environ 2000 travailleurs de l’usine Fiat-Chrysler de Kragujevac en Serbie sont en grève depuis deux semaines pour protester contre des salaires de misère et des conditions de travail déplorables.

Les «excuses» faites à Omar Khadr par le gouvernement canadien provoquent un tollé de la droite

Par Roger Jordan et Keith Jones, 17 juillet 2017

En 2003 et 2004, des représentants canadiens ont collaboré avec des homologues américains dans l'interrogation de Khadr à Guantanamo, même s'ils étaient au courant que ce dernier était mineur, n'avait aucune représentation juridique et avait été torturé.

New in German

Niedriglöhne und die Wall Street

Von Barry Grey, 17. Juli 2017

Der Wall Street Crash von 2008 bildete den Auftakt zu verschärften Angriffen auf die Arbeiterklasse und einem rasanten Anstieg der Aktienkurse.

Deutschland und Frankreich beschließen weitgehende militärische Zusammenarbeit

Von Johannes Stern, 17. Juli 2017

Allein das Ausmaß der angestrebten Rüstungsprojekte – darunter Kampfflugzeuge, Panzer und Drohnen – muss Arbeitern und Jugendlichen in ganz Europa eine Warnung sein.

Brand im Grenfell Tower:
Wachsende Wut über Untätigkeit gegenüber den Verantwortlichen

Von Chris Marsden, 17. Juli 2017

Obwohl inzwischen Berge von Beweisen für das kriminelle Verhalten von Politikern und Unternehmern vorliegen, wurde bisher noch niemand wegen des Brands angeklagt, bei dem mindestens 80 Menschen umkamen.

Other Languages


One month since the UK Grenfell Fire:
Three die in Honolulu high-rise without sprinkler system

17 July 2017

The disaster in Honolulu makes clear that the London fire was no aberration. All over the world, the lives of working people are treated as expendable in the pursuit of wealth and profits by the financial elite.

Earlier Perspectives »


The Grenfell fire: Class politics versus identity politics

By Robert Stevens and Laura Tiernan, 17 July 2017

Within hours of the fire, and with only a small number of the dead identified, major efforts were already underway to make racism the central issue in the tragedy.

Anger grows over failure to prosecute those responsible for Grenfell Tower inferno

Thames Water workers speak:
Privatisation contributed to Grenfell Tower inferno

More on the Grenfell Tower fire »

After Hamburg G20 protests: SPD, Left Party and Greens prepare law-and-order election campaign

By Johannes Stern, 17 July 2017

In the wake of the protests and violent state repression during the G20 summit in Hamburg, the Social Democrats, Left Party and Greens are showing their true colours as parties of bourgeois order.

Wages and Wall Street

By Barry Grey, 15 July 2017

Climate change and the struggle against capitalism

By Patrick Martin, 14 July 2017

Scientists warn of “biological annihilation” as Earth’s mass extinction accelerates

Mounting tensions between India and its nuclear-armed neighbors, China and Pakistan

Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post delivers a hypocritical sermon on American values

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

This week in the Russian Revolution
July 17–23: The “July Days,” Insurrection and counterrevolution in Petrograd

17 July 2017

The insurrection in Petrograd known as the “July Days” reaches high tide and then recedes before the combined efforts of the Provisional Government and the parties that currently lead the Soviet.

Professor Sean McMeekin and the construction of a historical lie (Part II)

By David North, 10 July 2017

Professor Sean McMeekin revives discredited anti-Lenin slanders (Part I)

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

Featured Comment

Revelation of meeting with Russian lawyer intensifies political crisis in Washington

By Joseph Kishore and David North, 13 July 2017

Palace coup or class struggle: The political crisis in Washington and the strategy of the working class


Lady Macbeth—a bored, unhappy young wife “ready to go through fire”—and Mali Blues

By Joanne Laurier, 17 July 2017

Lady Macbeth is an adaptation of the well-known novella by Russian writer Nikolai Leskov, transposed to northeast England. Mali Blues offers a glimpse of that country’s remarkable musical scene.

The persistent Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986): An exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario
More than 100 works by the American artist

By Lee Parsons, 15 July 2017

Netflix series on Elizabeth II
The Crown: Sentenced to be queen

By David Walsh, 13 July 2017

International Amazon Workers Voice

Amazon and the CIA: a match made in hell
Part One: Amazon cashes in on war crimes and mass surveillance

By Evan Blake, 13 July 2017

Amazon and the CIA: a match made in hell
Part Two: Amazon, war propaganda, and the suppression of free speech

Watch: How can Amazon workers fight back?

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Workers Struggles

Fiat workers in Serbia launch strike

By Ulrich Rippert, 15 July 2017

New strikes in the UK against Driver Only Operated trains

By Thomas Scripps, 15 July 2017

Australian unions isolate miners facing attacks on pay and conditions

By Terry Cook, 15 July 2017

Australian cricket pay dispute escalates

By Oscar Grenfell, 15 July 2017

GM Korea autoworkers vote to strike

By Ben McGrath, 14 July 2017

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Iraq War veteran before police murder him: “I’m going to starve”

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The police murder of Iraq War veteran Brian Easley

Grenfell Tower Inferno: “It’s worse than a terrorist attack”

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Maruti Suzuki

“There is no evidence to prove any charge”
Four months since the frame-up and sentencing of Maruti Suzuki workers in India

By Jerry White, 13 July 2017

The Maruti Suzuki frame-up and the history of international labor defense campaigns

Lawyer for framed up Maruti Suzuki workers: The court “committed violence” to the “principles” of law

More on the frame-up of Maruti Suzuki workers »

Mehring Books

Preface to the Turkish edition of The Heritage We Defend

By David North, 23 June 2017

A Turkish language edition of The Heritage We Defend by David North will be released next month by Mehring Yayıncılık, the publishing house of the Socialist Equality Group (Toplumsal Esitlik), the Trotskyist organization in Turkey working in political solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International. The Heritage We Defend was originally published in 1988. We are posting the preface for the Turkish edition written by David North.