Devastating toll of hunger on US school children

By Patrick Martin, 8 August 2017

A new report finds that as many as 13 million children go to school hungry in the United States.

Suicide rate among US teenage girls hit all-time high in 2015

The Democrats adopt Trump and Bannon’s economic nationalism

By Josh Varlin, 8 August 2017

The supplement to the Democrats’ “Better Deal” program embraces the economic nationalism advanced by President Donald Trump, fascist White House adviser Steve Bannon and the trade unions.

Trump makes an appeal to the fascistic right

Democrats offer pro-corporate health care “compromise”

US secretary of state hints at talks with North Korea

By Peter Symonds, 8 August 2017

While Tillerson is hinting at negotiations, the drum beat for military strikes against North Korea continues in the US media and political establishment.

Amid high tensions, UN votes for harsh sanctions on North Korea

Bomber targets mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota

By Anthony Bertolt, 8 August 2017

The bombing of the Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center Saturday comes amid a trend of rising anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic attacks in the United States since the election of Donald Trump.

ICE agents in California target immigrants who file complaints against employers

By Rafael Azul, 8 August 2017

ICE agents have shown up at California labor dispute cases looking to apprehend undocumented construction workers who have brought claims against their bosses.

Canada opens Montreal’s Olympic Stadium to Haitian refugees fleeing US

Flooding in New Orleans points to climate change, poor infrastructure

By E.P. Milligan and Aaron Murch, 8 August 2017

A rainstorm dumped 10 inches of rain in some portions of the city over a three-hour span.

Reports of women shackled in labor
Barbaric conditions persist in Massachusetts women’s prisons

By Jay James, 8 August 2017

Pregnant women and new mothers in Massachusetts women’s prisons are being subjected to humiliating and dangerous practices, such as shackling during labor, transportation in vehicles with no seatbelts, and denial of nutritional needs.

Grenfell Tower survivor: “We pray that whoever has done this will get punished”

By our reporters, 8 August 2017

A Socialist Equality Party campaign team spoke to residents in Ladbroke Grove about the Grenfell Tower fire, ahead of the public meeting, Grenfell Fire—Social Murder: A crime against the working class.

The UK’s rich get richer, while the poor get evicted

More on the Grenfell Tower fire »

Germany resumes deportation of refugees to Greece

By Martin Kreickenbaum, 8 August 2017

For the first time since 2011, Germany will deport refugees to Greece, even though the majority of them confront homelessness and impoverishment.

Japan increases beef tariff, hitting US exporters

By Gary Alvernia, 8 August 2017

The tariff hike on beef was announced in the lead-up to what are expected to be fraught trade negotiations between the US and Japan later this year.

Australian government staves off crisis over marriage equality

By Mike Head, 8 August 2017

The divisions over same-sex marriage are bound up with deeper rifts wracking the fragile government and the entire parliamentary establishment.

New in Turkish

15 Temmuz darbe girişiminden suçlanan subayların toplu yargılanması başladı

Halil Çelik, 7 Ağustos 2017

1 Ağustos Salı günü, Ankara’daki 4. Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi, geçtiğimiz yılki 15 Temmuz darbe girişimine karışmakla suçlanan 486 sanığın duruşmasına başladı.

Sol Parti önderi Almanya’nın büyük güç çıkarlarını destekliyor

Johannes Stern, 7 Ağustos 2017

Siyasi partilerin sınıf karakteri, en açık şekilde dış politika alanında açığa vurulur. Bu açıdan, Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi (SGP) ile Sol Parti arasındaki siyasi uçurum daha büyük olamazdı.

Arjantin’deki Solun ve İşçilerin Cephesi (FIT): “Kundaktaki Podemos”

Andrea Lobo, 7 Ağustos 2017

PO ve PTS, Dördüncü Enternasyonal’in tarihi ile yüzleşmek FIT’in siyasi iflasını teşhir edeceği için, bu konuların tartışılmasını istememektedir.

New in Spanish

Los demócratas ofrecen un “compromiso” proempresarial en salud

Por Kate Randall, 7 agosto 2017

La respuesta del Partido Demócrata al fracaso de Trump fue ofrecerle sus servicios en la implementación de lo que exigen las grandes aseguradoras para “reparar” Obamacare a fin de reducir más los costos de la salud y engordar sus ganancias.

La política antisocialista de los Socialistas Democráticos de América

Por Tom Hall, 7 agosto 2017

Pese a la retórica de “izquierda” en su convención nacional, los Socialistas Democráticos de América (DSA) son una organización procapitalista, de tradición anticomunista y vigorosamente opuesta a la independencia política de la clase obrera.

Trump anuncia plan para reducir la inmigración legal a la mitad

Por nuestro reportero, 7 agosto 2017

Defendiendo el cambio en una conferencia de prensa el ayudante fascista de Trump Stephen Miller denunció a CNN en finamente velado lenguaje antisemita por tener un “sesgo cosmopolita”.

Google bloqueó todos y cada uno de los 45 principales términos de búsqueda del WSWS

Por Andre Damon, 7 agosto 2017

Google ha puesto al World Socialist Web Site en una lista negra de los 45 términos de búsqueda más populares que antes le traían visitantes, según una nueva revisión de los datos.

New in German

Debakel für Gewerkschaft im Nissan-Werk in Mississippi

Jerry White, 8. August 2017

Arbeiter ziehen heute aus den Erfahrungen mit der UAW ihre eigenen Schlüsse: Die Autogewerkschaft steht auf der Seite der Autokonzerne, hilft ihnen, die Arbeitsplätze zu vernichten und unterdrückt den Klassenkampf.

Deutschland schiebt wieder Flüchtlinge nach Griechenland ab

Martin Kreickenbaum, 8. August 2017

Erstmals seit 2011 sollen wieder Flüchtlinge aus Deutschland nach Griechenland abgeschoben, obwohl ihnen dort Obdachlosigkeit und Verelendung droht.

UNO beschließt harte Sanktionen gegen Nordkorea

Peter Symonds, 8. August 2017

Die von den USA angestrengten Sanktionen treffen Nordkorea hart. Sie werden die spannungsgeladene Konfrontation auf der koreanischen Halbinsel noch verschärfen, die zu einem Krieg zu eskalieren droht.

VW war Komplize der brasilianischen Militärdiktatur

Ludwig Weller, 8. August 2017

Volkswagen kollaborierte nicht nur als Helfer mit dem brasilianischen Militärregime, sondern war ein eigenständiger Akteur der Repression.

New in French

La débâcle du syndicat UAW à l’usine Nissan du Mississippi

Par Jerry White, 8 août 2017

Les travailleurs ont tiré leurs conclusions sur l’UAW après des decennies pendant lesquelles ce dernier syndicat a concentré tous ses efforts pour supprimer la lutte de classe et cogérer avec les sociétés automobiles la destruction des emplois et les niveaux de vie.

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The guns of August

8 August 2017

Just over a century since the guns of August 14 announced the outbreak of WWI in Europe, NATO’s military focus is shifting from the Middle East back to Europe, with major preparations underway for war with high-tech and nuclear enemies.

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Google Censorship

Evidence of Google blacklisting of left and progressive sites continues to mount

By Andre Damon, 8 August 2017

Leading left-wing news outlets confirmed that their traffic plunged after Google announced measures to allow human evaluators to censor political websites.

Google blocked every one of the WSWS’s 45 top search terms

By Andre Damon, 4 August 2017

Watch: Join the fight against online censorship!

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Google’s new search protocol is restricting access to 13 leading socialist, progressive and anti-war web sites

RT interviews Andre Damon: Google becoming “censorship engine”

More on Google Censorship »


US sanctions against Russia intensify conflict with Europe

By Peter Schwarz, 8 August 2017

The sanctions against Russia adopted by a large majority in the US Congress are being interpreted in Germany as a trade war measure against Europe.

UAW debacle at Mississippi Nissan plant

By Jerry White, 7 August 2017

Watch: Top UAW negotiator took over $1 million in bribes from Fiat Chrysler

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Québec Solidaire prepares merger with right-wing nationalists

By Richard Dufour, 7 August 2017

Venezuelan military claims suppression of attempted coup

By Bill Van Auken, 7 August 2017

SPD whips up xenophobia in German federal election

The abandonment of the CIA’s Syrian “rebels” and the pseudo-left accomplices of US imperialism

International Amazon Workers Voice

Amazon and Foxconn in Kenosha, Wisconsin: The new American “special economic zone”

By Christopher Davion, 8 August 2017

Local and state officials plan to transform the region into a platform for low wage manufacturing and distribution giants.

“It’s like we are going back to the early 1900s before workers had any rights”
Amazon job applicants speak on social crisis in US

By Isaac Finn, 4 August 2017

Amazon Jobs Day: A Tale of Two Americas

Amazon CEO Bezos makes $1.4 billion Thursday morning, briefly becoming world’s richest person

Amazon and the CIA: a match made in hell
Part One: Amazon cashes in on war crimes and mass surveillance

Watch: How can Amazon workers fight back?

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Workers Struggles

Nationwide strike by educators set in Chile
Workers Struggles: The Americas

8 August 2017

Chile’s College of Professors is set to strike against right wing, pro market, changes to the country’s educational system.

Steelworkers in Sheffield, UK strike after decade without a pay rise

By Danny Richardson, 7 August 2017

A letter from a reader on social conditions and the Fiat workers’ strike in Serbia

5 August 2017

CSX railroad workers denounce Wall Street plundering

By Jeff Lusanne, 4 August 2017

Railroad workers at CSX face the dictates of Wall Street

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

This week in the Russian Revolution
August 7-13: Mezhraiontsy unite with the Bolsheviks

7 August 2017

At the Sixth Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, convened by the Bolsheviks, the 4,000 strong Interdistrict Group (Mezhraiontsy), led by Trotsky and Lunacharsky, merges with the 240,000-strong Bolshevik Party, led by Lenin.

From the archives of the Russian Revolution
Letter to the Provisional Government

By Leon Trotsky, 31 July 2017

This is a new translation of an open letter Trotsky addressed to the Provisional Government on the arrest of Bolshevik leaders, which took place during the crackdown that followed the July Days.

Professor Sean McMeekin revives discredited anti-Lenin slanders (Part I)

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

Socialist Equality Party

Socialist Equality Party of Germany presents its posters for September federal election

By our reporters, 7 August 2017

Public meeting in Chennai, India: Oppose the US-led imperialist war drive!

7 August 2017


Barbet Schroeder’s Amnesia: The trauma of German history

By Joanne Laurier, 7 August 2017

Atomic Blonde: The last days of the Cold War

By Kevin Martinez, 5 August 2017

The suicide of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington (1976-2017)

Maruti Suzuki

Sri Lankan free trade workers express solidarity with framed-up Maruti Suzuki workers in India

By our reporters, 1 August 2017

Aisin Automotive workers in India’s Haryana state face a new company-government witchhunt

Five years since company-provoked incident used to frame up Maruti Suzuki workers

The Maruti Suzuki frame-up and the history of international labor defense campaigns

More on the frame-up of Maruti Suzuki workers »


Fifty years since the Detroit rebellion
Part one: An uprising of the oppressed

By Barry Grey, 21 July 2017

The WSWS is posting a three-part series originally published in July of 1987 under the title “Twenty years since the Detroit rebellion.”

Mehring Books

Preface to the Turkish edition of The Heritage We Defend

By David North, 23 June 2017

A Turkish language edition of The Heritage We Defend by David North will be released next month by Mehring Yayıncılık, the publishing house of the Socialist Equality Group (Toplumsal Esitlik), the Trotskyist organization in Turkey working in political solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International. The Heritage We Defend was originally published in 1988. We are posting the preface for the Turkish edition written by David North.