Nearly 200 million are modern slaves or child laborers

By Trévon Austin, 20 November 2017

According to a new report from the United Nations, nearly one in ten children are in child labor globally, with nearly half of these engaged in “hazardous work.”

First round of trials begin for 194 charged in anti-Trump inauguration day protests

By E.P. Milligan, 20 November 2017

The character of the J20 trials so far and the severity of the charges make clear that the entire case is a frame-up aimed at intimidating protesters and silencing dissent.

US Justice Department demands Facebook turn over information on anti-administration activists

Zimbabwe: Factional warfare continues after Mugabe fails to resign

By Chris Marsden, 20 November 2017

The leader of the Veterans Association backed up a threat to impeach Mugabe if he did not quit by noon today with a warning that the military would allow him to be attacked if he refused to go.

Campaign to force out Mugabe escalates in Zimbabwe

US steps up aid to Saudi Arabia’s slaughter in Yemen

By Bill Van Auken, 20 November 2017

Washington is initiating a series of new policies aimed at building up the Saudi military as it carries out a siege of Yemen that could claim the lives of millions.

US-backed Saudi war and blockade puts millions of lives at risk in Yemen

Saudi crisis threatens wider war in the Middle East

More on the war drive in the Middle East »

Leader of Barcelona terror attack was Spanish intelligence informant

By Alex Lantier, 20 November 2017

The terrorist leader was apparently an “old acquaintance” of the security forces, who protected him due to his ties to Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

More on the crisis in Spain »

France: Masses stay away from November 16 protest against austerity

By Anthony Torres, 20 November 2017

Since the union bureaucracies began organizing symbolic one-day protests and rolling strikes against President Macron’s cuts, fewer and fewer workers have attended them.

German government coalition talks stall

By Peter Schwarz, 20 November 2017

After four weeks of talks, the CDU, CSU, FDP and Greens failed to reach agreement on a Jamaica coalition by Thursday evening.

German secret service interferes in negotiations over new government

Calls for military buildup and great power politics grow amid German coalition talks

A third of UK children in poverty, with rate set to rise

By Margot Miller, 20 November 2017

A report predicts a 4 percent national increase in children in families living in poverty, or 400,000 additional children in families with incomes of 60 percent or less of the median.

Five million people in UK earn less than £8.10 an hour

Australian wage growth continues downward trend

By Nick Beams, 20 November 2017

Real wages in Australia are now only 0.1 percent above where they were more than four years ago and there is no end in sight to the worsening situation.

Australian mining union imposes 25 percent pay cut at Griffin Coal

By Terry Cook, 20 November 2017

The CFMEU struck a sell-out deal which includes sweeping wage reductions and the gutting of conditions, despite significant opposition from workers.

Sri Lankan government bans Lanka e-News web site

By Vijith Samarasinghe, 20 November 2017

The ban on LeN is a direct attack on basic democratic rights and a warning to all sections of the media that the Sri Lankan ruling elite cannot tolerate any criticism.

California health authorities identify three more cases of Legionnaires’ disease

By Brad Dixon, 20 November 2017

This brings the total number of cases of the disease in the past month to 15, two of which have been fatal.

New in Russian

Эта неделя в русской революции
6–12 ноября: Большевики приходят к власти в Петрограде

20 ноября 2017 г.

Когда в Петрограде открывается Второй съезд Советов, большевики уже твердо контролируют положение в городе. Сформированное большевистской партией правительство немедленно принимает Декреты о мире, земле, образовании и 8-часовом рабочем дне.

New in Turkish

Zimbabve’de Mugabe darbeyle görevden alındı

Chris Marsden, 20 Kasım 2017

Zimbabve Devlet Başkanı Robert Mugabe, ordunun Çarşamba sabahı erken saatlerde ülkenin yönetimini ele geçirmesinin ardından ev hapsine alındı.

ABD’nin Rakka’da IŞİD’i kurtardığı açığa çıktı

Bill Van Auken, 20 Kasım 2017

Silahlı IŞİD savaşçılarını güvenlikleri için Suriye’de başka bir yere nakletme kararı, ABD ordusunun ve istihbarat aygıtının üst kademelerinde ve belirli stratejik nedenlerle alınmıştır.

New in Spanish

El proyecto de ley fiscal en Estados Unidos: un regalo masivo para la élite financiera

Por Andre Damon, 20 noviembre 2017

El proyecto de ley aprobado por la Cámara de Representantes estadounidense el jueves marca un nuevo hito en la transformación de Estados Unidos en una oligarquía.

Puerto Rico proclama un “Nuevo Gobierno” para intensificar sus medidas de austeridad

Por Andrea Lobo, 20 noviembre 2017

Mientras Puerto Rico sigue devastado por el huracán María, las autoridades locales están dándose poderes dictatoriales para llevar a cabo una brutal ofensiva contra los trabajadores y jóvenes.

¿El “Trump brasileño” o el “Duterte brasileño”? Los medios se esfuerzan por hacer que la extrema derecha parezca algo normal para las elecciones de 2018

Por Miguel Andrade, 20 noviembre 2017

El congresista fascista Jair Bolsonaro viene siendo presentado por los medios corporativos cada vez más como “la opción de los hombres de negocios”.

La renuncia de Patel expone el apoyo encubierto de Reino Unido a Israel e islamistas

Por Jean Shaoul, 20 noviembre 2017

La sórdida historia de la caída en desgracia y renuncia de la secretaria del Departamento para el Desarrollo Internacional, Priti Patel, subraya el verdadero contenido de la política británica de “ayuda” internacional.

New in German

RCDS fordert Verbot der IYSSE

Christoph Vandreier, 20. November 2017

Am 27. Oktober veröffentlichte der Bundesverband des RCDS einen Forderungskatalog für die Errichtung eines Universitätsregimes, das man so nur aus Militärdiktaturen und faschistischen Staaten kennt.

Simbabwe: Militär geht gegen Mugabe vor

Chris Marsden, 20. November 2017

Die westlichen Mächte haben zurückhaltend auf die Ereignisse in Simbabwe reagiert. Der Grund ist nicht ihr vermeintlicher Wunsch nach einem „demokratischen Wandel“, sondern Chinas Unterstützung für den Putsch.

Frankreich verstärkt Intervention in Westafrika

Kumaran Ira, 20. November 2017

Der Nato-Krieg gegen Libyen von 2011 droht einen Krieg in der gesamten Sahelzone nach sich zu ziehen, der verheerende Folgen für die ohnehin verwüstete Region hat.

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The government attack on US college students

20 November 2017

The tax bill passed by the House of Representatives Thursday targets college and graduate students for savage economic attack to fund a bonanza for the super-rich.

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Featured Commentary

Amanda Hess and Manohla Dargis on the Weinstein-Spacey-Louis C.K. affairs
Viciousness and ignorance: New York Times columnists on the rampage

By David Walsh, 18 November 2017

The newspaper has been at the forefront of the scandal over sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry, which has now been extended into the political arena.

How not to fight Judge Roy Moore

May a word be spoken on behalf of Kevin Spacey?

Centenary of the Russian Revolution

This week in the Russian Revolution
November 20-26: Bolsheviks expose imperialist carve-up of the Middle East

20 November 2017

With the publication of these secret agreements, the outrage and indignation towards the Bolsheviks in the imperialist capitals reaches new heights. However, among the oppressed masses around the world, the Bolsheviks win incalculable prestige.

Chronology of the Russian Revolution »

Large turnout for New York City meeting on the contemporary significance of the Russian Revolution

By our reporters, 18 November 2017

Successful public meeting in Colombo marks the Russian Revolution centenary

By our correspondents, 18 November 2017

Meeting in Sydney on December 17
100 years on: The significance of the 1917 Russian Revolution for today

The Place of the October Revolution in World History and Contemporary Politics

By David North, 13 November 2017

We are publishing here the text of a lecture delivered on Saturday, November 11 by David North, chairman of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site and national chairman of the Socialist Equality Party of the US. The audio for the lecture is embedded in the text.

On the Centenary of the October Revolution

By David North, 7 November 2017

Book Review

Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House
An insider’s view of the crisis-ridden Democratic Party

By Andre Damon, 20 November 2017

Donna Brazile’s new book provides a glimpse of the divisions and factional struggles gripping the Democratic Party.

Arts Review

Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049: A dreary future

By Carlos Delgado, 20 November 2017

The film, a sequel to the 1982 original, stars Ryan Gosling as a police officer who hunts down “synthetic humans” in futuristic Los Angeles.

The death of rapper Lil Peep and the tragedy of youth

By Nick Barrickman, 18 November 2017

The Spark: UK band Enter Shikari at an artistic cross-roads

By Ben Trent, 18 November 2017

An artist’s eye view of the Russian Revolution
1917: The Real October—An animated documentary by Katrin Rothe


The US tax bill: A massive handout to the financial elite

By Andre Damon, 18 November 2017

Louisiana man wrongfully convicted of rape leaves prison after nearly 46 years

By Kate Randall, 18 November 2017

Democrats’ neo-McCarthyism echoes red-baiting attacks on civil rights movement of the 1950s

By Fred Mazelis, 17 November 2017

Grenfell Tower “independent” task force produces whitewash report

By Steve James, 18 November 2017

Metropolitan Police try to block Freedom of Information requests over Grenfell Tower

More on the Grenfell Tower fire »

Artist lists names of fortress Europe’s 33,000 refugee victims

By Dietmar Henning, 18 November 2017

The global processes behind the parliamentary crisis in Australia

Puerto Rico proclaims “new government” to intensify austerity

Autoworkers Struggles

“It’s like organized crime”
Detroit Manufacturing Systems and the new face of auto parts production

By Nick Rodriguez, 17 November 2017

“We have to make sure Jacoby Hennings didn’t die in vain”
Workers denounce scourge of suicides inside US auto plants

By Jerry White, 15 November 2017

Death of Jacoby Hennings highlights UAW collusion with auto companies

Another decisive repudiation
Ohio auto glass workers vote 2-1 against the UAW

By Shannon Jones, 11 November 2017

More on auto worker struggles »

Google Censorship

Socialist Equality Party holds meeting on Google censorship at Manchester Metropolitan University

By our reporters, 15 November 2017

US brands RT a “foreign agent:” A chilling move against free speech

By Andre Damon, 11 November 2017

Anti-Russia hearings in the US:
Lawmakers demand tech companies censor journalists and conduct mass surveillance

The conspiracy to censor the Internet

By Andre Damon and Joseph Kishore, 18 October 2017

The elites “have no credibility left:” An interview with journalist Chris Hedges

An open letter to Google: Stop the censorship of the Internet! Stop the political blacklisting of the World Socialist Web Site!

25 August 2017

Google escalates blacklisting of left-wing web sites and journalists

Sign the petition and share it as widely as possible through email, online forums, and social media.

Watch: Stop online censorship!

More on Google Censorship »


100 years since the Balfour Declaration
Part two

By Jean Shaoul, 8 November 2017

This is the conclusion of a two-part article on the Balfour Declaration that was to lead to the establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine.

100 years since the Balfour Declaration
Part one


International Youth and Students for Social Equality launches new website

6 November 2017

The IYSSE’s newly designed website includes an updated Statement of Principles for its US section. We urge all youth and students to join the IYSSE and take up the fight for socialism.

International Amazon Workers Voice

House to vote on giving Amazon $53 billion deal to become main Pentagon supplier

By Evan Blake, 11 November 2017

Watch: How can Amazon workers fight back?

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