Facebook censors anti-fascist rally in Washington

By Andre Damon, 2 August 2018

The campaign to censor the internet, initially presented as a response to alleged Russian “meddling,” is increasingly targeting left-wing political viewpoints.

UK Parliament “fake news” report demands sweeping internet censorship

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Amid trial of former campaign chairman, Trump urges attorney general to end Russia probe “right now”

By Barry Grey, 2 August 2018

The Manafort trial is one of several recent developments pointing to an escalation by Special Counsel Mueller of his campaign against Trump.

Teamsters union keeps 240,000 UPS workers on the job as contract expires

By Will Morrow, 2 August 2018

The union is aware that there is widespread opposition to the deal and is seeking to buy time to wear down the workers and impose a contract demanded by the company.

Teamsters union blames opposition to sellout contract on “internet trolls”

As UPS, steel and telecom companies demand wage freezes
Workers in US face growing class battles

Teamsters union blackmails UPS workers: Approve contract or your wages will be cut

The way forward for UPS workers

Ryanair’s mass sacking threat raises need for globally coordinated struggle of airline workers

By Steve James, 2 August 2018

The role of the unions in the airline and other industries is to isolate any struggle, impose the demands of the companies and prevent a unified fight of the entire working class.

German Ryanair pilots ready to strike

German government launches camp system for refugees

By Christoph Vandreier, 2 August 2018

With the inhumane camp system, the coalition government of Christian Democrats and Social Democrats is implementing the refugee policy of the far-right Alternative for Germany.

Protest in Munich against attacks on refugees, poverty and war

European Union reduces maritime rescue operations in the Mediterranean

German interior minister’s “Master Plan” for refugees: Internment camps and mass deportations

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Julian Assange’s lawyer: Australian government has a “duty” to protect him

By Mike Head, 2 August 2018

Jennifer Robinson said the WikiLeaks editor wants to exercise his right to return to Australia, provided he is protected from extradition to the US.

Trump set to hike tariff threat against China

By Nick Beams, 2 August 2018

The US is actively considering escalating proposed tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to 25 percent up from the initial level of 10 percent.

Rifts emerge in US-EU trade deal

Qualcomm deal scuttled: China hits back at US in trade war

British Navy evacuated Manchester bomber Salman Abedi from Libya in 2014

By Robert Stevens, 2 August 2018

It was known at top levels of the British state that Abedi had travelled on the ship, but the public, including the families of his victims, was kept in the dark for over a year.

Town hall fails to ease concerns over industrial toxins found in Parchment, Michigan drinking water

By Joseph Lorenz, 2 August 2018

In a tightly controlled meeting, local and state officials sought to dispel the anger of residents who learned last week that their water has dangerous levels of PFAS chemicals.

High levels of toxic chemicals found in drinking water of west Michigan community

Immigration police launch political attack on Portland mayor for backing anti-ICE protests

By Kayla Costa, 2 August 2018

Based on the absurd claim that anti-ICE protesters threatened the lives of federal immigration agents, ICE employees sent a cease and desist letter to the mayor.

Hundreds of immigrant children remain separated from parents as court deadline passes

Military-style immigration raids: Coming to a workplace near you

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Washington, D.C. metro union seeks to bury members’ strike vote

By Nick Barrickman, 2 August 2018

After an overwhelming vote by its members to strike in July, ATU Local 689, with a membership of over 8,000 public transit workers, has sought to drag out discussions between it and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

After overwhelming vote for strike action
Washington, D.C. transit union conspires with Metro officials while keeping members in the dark

Autoworkers speak out against UAW corruption, voice support for Kokomo Fiat Chrysler workers

By Jessica Goldstein, 2 August 2018

The World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter spoke with autoworkers in Chicago and Kokomo, Indiana about the corruption scandal which has wracked the United Auto Workers.

Mobilize the working class behind Indiana autoworkers
Kokomo Fiat Chrysler workers: Form a rank-and-file strike committee to fight for jobs and safety!

“US autoworkers have to accept a culture of poverty”
Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, global cost-cutter, dies

UAW corruption scandal reaches the top

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New Zealand nurses express frustration, anger in union broadcast

By our reporters, 2 August 2018

The union’s online event was a desperate attempt to sell the latest, widely opposed deal and shut down the rebellion among nurses.

New Zealand Defence Force nurses deployed during strike

After nationwide strike: The way forward for New Zealand health workers

Australian government promises changes to My Health Records following widespread opposition

By Cheryl Crisp, 2 August 2018

The “opt out” health database faces mounting public concern over official and corporate surveillance.

New in Spanish

Trump planea un bono fiscal de 100 mil millones de dólares para los ricos

Por Niles Niemuth, 2 agosto 2018

La Administración de Trump se prepara para cambiar el cálculo de los impuestos sobre las ganancias de capital para canalizar miles de millones más al 10 por ciento más rico.

El informe sobre las “noticias falsas” en el Parlamento británico exige una amplia censura del Internet

Por Robert Stevens, 2 agosto 2018

El informe exige tomar medidas enérgicas contra individuos y organizaciones políticas, redes sociales y fuentes alternativas para los medios que denuncian los planes de las potencias imperialistas.

New in French

Le cas Lafarge dévoile la collusion entre Paris, Washington et Daech en Syrie

Francis Dubois, 2 août 2018

Si Fabius prétend ne rien savoir des agissements de Lafarge en Syrie, les liens entre le PS de François Hollande et le groupe terroriste Daech apparaissent clairement.

L’accord commercial euro-américain se lézarde

Nick Beams, 2 août 2018

Avec les tarifs automobiles, l’administration Trump tient une épée de Damoclès au-dessus de l’UE et poursuit une enquête sur l'opportunité de les imposer pour des raisons de « sécurité nationale ».

New in German

Kalifornien in Flammen: Der soziale und politische Hintergrund der tödlichen Waldbrände

David Brown, 2. August 2018

Das zweite Jahr in Folge wird der US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien von verheerenden Waldbränden heimgesucht, die mehrere Todesopfer gefordert und Tausende aus ihren Häusern vertrieben haben.

Große Koalition errichtet Lagersystem für Flüchtlinge

Christoph Vandreier, 2. August 2018

Mit dem menschenverachtenden Lagersystem setzt die Bundesregierung die rechtsradikale Flüchtlingspolitik der AfD in die Tat um.

Wehrhahn-Prozess Düsseldorf: Rechtsextremer Angeklagter freigesprochen

Sybille Fuchs und Dietmar Henning, 2. August 2018

Obwohl zahlreiche Indizien für die Täterschaft des Angeklagten sprachen, verließ er den Gerichtssaal als freier Mann. Neonazis werden das Urteil als Ermutigung auffassen, ihrem Fremdenhass freien Lauf zu lassen.

Großbritannien: „Fake News“-Bericht des Parlaments fordert umfassende Internetzensur

Robert Stevens, 2. August 2018

In dem Bericht wird ein hartes Vorgehen gegen Einzelpersonen und politische Organisationen, soziale Netzwerke und alternative Medienquellen gefordert.

New in Arabic

المجلس العسكري المصري یمد حالة الطوارئ ويسيطر على وسائل الاعلام الاجتماعیة

٢٢ تموز يوليو ٢٠١٨

بعد خمس سنوات من الانقلاب العسكري الذي وقع في 3 یولیو / تموز 2013 ضد الرئیس الإخواني محمد مرسي والمذبحة التي راح ضحیتها أكثر من 1000 تابعا له في شوارع القاهرة ، یقوم النظام العسكري للدكتاتور عبد الفتاح السیسي ، المدعوم من القوى الغربية ، بتكثیف إرهابه المعادي للثورة.

New in Italian

Cos’è la “nostra democrazia”?

Eric London, 31 luglio 2018

Al centro dell'isteria anti-russa guidata dal Partito Democratico è l'affermazione che la Russia e il suo presidente, Vladimir Putin, minacciano la “nostra democrazia”.

New in Norwegian

Det tyske h�yre krever nukle�re �masseutryddingsv�pen�

Johannes Stern, 31. juli 2018

Den ledende tyske avisa Welt am Sonntag har publisert en artikkel som krever opprettelsen av et atomv�penarsenal.

Ecuadors president beredt til � la Julian Assange utleveres til USA

Mike Head, 31. juli 2018

Moreno-regjeringen er i ferd med � trekke WikiLeaks-redakt�rens asyl og kaste ham i hendene p� de amerikanske myndighetene.

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Financial parasitism and the American oligarchy

2 August 2018

Behind the incessant claims of no money for urgent social needs is the drive by the top 0.1 percent to monopolize all the wealth created by the working class.

Earlier Perspectives »

International Committee of the Fourth International

Resolution of the SEP (US) Fifth National Congress
Free Julian Assange!

2 August 2018

This resolution was unanimously adopted by the Socialist Equality Party Congress, held July 22–27.

Preface to the Russian edition of In Defense of Leon Trotsky

By Vladimir Volkov, 2 August 2018

Understanding the role Leon Trotsky played in the twentieth century is fundamental to the revival of the heritage of Marxism in the countries of the former Soviet Union, and to the fight to build the International Committee of the Fourth International.

Arts Review

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?—A new documentary about Fred Rogers and his television program

By Hiram Lee, 2 August 2018

Fifty years after the debut of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on US public television, a new documentary explores its history and influence.

Ronan Farrow’s latest #MeToo “bombshell,” directed against Leslie Moonves of CBS

By David Walsh, 1 August 2018

Geoffrey Rush’s lawyers argue newspaper’s allegations “motivated to harm” the actor

By Richard Phillips, 1 August 2018

Annie Swynnerton—a Victorian artist rediscovered but misinterpreted
An exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery

By Paul Mitchell and Margot Miller, 31 July 2018

Unexpectedly restrained: Matteo Garrone’s Dogman
Based on a horrific 1988 murder in Rome

By Emanuele Saccarelli, 30 July 2018


California’s burning: The social and political background of the deadly infernos

By David Brown, 1 August 2018

Trump plans a $100 billion tax bonus for the rich

By Niles Niemuth, 1 August 2018

As US workers’ wages continue to fall
Oracle CEO pockets $250 million after Trump tax cut

Seven months after Trump’s tax cut
Corporate tax collection rate at historic low

$3,000 per second for Bezos, poverty wages for Amazon workers

German right demands nuclear “weapons of mass extermination”

By Johannes Stern, 31 July 2018

Far-right Identitarian movement attempts to disrupt IYSSE meeting in Dresden

Acquittal for right-wing extremist Identitarian movement in Austrian court

Politics in bad faith: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaigns in Michigan

By Andre Damon, 31 July 2018

Ocasio-Cortez, DSA seek to give “left” cover to right-wing Democratic Party

Benalla affair destabilises Macron government in France

By Francis Dubois, 31 July 2018

French police scandal exposes Mélenchon’s ties to the police state

By Anthony Torres, 31 July 2018

Egypt’s military junta condemns 75 coup protesters to death

By Chris Marsden, 30 July 2018

German Left Party leaders prepare to form new right-wing movement

By Ulrich Rippert, 24 July 2018

David Harvey’s Jacobin interview on Marx’s Capital
A promotion of the “life-style” politics of the pseudo-left

By Nick Beams, 21 July 2018

Workers Struggles

Five months after strike, West Virginia teachers say “nothing has changed”

By Nancy Hanover, 31 July 2018

Lessons of the West Virginia teachers strike

More on US teachers struggles »

25 years ago: Clinton declares war on social spending programs

In a nationally televised speech, US President Bill Clinton declared war on what he called the “politics of entitlement,” reaffirming his pledges during the 1992 election campaign to “end welfare as we know it.”

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50 years ago: Bratislava Declaration is signed in Czechoslovakia

Six representatives from the Communist parties of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, and Poland met with the leaders of Czechoslovakia and signed what became known as the Bratislava Declaration.

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75 years ago: Uprising at Treblinka extermination camp

Prisoners at the Treblinka extermination camp launched a heroic uprising against their Nazi jailers, which shook Third Reich forces and inspired workers and youth engaged in the struggle against fascism across Europe.

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100 years ago: French Socialist Party opposes anti-Bolshevik intervention

The national congress of the Section Francaise de l’Internationale Ouvriere rejected intervention by the imperialist Allies against the Bolsheviks in Russia.

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Defend Julian Assange!

Ecuador’s president ready to allow Julian Assange to be extradited to US

By Mike Head, 31 July 2018

Julian Assange and the betrayal of Latin America’s “left”

Christine Assange, mother of WikiLeaks editor: “I’ve not been able to speak to my son for four months”

By Richard Phillips, 24 July 2018

“I say defend Julian, not just because I’m his mother, but as a citizen and someone who believes in democracy and freedom.”

Ecuador refuses to give assurance of Julian Assange’s political asylum rights

By Mike Head, 27 July 2018

Imminent threat to Julian Assange underscores need for global defence movement

Protest in London against Ecuadorian President Moreno’s persecution of Julian Assange

By our reporters, 25 July 2018

The Turnbull government must act to repatriate Australian citizen Julian Assange to Australia

By James Cogan, 19 June 2018

Bringing Julian Assange Home

By John Pilger, 19 June 2018

More on the campaign to free Julian Assange »

SEP 2018 Election Campaign

Socialist candidate for Congress Niles Niemuth submits thousands of signatures for ballot access in Michigan

By our reporter, 19 July 2018

Notes from the campaign trail
SEP volunteers in Michigan speak on powerful support from workers for a socialist perspective

Socialist Equality Party to run Niles Niemuth for Michigan’s 12th Congressional district

Socialist Equality Party (Britain)

Twenty-five years since the death of Joy Gardner

By Julie Hyland, 28 July 2018

Behind the actions of the police officers involved, Joy’s killing was the result of deliberate government policy.

The killing of Joy Gardner: A Workers Inquiry is needed

By the International Communist Party (July 1 1995), 28 July 2018

The World Socialist Web Site is republishing here the July 1, 1995 statement by the International Communist Party—the predecessor of the Socialist Equality Party (UK)—calling for the formation of a Workers’ Inquiry into the death of Jamaican mother Joy Gardner.


Evidence of liquid water lakes under polar ice caps on Mars

By Bryan Dyne, 26 July 2018

The previous 54 years of Mars space exploration have laid the groundwork for this remarkable discovery.

Socialist Equality Party

Sri Lankan SEP member Mohamdiramlage Chandrasiri (1955–2018)

By Wimal Fernando, 19 July 2018

Retired bank worker Chandrasiri will always be remembered for his selfless dedication to Trotskyism, the rights of the working class and the building of the SEP.

SEP (Australia) holds Sydney meeting against new “foreign interference” laws

By our reporters, 17 July 2018

SEP in Sri Lanka holds powerful 50th anniversary meeting

By our correspondents, 27 June 2018

Featured Video

Coby Day: Hundreds memorialize fallen Detroit autoworker Jacoby Hennings

Friends and family of Jacoby Hennings (1995 - 2017) want answers about the circumstances surrounding the young autoworker's death at Ford's Woodhaven stamping plant.

International Committee of the Fourth International

Preface to the thirtieth anniversary edition of The Heritage We Defend

By David North, 21 June 2018

We are posting the new preface written by David North for the soon to be released thirtieth anniversary edition of The Heritage We Defend: A Contribution to the History of the Fourth International.

Support the Socialist Equality group in Turkey!
Statement of the SE group, in sympathy with the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), on the snap elections in Turkey

May Day 2018 International Online Rally

May Day 2018 and the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx

By David North, 6 May 2018

Opening the ICFI’s International Online Rally on Saturday, May 5, David North, chairman of the international editorial board of the WSWS and national chairman of the Socialist Equality Party (US), spoke on the historical significance of Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism, 200 years after his birth.

Trotskyism is the Marxism of the 21st Century

By Joseph Kishore, 7 May 2018

May Day 2018

By Joseph Kishore and David North, 1 May 2018

WSWS 20th Anniversary

Twenty years of the World Socialist Web Site: 1998–2018

By David North and Joseph Kishore, 14 February 2018

As the WSWS marks its 20th anniversary of daily posting, it is taking the lead in exposing the conspiracy by governments and corporations to censor the Internet as the ruling class prepares for war and domestic repression.


Lenin, Trotsky and the Marxism of the October Revolution

By David North, 19 March 2018

David North, chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site and of the Socialist Equality Party (US), delivered this lecture at the University of Leipzig on March 16.