Bipartisan panel: US must prepare for “horrendous,” “devastating” war with Russia and China

By Andre Damon, 16 November 2018

A bipartisan commission appointed by Congress has provided the Democrats’ rubber stamp to the Trump administration’s plans to prepare for war between “great powers.”

Pentagon report points to US preparations for total war

A reply to French daily Libération
Is the WSWS exaggerating the threat of war?

World Socialist Web Site speaks with California wildfire evacuees

By our reporters, 16 November 2018

The death toll in Northern California’s Camp Fire jumped to 63 on Thursday with the number of missing increasing to 631.

Investigations point to energy corporation’s negligence in California wildfire

Brexit deal threatens survival of May government

By Robert Stevens, 16 November 2018

Prime Minister May has been brought face to face with the full implications of the growing antagonisms between the US and Europe.

Some of the main provisions of the draft EU-UK proposed Brexit deal

By our reporter, 16 November 2018

German chancellor calls for a “real European army”

By Johannes Stern, 16 November 2018

Merkel’s call for a “real European army” in Strasbourg underscores the reactionary traditions evoked by the ruling elites in Germany and Europe.

Civilian death toll mounts as US escalates offensive in Syria

By Bill Van Auken, 16 November 2018

The so-called campaign against ISIS is aimed at carving out a US-controlled zone in eastern Syria and ultimately overthrowing the Damascus government.

US imposes limited sanctions on Saudi officials over Khashoggi’s murder

By Mike Head, 16 November 2018

The announcement’s timing points to the White House seeking to shore up the latest Saudi version of the events, which protects Crown Prince Mohammed.

Facebook hires former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

By Joe Mount, 16 November 2018

Clegg joins Facebook at a time when it is censoring socialist, left-wing and oppositional web sites, including the closure of hundreds of such sites over the last several weeks.

French “Yellow Vest” protesters prepare road blockades against fuel tax hike

By Anthony Torres, 16 November 2018

Fear is growing in official circles that tomorrow’s nationwide road blockades could develop into an explosion of mass social anger against French President Macron.

French teachers mobilize against Macron’s attacks on education

Fiji First Party retains power in sham election

By John Braddock, 16 November 2018

The election, marked by widespread voter abstention, was a contest between two parties run by former military coup leaders.

Australian teacher unions’ phoney campaign against NAPLAN

By Erika Zimmer, 16 November 2018

The teacher unions have no principled opposition to the high-stakes testing agenda, while Australian teachers have opposed it from the start.

New in French

Au moins 200 soldats dans un réseau terroriste néo-nazi de l'armée allemande

Christopher Lehmann et Johannes Stern, 16 novembre 2018

Les dernières révélations suggèrent qu'au moins 200 soldats en service actif ou retraités sont impliqués dans un réseau terroriste néo-nazi qui prévoyait d'assassiner des opposants politiques.

Nouvelle attaque sur le droit de vote: Trump exige de cesser le recomptage des voix en Floride

Patrick Martin, 16 novembre 2018

Le fait que le président demande que ses candidats préférés en Floride soient déclarés vainqueurs, quel que soit le vote, est un avertissement très inquiétant.

Les menaces des États-Unis dominent les sommets indopacifiques
Les représentants de Trump lancent des ultimatums à la Chine et à d'autres pays d’Asie

Mike Head, 16 novembre 2018

Les représentants de Washington, Pence et Bolton, ont cherché à opposer un veto à tout accord entre la Chine et les gouvernements de la région.

Le président allemand défend l'alliance contre la révolution de novembre 1918 entre les sociaux-démocrates et la réaction de droite

Peter Schwarz, 16 novembre 2018

Lors d'une séance commémorative du parlement allemand, le président Steinmeier a justifié la répression de la révolution prolétarienne de novembre 1918.

New in German

Neuer Angriff auf Wahlrecht
Trumps fordert Ende von Neuauszählung der Wählerstimmen in Florida

Patrick Martin, 16. November 2018

Die Forderung des Präsidenten, dass man in Florida seine bevorzugten Kandidaten, unabhängig vom tatsächlichen Wahlergebnis, zu den Siegern erklärt, muss als ernste Warnung verstanden werden.

Sri Lanka: Parlament lehnt Rajapaksa als Premierminister ab

Wasantha Rupasinghe, 16. November 2018

Die internationalen Großmächte beobachten die politische Krise genau und geben Warnungen ab.

Bundestag verschärft Asylrecht

Martin Kreickenbaum, 16. November 2018

Anerkannte Flüchtlinge sind zukünftig dazu verpflichtet, bei der Regelüberprüfung ihres positiven Asylbescheids aktiv mitzuhelfen.

Baden-Württemberg: Grüne Landesregierung schikaniert ausländische Studierende

Isabel Roy, 16. November 2018

Im Mai 2017 hatte die grün-schwarze Landesregierung in Baden-Württemberg Studiengebühren von 1500 Euro pro Semester für Studierende aus dem Nicht-EU-Ausland eingeführt. Als Folge sind die bewerberzahlen stark zurückgegangen.

New in Norwegian

Etterforskning peker mot strømleverandørs forsømmelser bak California-storbrann

E. P. Milligan, 15. november 2018

Strømleverandøren PG&E innrømmet på tirsdag at de hadde meldt inn en «elektrisk hendelsesrapport» øyeblikk før utbruddet av «Camp Fire», den dødeligste brannen i Californias historie.

Minst 200 soldater i nynazistisk terrornettverk i de tyske væpnede styrker

Christopher Lehmann og Johannes Stern, 15. november 2018

De siste avsløringene antyder at minst 200 soldater, i aktiv tjeneste og pensjonerte, er involvert i et nynazistisk terrornettverk som planla å drepe politiske motstandere.

Amazon bekjentgjør nye hovedkvarter i New York City og Washington DC

Trévor Austin, 14. november 2018

Kulmineringen av Amazons år-lange-konkurranse er en indikasjon på den enorme makten til de gigantiske transnasjonale selskapene og oligarkene som leder dem.

New in Spanish

Trump exige poner fin a recuento de votos en Florida en nuevo ataque contra el sufragio

Patrick Martin, 16 noviembre 2018

La demanda del presidente de que los candidatos que prefiere en Florida sean declarados ganadores, independientemente del resultado real, es una advertencia peligrosa.

El presidente alemán defiende la alianza contra la Revolución de Noviembre de 1918 entre los socialdemócratas y la reacción de derechas

Por Peter Schwarz, 16 noviembre 2018

En una sesión conmemorativa del parlamento alemán, el presidente Steinmeier justificó la represión de la revolución proletaria de noviembre de 1918.

Las amenazas estadounidenses dominan las cumbres del Indo-Pacífico
Los representantes de Trump emiten ultimátum a China y otros países asiáticos

Mike Head, 16 noviembre 2018

Los representantes de Washington, Pence y Bolton, intentaron enérgicamente vetar cualquier acuerdo alcanzado entre China y los gobiernos de la región.

Parlamento de Sri Lanka rechaza a Rajapakse como primer ministro

Por Wasantha Rupasinghe, 16 noviembre 2018

Las principales potencias mundiales monitorean el desarrollo de la crisis política y constitucional y emiten urgentes advertencias.

Other Languages


The political crisis in Sri Lanka: Its lessons for the international working class

16 November 2018

Only the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka) fights for the working class to assert its own class interests, independently of and in opposition to both rival bourgeois camps.

Earlier Perspectives »

Security and the Fourth International

The origins and findings of the Security and the Fourth International investigation

By Eric London, 14 November 2018

This is the text and audio of a lecture delivered by Eric London in Detroit, Michigan reviewing the monumental investigation conducted by the International Committee of the Fourth International titled Security and the Fourth International, which exposed the infiltration of the movement by agents of the FBI and Stalinist GPU.


Ocasio-Cortez holds climate change stunt to boost Pelosi

By Genevieve Leigh, 16 November 2018

The “protest” in the offices of Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi was a calculated operation aimed at solidarizing Ocasio-Cortez with the Democratic Party establishment.

DSA calls US midterm elections the “rebirth of the American socialist movement”

Trump demands end to Florida recount in new attack on voting rights

After midterm elections, Democrats call for bipartisan unity with Trump

More on US politics »

At least 200 soldiers in German Army neo-Nazi terror network

By Christopher Lehmann and Johannes Stern, 15 November 2018

SEP (Sri Lanka) to hold meetings on the socialist solution to the political crisis

15 November 2018

Sri Lankan parliament rejects Rajapakse as prime minister

Sri Lanka crisis escalates as Supreme Court overturns Sirisena’s dissolution of parliament

Geoffrey Rush’s lawyer slams “gutter journalism” in Sydney defamation trial

By Linda Tenenbaum and Richard Phillips, 15 November 2018

Pentagon chief heads to border as first refugees from caravan arrive

By Bill Van Auken, 15 November 2018

Asylum ban: Trump eliminates right to asylum for immigrants crossing without documentation

Kidnapping, rape and murder by US border patrol agents

Child detainees speak out: “I just wanted a hug from someone”
The view from inside America’s child immigrant detention shelters

More on the attack on immigrants »

Washington’s censorship regime goes global
Facebook deletes WSWS post on Sri Lanka

By Andre Damon, 14 November 2018

Macron and Facebook announce joint social media censorship plan in France

German president defends alliance against November 1918 Revolution between Social Democrats and right-wing reaction

By Peter Schwarz, 14 November 2018

One hundred years since the November Revolution in Germany

Great powers commemorate First World War, and plan the next one

The armistice of November 11, 1918 and the lessons for today

French President Macron hails fascist dictator Philippe Pétain

By Alex Lantier, 10 November 2018

Workers Struggles

Spanish Amazon strike threat, Strikes spread in Iran
Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

16 November 2018

Workers at Amazon logistic centers are threatening a series of holiday strikes while Iranian teachers, truck drivers and sugar workers conduct work stoppages.

“It’s honestly scary going to work because you’re not safe any more”
Kentucky Ford worker describes hazardous working conditions

By Keisha Gibbs and Marcus Day, 14 November 2018

“Someone is getting paid millions to provoke racism and hatred”
US autoworkers oppose anti-immigrant campaign

More on autoworkers issues »

After campaign of threats and intimidation, Teamsters announces “yes” vote on sellout UPS Freight contract

By Will Morrow, 12 November 2018

Break the isolation of UPS Freight workers! Form rank-and-file committees to unite workers against the company!

“The Teamsters union is with the company”
UPS workers oppose Teamsters isolation of freight division, call for united struggle

More on the struggle at UPS »

Arts Review

Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old: A devastating depiction of the horrors of war

By Paul Bond, 15 November 2018

Jackson’s documentary, assembled from footage shot in World War I and soldiers’ oral recollections, has resonated with millions of people.

David Hare’s political thriller Collateral: “War has entered the blood”

By David Walsh, 14 November 2018

History of the Fourth International

Growing interest in socialism at Chicago meeting on 80th anniversary of Fourth International

By the IYSSE at University of Illinois at Chicago, 14 November 2018

David North lecture tour
Nearly 100 attend meeting in New York City on the 80th anniversary of the Fourth International

David North lecture tour
More than 100 attend meeting at MIT on anniversary of the Fourth International

David North begins US speaking tour in Michigan to mark 80 years of the Fourth International

David North, the chairperson of the international editorial board of the World Socialist Web Site, will be speaking in the United States this fall to mark the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Fourth International.

Friday, November 30, 6pm for 6:30. Admission free, please RSVP to Gleebooks.

Indian Trotskyists to hold meeting on 80 years of the Fourth International

6 November 2018

Eighty Years of the Fourth International: The Lessons of History and the Struggle for Socialism Today

By David North, 9 October 2018

Large Colombo audience hears David North’s lecture on the history of the Fourth International

On the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Fourth International

By David North, 3 September 2018

Meetings in Australia and New Zealand to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Fourth International

19 October 2018

25 years ago: Abacha stages military coup in Nigeria

On November 17, 1993, General Sani Abacha, the minister of defense, removed interim President Ernest Shonekan through a military coup and declared himself president.

More »

50 years ago: US military begins new Laos bombing campaign

On November 15, 1968, the US military began Operation Commando Hunt, with the mission of destroying the Ho Chi Minh trail, the main supply route from North Vietnam through parts of Laos and into South Vietnam.

More »

75 years ago: Nazi troops capture the Greek island of Leros

On November 16, 1943, Allied forces, including British and Italian troops, surrendered control of the Greek island of Leros to Nazi troops after over a month of fighting.

More »


100 years ago: First American pro-Bolshevik newspaper is published

On November 16, 1918, members of the left wing of the American Socialist Party began to publish the Revolutionary Age to explain the ideas of Bolshevism to socialist-minded American workers.

More »

Mehring Books

David North in conversation with Nick Beams
Book launch of The Heritage We Defend in Sydney, Australia

9 November 2018

Why are they back?
New title from Mehring Books explains resurgence of fascism in Germany

By our reporters, 19 October 2018

Author Christoph Vandreier presented the book in a well-attended lecture at the Frankfurt Book fair last Saturday.

SEP 2018 Election Campaign

Significant vote for SEP candidate Niles Niemuth in Michigan’s 12th district

By our reporters, 8 November 2018

Final campaign meeting for Niles Niemuth reviews experiences from campaigning

By our reporters, 7 November 2018

Vote Niles Niemuth, Socialist Equality Party, for US House of Representatives in Michigan’s 12th district!

Democratic Party mailer removes SEP candidate Niles Niemuth from sample ballot

Campaign website »

International Youth and Students for Social Equality

The way forward for young people: Not Democratic Party politics, but the fight for socialism!

By Genevieve Leigh, 6 November 2018

Against the right-wing attacks of university administrators and the far-right
Successful solidarity event for the student union of Humboldt University

By our reporters, 2 November 2018

Socialist Equality Party (Australia)

Watch: Two Hundred Years Since the Birth of Karl Marx

By Nick Beams, 31 October 2018

Nick Beams delivers successful lectures on the contemporary relevance of Karl Marx at Australian universities

By our reporters, 31 October 2018


World vertebrate populations have fallen 60 percent since 1970

By Bryan Dyne, 1 November 2018

The latest Living Planet Report demonstrates the far-reaching implications of human activity on both the climate and the degradation of the natural environment.

Book review

DSA covers for unions and Democrats in new book on walkout by West Virginia teachers
55 Strong, Inside the West Virginia Teachers’ Strike

By Nancy Hanover, 18 October 2018

A new book promoted by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is centered on the lie that the West Virginia teachers’ strike, which set off the series of strikes nationally last spring, was a “victory” in which the unions played a heroic role.


Vadim Rogovin and the sociology of Stalinism

By Andrea Peters, 25 September 2018

September 18 marked the 20th anniversary of the death of Soviet Marxist historian and sociologist Vadim Rogovin, the author of a seven-volume series on Stalinism and the Marxist opposition to the Soviet bureaucracy.

Twenty years since the death of Marxist historian and sociologist Vadim Rogovin

By David North, 18 September 2018

International Committee of the Fourth International

Resolution of the SEP (US) Fifth National Congress
The Resurgence of Class Struggle and the Tasks of the Socialist Equality Party

8 August 2018

This resolution was unanimously adopted by the Socialist Equality Party Congress, held from July 22–27, 2018.

Opening report to the Fifth National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (US)

By David North, 4 August 2018

The 50th anniversary of the founding of the SEP (Sri Lanka)
The lessons of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party’s Great Betrayal

By Rohantha De Silva and Vilani Peiris, 24 September 2018


Support the Socialist Equality group in Turkey!
Statement of the SE group, in sympathy with the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI), on the snap elections in Turkey

Security and the Fourth International

An “Exemplary Comrade”: The Socialist Workers Party’s 40-year-long cover-up of Stalinist spy Sylvia Callen: Part one

By Eric London, 14 August 2018

This is the first part in a four-part series examining the cover-up by the Socialist Workers Party beginning in 1947 of information exposing the role of Sylvia Callen, the personal secretary of long-time party leader James P. Cannon, as a Stalinist agent.

Part two | Part three | Part four

Seventy-eight years since the assassination of Leon Trotsky

By Eric London and David North, 21 August 2018

On August 21, 1940, Leon Trotsky, the founder of the Fourth International and the co-leader of the Russian Revolution, died from wounds inflicted the day before by an assassin, the Stalinist GPU agent Ramon Mercader.

WSWS 20th Anniversary

Twenty years of the World Socialist Web Site: 1998–2018

By David North and Joseph Kishore, 14 February 2018

As the WSWS marks its 20th anniversary of daily posting, it is taking the lead in exposing the conspiracy by governments and corporations to censor the Internet as the ruling class prepares for war and domestic repression.

Lenin, Trotsky and the Marxism of the October Revolution

By David North, 19 March 2018

David North, chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site and of the Socialist Equality Party (US), delivered this lecture at the University of Leipzig on March 16.