Trump attacks Dr. Fauci for cautioning against the premature opening of the country

By Benjamin Mateus, 14 May 2020

President Trump went on the offensive to denigrate Dr. Fauci, a respected member of his coronavirus task force, for his candid assessment at Tuesday’s Senate hearing.

Fruit pickers, garment workers strike as opposition grows to reopening US economy

By Jerry White, 14 May 2020

Migrant workers in the state of Washington and garment workers at a Mississippi pillow-making factory are striking as the number of job actions demanding safe conditions surpasses 200.

“The company and the union are trying to pacify us, but they don’t care about our lives”
Detroit autoworkers oppose rush to reopen plants as COVID-19 death toll rises

After COVID-19 infection discovered, 300 workers walk out of Mississippi pillow factory

By Cordell Gascoigne, 14 May 2020

Concern over a possible plantwide spread of the virus was mounting for days when a worker at the plant told supervisors that her husband—also employed at the factory—had tested positive for coronavirus.

Local county officials in California bow before billionaire’s demand to reopen Tesla factory

By Jessica Goldstein, 14 May 2020

Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk reopened his 10,000-employee factory in defiance of the orders of Alameda County health officials.

In criminal pursuit of profits, Tesla CEO Elon Musk restarts production at California facility

Fed chief calls for more money for Wall Street and corporations

By Nick Beams, 14 May 2020

Powell’s remarks effectively poured water on the claim that once lockdowns are lifted, as being demanded by the “return to work” advocates, the American economy will immediately snap back in a so-called V-shaped recovery.

World Health Organization warns premature return to work risks resurgence of pandemic

Over 90,000 health care workers worldwide have been infected with COVID-19

By Gary Joad, 14 May 2020

The International Council of Nurses estimates that over 260 health care workers have died from the virus, while acknowledging that the figures are a severe underestimate due to the refusal of governments worldwide to adequately track this data.

Democrats release fraudulent “relief” bill

By Barry Grey, 14 May 2020

The political charade and partisan grandstanding now under way serve to mask the bipartisan unity when it comes to protecting the basic class interests of the ruling elite.

While coronavirus spreads, lockdowns lifted across Europe

Former Georgian President Saakashvili becomes advisor to the Ukrainian government

By Jason Melanovski, 14 May 2020

The political return of the vociferously anti-Russian and cartoonish Saakashvilli to Ukraine is a sign of a profound crisis of the Ukrainian oligarchy.

UK: Johnson government readies post-lockdown onslaught against working class

By Robert Stevens, 14 May 2020

The offensive is being prepared as the government is attempting to force millions back to work in unsafe conditions.

UK Labour Party and trade unions prop up dysfunctional Tory government

UK: COVID-19 confirmed among ASOS warehouse workers

By Tony Robson, 14 May 2020

The largest on-line fashion retailer in the UK has been allowed to keep its non-essential business open throughout the pandemic, including at its main warehouse and distribution centre in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

UK COVID-19 death rate far higher in working class

ASOS worker in UK speaks on unsafe conditions in warehouse

By our reporter, 14 May 2020

“It all looks good on the outside (one-way system, tents with thermo-cameras), but inside they care less and less every day.”

German companies plan layoffs, attacks on wages and benefits amid coronavirus pandemic

By Peter Schwarz, 14 May 2020

The German government’s response to the pandemic was conditioned from the outset by the interests of the major corporations and banks.

German armed forces deploy 300 soldiers to EU mission “Irini” in Mediterranean

By Martin Kreickenbaum, 14 May 2020

The mission’s mandate includes stopping and searching ships suspected of transporting weapons to Libya.

Iran destabilised by US amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Jean Shaoul, 14 May 2020

US sanctions have shattered the country’s economy and blocked access to critical food, pharmaceutical and industrial supplies, making it more difficult for Iran to respond to the pandemic.

19 Iranian sailors killed in live-fire exercise

The brutal face of India’s ruling class
Sixteen migrant workers killed by goods train

By Wasantha Rupasinghe, 14 May 2020

The workers, aged between 20 and 35, were attempting to return to their home state of Madhya Pradesh, having previously worked at a steel plant in Maharashtra.

India’s calamitous COVID-19 lockdowns leave more than 120 million jobless

By Wasantha Rupasinghe and Keith Jones, 14 May 2020

Egged on by big business, the BJP government is now pushing for a return to work, and cynically citing the suffering its lockdown has inflicted on India’s working people to justify making them risk infection and death.

Sri Lanka’s pseudo-left FSP and its phony defence of democracy

By K. Ratnayake, 14 May 2020

The working class can combat threat of a dictatorship only by the independent mobilisation of its political strength, not by pleading for “reconvening parliament.”

Australian Labor Party leader revives bogus “fair go” call

By Mike Head, 14 May 2020

Albanese’s post-COVID-19 “vision statement” came as workers are being ordered back into workplaces despite the Australian government saying further outbreaks are inevitable.

Australian pseudo-left groups try to rescue university union from outrage over sellout deal

By Carolyn Kennett and Mike Head, 14 May 2020

The NTEU’s deal with the employers exposes the desperate efforts of pseudo-left groups to prevent a revolt by university workers and students against the union.

Stranded by COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of cruise ship workers suffer under horrifying conditions

By Tom Casey, 14 May 2020

While companies have since begun to slowly enact measures to repatriate their remaining employees in accordance with governmental guidelines, the conditions facing those workers still stuck on board has grown untenable.

Family files lawsuit against Louisville, Kentucky police over March killing of Breonna Taylor

By Kevin Reed, 14 May 2020

Taylor, an emergency medical technician, was killed in a hail of gunfire during a court authorized “no-knock” siege of her apartment on March 13.

Republicans win two US House special elections

By our reporter, 14 May 2020

The results were a blow to the Democrats, who lost a seat in California they had first captured in 2018.

Illinois reports record COVID-19 death toll as businesses and politicians prepare to “reopen”

By Kristina Betinis, 14 May 2020

Record rates of infection and death are announced as state and local officials and business leaders are preparing to phase out shelter-in-place, sending workers back to their jobs in order to finance the bailout of Wall Street and the super-rich.

Ohio University lays off 140 workers amid massive statewide cuts to higher education

By Katy Kinner, 14 May 2020

New layoffs and furloughs are in response to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s $775 million budget cut, with $110 million to be cut from higher education.

Mounting worker opposition to Quebec’s reckless back-to-work drive

By Louis Girard, 14 May 2020

Quebec’s rightwing populist CAQ government is spearheading the drive of Canada’s business elite to force a precipitous return to work amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

13 May 2020

White House Coronavirus Task Force member warns of “really serious” consequences of premature reopening

By Bryan Dyne, 13 May 2020

As US House returns to Washington, Democrats signal readiness to grant companies immunity for worker deaths

Anger simmers over restart of production by Detroit automakers

By Shannon Jones, 13 May 2020

Automakers continue production restarts as US death toll tops 80,000

US agencies drum up allegations of Chinese hacking of vaccine research

By Peter Symonds, 13 May 2020

UK COVID-19 related deaths top 60,000, according to Financial Times

By Robert Stevens, 13 May 2020

UK: Johnson’s “phased” return to work puts millions of workers at immediate risk

German politicians and media laud right-wing demonstrations against coronavirus restrictions

By Christoph Vandreier, 13 May 2020

China, South Korea and Germany report new COVID-19 outbreaks

Right-wing Facebook groups threaten to assassinate Michigan Governor Whitmer

By Kevin Reed, 13 May 2020

With Brazil on course to become new COVID-19 epicenter, Bolsonaro escalates back-to-work campaign

By Miguel Andrade, 13 May 2020

33 London bus drivers killed by COVID-19: “We are expendable like diesel”

By Laura Tiernan, 13 May 2020

Over 5 million live in families with hungry children since UK lockdown

Failure to halt COVID-19 spread leads to mass deaths in Swedish elder care homes

By Jordan Shilton, 13 May 2020

UK: Exercise Cygnus leak confirms Tory government’s criminal inaction over pandemic threat

By Richard Tyler, 13 May 2020

Georgia autopsy report shows Ahmaud Arbery shot three times

By Matthew MacEgan, 13 May 2020

Democrats and unions seek to suppress resistance by Amazon workers

By Shuvu Batta, 13 May 2020

US meatpacking workers continue walkouts and protests against forced return to work

By Christopher Davion and Anthony Bertolt, 13 May 2020

Hundreds of COVID-19 infections in German meatpacking plants

California nurses denounce lack of access to PPE

By Brian Dixon and Kimie Saito, 13 May 2020

Hardship for UK carers worsens during coronavirus pandemic

Striking sanitation workers in New Orleans replaced by prison laborers

By Aaron Murch, 13 May 2020

New York state to begin reopening in certain regions this weekend

By Josh Varlin, 13 May 2020

New York police brutality continues unabated in midst of pandemic

By Sam Dalton, 13 May 2020

Indianapolis cops fire pepper balls on group protesting police shooting of Dreasjon Reed

New York City education department, backed by teachers union, downplayed virus threat

By Sandy English, 13 May 2020

Sri Lankan president “reopens economy” despite pandemic

By W.A. Sunil, 13 May 2020

Australian university union agrees to unprecedented pay and job cuts

By Mike Head, 13 May 2020

New Zealand government removes more COVID-19 restrictions

By Tom Peters, 13 May 2020

Nigeria: COVID-19 compounds economic recession provoked by oil price slump

By Stephan McCoy, 12 May 2020

New in Mandarin


大卫.诺斯, 2020年5月3日


伦敦工人拼死与冠毒作战 富豪纷纷撤离

Michael Barnes, 2020年5月9日


New in Portuguese

A crise do coronavírus e o impacto nas condições dos artistas e trabalhadores das artes

Por David Walsh, 13 Maio 2020

A atual crise está devastando as vidas de muitos artistas, ameaçando empurrar galerias menores e empreendimentos relacionados à falência e resultar em uma distância ainda maior entre os ricos e os pobres.

New in Russian

Эта неделя в истории
100 лет назад: Сакко и Ванцетти арестованы в Массачусетсе

14 мая 2020 г.

5 мая 1920 года Никола Сакко и Бартоломео Ванцетти, итальянские рабочие-иммигранты и анархисты, были арестованы в Бриджуотере, штат Массачусетс, по обвинению в убийстве 15 апреля кассира Фредерика Парментера и охранника Алессандро Берарделли.

New in Turkish

Tüm dünyada hükümetler COVID-19 karşısında hayatları değil kârları kurtarıyor

Joseph Kishore—SEP’in ABD Başkanı Adayı, 14 Mayıs 2020

2020 Uluslararası Çevrimiçi 1 Mayıs Toplantısı’nda, ABD’deki Sosyalist Eşitlik Partisi’nin Ulusal Sekreteri Joseph Kishore’un yaptığı konuşma.

New in Spanish

Elon Musk y la economía de la guerra de clases

Por Evan Blake, 14 mayo 2020

Con su decisión de reiniciar ilegalmente la producción en una fábrica de Tesla en Fremont, California, Musk está obligando a los 10.000 trabajadores a regresar al trabajo en condiciones inseguras.

La Organización Mundial de la Salud advierte que el regreso prematuro al trabajo corre el riesgo de hacer resurgir la pandemia

Por Benjamin Mateus, 14 mayo 2020

El director general de la Organización Mundial de la Salud Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus reiteró sus advertencias el lunes de que un regreso al trabajo prematuro sin medidas adecuadas para contener la pandemia de COVID-19 podría desatar una segunda oleada de infecciones.

Miembro del Grupo de Trabajo de Coronavirus de la Casa Blanca advierte sobre las consecuencias "realmente serias" de la reapertura prematura

Por Bryan Dyne, 14 mayo 2020

El testimonio fue una acusación devastadora del manejo de Trump de la pandemia de COVID-19 y dejó en claro que la campaña de regreso al trabajo arriesga incontables vidas.

“La compañía y el sindicato intentan pacificarnos, pero no les importa nuestra vida”
Los trabajadores de la industria automotriz de Detroit se oponen a la reapertura de las plantas, ya que el número de muertos de COVID-19 aumenta

Por Jerry White, 14 mayo 2020

Los proveedores de autopartes reabrieron sus plantas en Michigan y otros estados el lunes mientras GM, Ford y Fiat Chrysler se preparan para regresar a casi 200.000 trabajadores de sus fábricas en Norteamérica para el 18 de mayo.

Docentes, apoderados y estudiantes desafían la orden de reabrir las escuelas en Chile

Por Tom Mackaman y David North, 14 mayo 2020

Los premios Pulitzer prestaría atención a las pretenciosas afirmaciones del New York Times de que el Proyecto 1619 es una importante contribución a la comprensión de la historia americana. Le concedió a Hannah-Jones un premio por “Comentario”.

New in German

Die Tötung von Ahmaud Arbery

Joseph Kishore und Nationaler Sekretär der SEP und Kandidat für das Amt des US-Präsidenten, 13. Mai 2020

Der Mord an Arbery durch einen ehemaligen Polizisten steht in Zusammenhang mit der nicht enden wollenden Welle von Polizeigewalt in den USA, die jedes Jahr mehr als 1.000 Menschen das Leben kostet.

Europa: Lockdown wird trotz Ausbreitung des Coronavirus aufgehoben

Will Morow, 13. Mai 2020

Die massenhafte Rückkehr an die Arbeit in ganz Europa entspricht der kriminellen Politik der Trump-Regierung in den USA.

Für kollektive Arbeitsverweigerung gegen die Beendigung des Covid-19 Lockdowns!

dem Nationalkomitee der Parti de l’égalité socialiste, 13. Mai 2020

In Frankreich und international erfordert der Widerstand der Arbeiter gegen die lebensgefährliche Rückkehr an die Arbeit eine bewusste politische Mobilisierung.

Bundeswehr entsendet 300 Soldaten zur EU-Mission „Irini“ ins Mittelmeer

Martin Kreickenbaum, 13. Mai 2020

Die EU und die Bundesregierung wollen ihre Rivalen um die reichhaltigen Ölvorkommen vor der libyschen Küste und im östlichen Mittelmeer, die Türkei und Russland, zurückdrängen und beim neuen Wettlauf um Afrika an vorderster Front stehen.

WHO warnt vor verfrühter Rückkehr an den Arbeitsplatz und neuem Aufflammen der Pandemie

Benjamin Mateus, 13. Mai 2020

Der Generaldirektor der Weltgesundheitsorganisation Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warnte am Montag erneut, dass eine verfrühte Rückkehr an den Arbeitsplatz ohne angemessene Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung der Pandemie eine zweite Infektionswelle bedeuten kann.

Kinderwohl unter Corona – Instrumentalisierung statt Hilfe und Schutz

Martin Nowak, 13. Mai 2020

Wie so oft wird auch in der Coronakrise das Leid der Kinder ausgenutzt, um wirtschaftliche und politische Interessen durchzusetzen.

Ein Trostpreis für das 1619-Projekt der T imes
Hannah-Jones gewinnt Pulitzer-Preis für persönlichen „Kommentar“ – nicht für Geschichtsschreibung

Tom Mackaman und David North, 13. Mai 2020

Bei der diesjährigen Verleihung der Pulitzer-Preise wurde keine Notiz von den anmaßenden Behauptungen der New York Times genommen, das 1619-Projekt sei ein wichtiger Beitrag zum Verständnis der amerikanischen Geschichte. Hannah-Jones erhielt einen Preis in der Kategorie „Kommentar“.

Arbeiter in Brasilien lehnen es ab, zwischen Covid-19 und Hunger zu wählen

Tomas Castanheira, 13. Mai 2020

Niemand verkörpert die Gleichgültigkeit und kriminelle Nachlässigkeit der kapitalistischen Elite auf der ganzen Welt so brutal wie der faschistische brasilianische Präsident Jair Bolsonaro.

Die mexikanischen Arbeiter und der Kampf gegen die Wiederaufnahme der Produktion

Andrea Lobo, 13. Mai 2020

Während die Finanzmärkte mit Billionen von der Federal Reserve gerettet werden, versucht die Oligarchie verzweifelt, den realen Wert aus der Arbeiterklasse herauszupressen. Hierfür sind Mexikos Maquiladoras unverzichtbar.

New in Norwegian

EU stepper opp pådrivet for gjenopptakelse av arbeid, med en pågående pandemi

Alex Lantier, 28. april 2020

Avgjørelsen om å heve restriksjonstiltakene midt under en pandemi – med 23 680 nye Covid-19-tilfeller bekreftet i Europa på søndag – er politisk kriminell.

USAs milliardærers formuer økt med $ 280 milliarder siden mars, samtidig med millioner som ikke får dagpenger

Gabriel Black, 28. april 2020

Siden aksjemarkedstupet i mars har de ultrarikes formuer skutt i været, der Trump-administrasjonens respons på pandemien ytterligere konsentrerer samfunnets rikdom.

Søknad om utsettelse Assanges utleveringshøring, der Covid-19 feier gjennom britiske fengsler

Alice Summers, 28. april 2020

Den hevngjerrige suspenderingen av programmet for Covid-19-løslatelser demonstrerer den britiske styringsklassens kriminelle misaktelse for fangene.

Larry Summers og Biden-kampanjen

Nick Beams, 28. april 2020

Summers har en lang historikk for å ha støttet alle tiltakene som har ført til finansialiseringen av den amerikanske økonomien, og overføringen av formue og inntekter til dens øvre sjikt.

New in Italian

La classe lavoratrice, il socialismo e la lotta contro la pandemia

David North, 1 aprile 2020

Gli scioperi e le proteste dei lavoratori di Instacart, Amazon e Whole Foods sono in risposta alla criminale subordinazione della sicurezza dei lavoratori ai profitti aziendali.

Other Languages


Latin America emerges as new COVID-19 epicenter

14 May 2020

The Americas have now surpassed Europe in terms of infections, even as governments and capitalist employers escalate their back-to-work campaign.

Earlier Perspectives »

The coronavirus pandemic

Biden embraces Trump’s effort to blame China for COVID-19

By Andre Damon, 14 May 2020

The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has produced a TV ad echoing the Trump administration’s false claims that China misled the world about COVID-19.

Biden attacks Trump for “hampering” the reopening of business

By Barry Grey, 12 May 2020

Elon Musk and the economics of class war

By Evan Blake, 13 May 2020

Kawasaki-like disease afflicting young children and teens after infection with SARS-CoV-2

By Benjamin Mateus, 13 May 2020

Governments globally reopen schools, ignoring scientists’ warnings of coronavirus impact on children

Capitalist economics and the politics of death

By David North, 11 May 2020

Seventy-five years after the end of World War II
Right-wing ideologues in Germany demand sacrifice of human lives in coronavirus pandemic

By Christoph Vandreier, 11 May 2020

More on the coronavirus pandemic »


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez joins Biden-Sanders “unity task force” ahead of 2020 elections

By Genevieve Leigh, 14 May 2020

The announcement of the membership of the task forces is an effort on the part of Sanders to provide the right-wing Biden campaign with a “progressive” gloss amidst growing social unrest.

COVID-19: Mélenchon offers national unity with France’s banks

By Anthony Torres and Alexandre Lantier, 14 May 2020

Mélenchon hails the Sacred Union between the far-right and social democracy in World War I as a model to keep social cohesion despite mass COVID-19 deaths.

Bernie Sanders’ interview with the Washington Post: The thin gruel of Democratic Party politics

By Genevieve Leigh, 12 May 2020

Trump’s “Bay of Pigs” in Venezuela

By Bill Van Auken, 7 May 2020

Seventy-five years since the end of World War II in Europe

By Peter Schwarz, 8 May 2020

More than three million individual readers have accessed the World Socialist Web Site since the beginning of 2020

By David North and Andre Damon, 27 April 2020

FBI and Department of Justice reject Freedom of Information Act document request by SEP National Chairman David North

the WSWS Editorial Board, 20 February 2020

The decade of socialist revolution begins

By David North and Joseph Kishore, 3 January 2020

Arts Review

Beethoven’s opera Fidelio for a new online audience of millions

By Bernd Reinhardt, 14 May 2020

A new staging of Beethoven’s Fidelio is a highlight in these times of lockdown and quarantine.

Tony Allen (1940-2020): Pioneering drummer of Afrobeat dies

By Paul Bond, 13 May 2020

His long-time collaborator Fela Kuti once declared “without Tony Allen, there would be no Afrobeat.”

Socialism 2020

The killing of Ahmaud Arbery

By Joseph Kishore—SEP candidate for US president, 12 May 2020

The killing of Arbery by a former police officer and public investigator must be seen in the context of the unending wave of police killings in the US, which claim more than 1,000 lives every year.

Bernie Sanders draws his campaign to an end: The political lessons

Joseph Kishore—Socialist Equality Party candidate for US president, 19 March 2020

David North and Joseph Kishore address international online audience in Socialist Equality Party town hall election meeting

By Socialist Equality Party (US), 25 February 2020

Watch the recording of the successful campaign kick-off town hall meeting streamed to workers and supporters around the world.

Socialist Equality Party to run Joseph Kishore for president, Norissa Santa Cruz for vice president in 2020 US elections

The alternative confronting the working class is clear: capitalist barbarism or international socialism. The Socialist Equality Party, in political solidarity with the International Committee of the Fourth International, will use this campaign to advance the struggle of the working class against capitalism. Sign up today to get involved!

International May Day Online Rally

Governments worldwide respond to COVID-19 by saving profits, not lives

By Joseph Kishore—SEP candidate for US president, 12 May 2020

The ruling elite’s efforts to enforce a return to work—and impose a massive restructuring of class relations to pay for the bailout of Wall Street—will encounter enormous opposition from the working class.

Opening report to Online International May Day Rally
The COVID-19 pandemic: A trigger event in world history

By David North, 4 May 2020

We are publishing here the text of the opening report to the 2020 International Online May Day Rally delivered by David North.

On May 2, the International Committee of the Fourth International held its annual International May Day Online Rally, with speakers and participants from throughout the world. Readers can listen to the entire rally here.


Russian court keeps historian of Stalinist massacres jailed amid COVID-19 outbreak

By Clara Weiss, 12 May 2020

The vendetta against Dmitriev is part of the campaign by Russia’s state and ruling oligarchy to suppress all efforts to uncover the truth about the crimes of Stalinism.

One Hundred and Fifty Years Since the Birth of Lenin

By David North, 22 April 2020

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov in the Russian city of Simbirsk on April 22, 1870. Known in history under the name of Lenin, he was the founder of the Bolshevik Party, leader of the 1917 October Revolution and, undoubtedly, a towering figure in the political and intellectual history of the twentieth century.

Fifty years since the massacre of students at Kent State

By Patrick Martin, 4 May 2020

The New York Times' 1619 Project

The Times’ 1619 Project is damned with faint praise
Hannah-Jones receives Pulitzer Prize for personal commentary, not historical writing

By Tom Mackaman and David North, 9 May 2020

The Pulitzer awards took no notice of the New York Times’ pretentious claims that the 1619 Project is an important contribution to the understanding of American history. It granted Hannah-Jones an award for “Commentary.”

More on the New York Times’ 1619 Project »

Workers Struggles

Protest by El Salvador autoworkers over nonpayment of wages; actions continue over coronavirus response
Workers Struggles: The Americas

12 May 2020

Workers at the Yasaki auto parts factory in Santa Ana, El Salvador protested the nonpayment of wages while workers across Latin America continued protests over lack of protective equipment.

New York University grad students go on three-day sickout
For the formation of rank-and-file strike committees! Break with the UAW and the Democratic Party!

By International Youth and Students for Social Equality at NYU, 7 May 2020

Pseudo-left groups block fight by London bus drivers against COVID-19

By Laura Tiernan, 7 May 2020

“The company is not disclosing any information about sickness and deaths”
UPS workers in New York and New Jersey speak out on the COVID-19 pandemic

By our reporters, 7 May 2020

25 years ago: Ebola outbreak deaths rise to 170

On May 12, 1995, the Associated Press reported that the death toll from the Ebola virus outbreak in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) increased to 170.

More »

50 years ago: Police kill two students during protest at Jackson State College in Mississippi

Just after midnight on May 15, 1970, a group of 75 city and state police officers opened a barrage of gunfire into a women’s dormitory at the historically black Jackson State College in Jackson, Mississippi.

More »

75 years ago: Fourth International warns of Allied plans to impose a “harsh peace” on ruined Europe

Less than a week after the formal surrender of Nazi Germany on May 7, the world Trotskyist movement, the Fourth International, warned of the determination of the Allied powers, including the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union, to impose a “harsh peace” upon Europe directed against the revolutionary strivings of the masses.

More »

100 years ago: American novelist Willian Dean Howells dies

On May 11, 1920, the novelist, critic and editor William Dean Howells at the age of 83 at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

More »


Former UAW President Owen Bieber dead at 90

27 February 2020

Hosni Mubarak, US-backed dictator of Egypt for 30 years, dead at 91

26 February 2020


Thirty years of the Hubble Space Telescope

By Bryan Dyne, 2 May 2020

Trump executive order asserts US property rights in outer space

Science vs. Trump: The dangerous promotion of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19

By Benjamin Mateus, 13 April 2020

Free Julian Assange

Assange extradition hearing rescheduled for September

By Thomas Scripps, 5 May 2020

Assange extradition hearing delayed following defence appeal

By Thomas Scripps, 28 April 2020

Application for delay in Assange extradition hearing as COVID-19 sweeps through UK prisons

By Alice Summers, 27 April 2020

A year since the arrest of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange

Ten years since WikiLeaks published Collateral Murder

More on the campaign to defend Julian Assange »

Book Review

Brendan McGeever’s Antisemitism and the Russian Revolution: Distorting history in the service of identity politics
Part two

By Clara Weiss, 13 April 2020

This is the second part of a two-part review.

Brendan McGeever’s Antisemitism and the Russian Revolution: Distorting history in the service of identity politics
Part one

Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lankan SEP holds online meeting on COVID-19 pandemic

By our reporters, 13 April 2020

SEP General Secretary Wije Dias exposed the Rajapakse government’s reactionary response to the disaster and outlined a revolutionary socialist program for the working class.

Coronavirus crisis in Sri Lanka: A program for the working class

the Socialist Equality Party, 28 March 2020

Fight for an international socialist program against war, social devastation and dictatorship
Vote Socialist Equality Party in the Sri Lankan general election

Manifesto of the Socialist Equality Party (Sri Lanka), 21 March 2020

Mehring Books

Mehring Yayıncılık publishes Turkish-language edition of The struggle against imperialism and for workers’ power in Iran

By Ulaş Ateşçi, 30 March 2020

First published by the WSWS in February 2018, The Struggle against Imperialism and for Workers’ Power in Iran—A Reply to a Proponent of “Iranian Islamic Socialism” advances a socialist strategy for the working class in a country that has been the target of US imperialist aggression for decades.

Preface to the Turkish edition of The struggle against imperialism and for workers’ power in Iran

By Keith Jones, 30 March 2020

A viable strategy to defeat imperialism can only be founded on the working class, and requires its independent political mobilization against all factions of the Iranian bourgeoisie.


As more workers test positive for COVID-19, Amazon ignores demands to close warehouses

By Tom Carter, 25 March 2020

South Carolina Amazon worker speaks on loss of his health, benefits and job

By Ed Hightower and Michael Walters, 21 March 2020

Donald Thrift Jr was left jobless with $27,000 in medical debt after contracting double pneumonia while working in an Amazon fulfillment center in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Amazon workers in New York City shut down warehouse after worker tests positive for coronavirus

By Shuvu Batta, 21 March 2020

Defend public education!

No Layoffs! No Cuts!
A fighting strategy to defend public education in San Diego’s Sweetwater Union High School district

By Evelyn Rios, 9 March 2020

The Socialist Equality Party calls on teachers, students and parents to form independent rank-and-file and neighborhood committees throughout the city to organize opposition to austerity and social inequality.

San Ysidro, California high school students walk out to oppose attacks on public education

Joseph Kishore – Socialist Equality Party candidate for US president, 7 March 2020

On Friday, March 6, hundreds of students at San Ysidro High School in San Diego, California walked out to oppose budget cuts and attacks on public education.

As support for wildcat strike spreads
Unions work to defeat UC-Santa Cruz grad student strike

By Jonathan Burleigh, 27 February 2020

More on the defense of public education »

Trotskyism and China

Video: 70 years after the Chinese Revolution—How the struggle for socialism was betrayed

31 October 2019

Introduction to the 1955 SWP resolution “The Third Chinese Revolution and its Aftermath”

From the archives
SWP resolution: The Third Chinese Revolution and its Aftermath

Introduction to the 1951 report to the Fourth International by Chinese Trotskyist Peng Shuzhi

From the archives
The Causes of the Victory of the Chinese Communist Party over Chiang Kai-Shek, and the CCP’s Perspectives

History of the ICFI

Drawing the lessons of the ICFI split—International Strategy and National Tactics: The change in the ICFI’s approach to national liberation movements

By Deepal Jayasekera, 30 September 2019

This lecture was delivered to the Socialist Equality Party (US) Summer School on July 25, 2019 by Deepal Jayasekera, Assistant Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party in Sri Lanka

Introduction to the Turkish language edition of In Defense of Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky’s four fateful years in Prinkipo: 1929-1933

By David North, 23 September 2019

The ICFI and the Crisis of Stalinism

The World Capitalist Crisis and the Tasks of the Fourth International: An analysis of the ICFI Perspectives resolution of 1988

The International Committee’s response to the “End of History”: The March 1992 Plenum of the ICFI

The Dissolution of the USSR and the Unipolar Moment of US Imperialism

China: Thirty years since the Tiananmen Square massacre

The Political Origins and Consequences of the 1982–86 Split in the International Committee of the Fourth International