More letters on the US war in Afghanistan

The following is a selection of recent letters to the WSWS.

I can’t tell you just how glad I am there is a news service like yours on the web. I found you quite accidentally through another link (also a good source of medicine to counteract the mainstream swill). I especially appreciated the commentary on Bush’s recent televised press conference.

I have read that the US military used depleted uranium-tipped warheads in Iraq to destroy armored vehicles and that this radioactive metal has polluted their land. The end result is cancer and birth defects. Now I am hearing from our news media that 5,000-pound “bunker busting” will be used in Afghanistan to destroy underground facilities where bin Laden and others may be hiding. I am wondering just what sort of metal is tipping these bombs so that they can penetrate soil and dense rock before exploding. Are they also tipped with depleted uranium or some other potentially long-lasting harmful material?



18 October 2001

I just wanted to commend you for your superlative coverage of the bombing in Afghanistan. You are covering the angles that demand to be covered, revealing the questionable and most likely fraudulent nature of the bombing campaign. The ensuing humanitarian crisis is a travesty in the face of all who claim to care for fighting “terrorism.” I am not getting this level of coverage from other left-wing sources who seem a bit too preoccupied with espousing vague moralities to investigate some of the specifics of the campaign. You fellows are right on the nose, keep up the hard-hitting work.


18 October 2001

To whom it may concern:

While I acknowledge your opinion, I strongly disagree. Did you see on TV the events of September 11? Did you see what we are up against? Did you know how hateful these terrorists are? I understand that the US doesn’t have a perfect track record in affairs in the Middle East, but we most definitely have a right to protect our own people. This isn’t a war on the Afghan people. This is a war on the brutally repressive Taliban regime.

The Gulf War was about oil, but it also brought a little stability to the region. If we didn’t step in, the tyrant Saddam would have overrun the entire Middle East. Maybe this military action will finally bring some stability to the region. That is what every American is hoping. The Muslim world distrusts our country for many reasons, and we distrust them for many reasons. Maybe showing restraint in our attacks will gain some of that trust back. The US will have to make some foreign policy changes, but we also must show the world that we will not tolerate terrorism of any kind anywhere in the world.

Hopefully this war effort is as short as possible. I strongly support any military action we take, but I know there are many potential problems that will stem from the recent events on both sides. I am also convinced that we are in the right, and the truth will eventually come out. In the meantime, let’s hope for peace sometime soon.



19 October 2001

I have just discovered your site and am impressed. Most of the material I read is from liberal/left-wing sites, but yours is by far the best I’ve seen. I’m now on your mailing list and will look forward to receiving your offerings.


Denver, Colorado

18 October 2001

Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much for the impressive series of articles which you have produced over the past few months. I have really appreciated what you have had to say regarding the presidential election of 2000 and the aftermath of the terrorist attacks here in the states. In regard to your wonderfully written article about Mr. Bush and his use of the American media as a propaganda tool for his “own little war” in Afghanistan; I salute you and say thanks to you and the marvelous job which the WSWS has been performing to keep the world informed of what is really going on in Washington. Please keep up the courageous work, which you are doing. It is unfortunate that the American press has fallen for Mr. Bush’s line of reasoning. Perhaps when they get tired of groveling at his feet they’ll take the time to report the news, which they haven’t been doing a very impressive job of lately. Most sincere thanks to you all.


18 October 2001

Just thanks for thinking. To me, thinking is being alive. You support my thinking. I may not agree with you in all aspects, but the essential thing is debate, and (as long as possible) freedom to do so.


18 October 2001

Just read the article “Why Is Bush refusing to negotiate with the Taliban.” It basically summed up everything that I have been ranting and raving about to anyone who will listen for the past few weeks. Whilst I feel awful about the World Trade center attacks, America is not innocent. This latest refusal to provide proof or to negotiate is so typical it makes me sick.


17 October 2001


In your article “Why is Bush refusing to negotiate with the Taliban?” you miss one very important point. Mr. bin Laden has been under indictment from the United Nations for the bombings of the African embassies. The Taliban, under UN demand, should hand Mr. bin Laden over. Period. Whether or not the US negotiates with the Taliban or presents evidence is a moot point. Of course, you all know this. But you’re not reporting it. Typical.



17 October 2001

Do we sense a pattern here? I’m sure we haven’t forgotten those addenda to the Rambouillet agreement, which ensured that the US would have the “right” to bomb Yugoslavia. While grieving for the thousands killed in NY and Washington (whose lives seem to have been so much more valuable than their counterparts in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Sudan, etc., etc.) I am at a loss to explain how the American people can fail to follow the trail back to their own country’s foreign policy and their bullying tactics. Here in Greece we have much more information than most European countries do ... but I’ve noted a tendency in discussions on TV to try to steer people’s thinking into more acceptable regions, for example refusing to allow a connection to be made between the attack and US actions. Very reminiscent of the Zionist tactic of accusing anyone who isn’t 100 percent for Israel of being an anti-Semite. Even if you know it’s not true, it makes you stop and think before opening your mouth.

Thank you for your excellent web site. I look forward to your articles every day.


Athens, Greece

17 October 2001


I recently came across your WSWS whilst searching for alternative “sanitized” reports from the US perspective. Forgive me if I sound rude, but I thought the Radical Left had died in America; I seem to be very much mistaken, that is a comfort in a world of little hope for many people.

I look forward to reading (and referencing) your material.

Thank you,


17 October 2001

You are so right and I am furious with this administration and their “secret” agenda. I only wish the mainstream media would finally wake up and alert Americans as to the truth! This has been the US’s agenda for at least 30 years, why stop now! And the people go on believing everything they are told.


17 October 2001

Thanks you for saying what should have been said all along about Bush and the media and the influence of Big Oil in all of this.


17 October 2001


Prior to the September 11 World Trade Center attack I was creating a report from government documents that included the General Accounting Office (GAO) revealing the fraud and abusive corruption that exists in our government agencies. Now, with the terrorists’ disaster, how does America cope with the deceit that is an obvious factor in Congress and the Bush administration? Are Americans supposed to sit back and let the elected and appointed officials direct and rule America for the powerful few and forget about the people for the people by the people? Please explain why American people do not demand honest answers?

For 20 years the GAO gave Congress reports on the failure of aviation security and the fear of terrorist attacks on America. Why didn’t Congress listen and make America free from a terrorist attack?

Prior to the terrorist attack, the GAO could not get Cheney or Bush to inform Congress and the American people who was involved in the Energy Secret Task Force. Now, with the attack on America, the GAO has stopped the investigation, and the litigation against Cheney and Bush. Perhaps the GAO should continue the investigation? Why did President Bush appoint only individuals that participated in his father’s administration?


New Jersey

17 October 2001