Letters to the WSWS

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

Dear Editor,

With reference to the article that appeared in WSWS on the Islamic groups’ participation in government in Pakistan [“Islamic extremists come to power in two Pakistani provinces”], I would like to add that this traditional alliance of the state, feudal institutions and the church is not going to resolve the basic conflicts in the country, but will, on the contrary, deepen them. Thirty-eight percent of the people in Pakistan are living below poverty line and this may rise further. This problem can only be solved by establishing an egalitarian society, and for that a socialist party is badly needed in today’s Pakistan.



12 December 2002

I enjoyed this report [“Former UN weapons inspectors denounces Bush war plans against Iraq”] and just wanted to say THANKS for putting it on paper. I’ve shared it with family and acquaintances, some or most of whom may give you negative vibes in return. But they are precisely the ones who need to be given such information that may give them pause for reflection.



9 December 2002

Dear Mr. Marsden and Ms. Hyland,

Thanks for the article on the “Cheriegate” scandal [“Britain: Blair government under right-wing attack in ‘Cheriegate’ scandal”]. As you point out, scandals usually serve a definite political purpose. In this case, it is an attempt by right-wing elements to inflict damage upon the Labour government. You rightly point out that these elements are at least as odious as the individuals which they are attacking. I have no sympathy with the Blairs and their sordid business deals and New Age banality, but I take your point about the forces underlying this offensive against the Blairs.

Amidst the acres of newsprint devoted to this affair, yours is the only article that casts some perspective on the matter. Keep up your good work.

Yours truly,


13 December 2002

P.S. I have noted that it would take me approximately 100 years to earn as much as Mr. Paul Dacre earns in one year. And such characters claim to speak for the common man!

I have just sort of stumbled upon your page and I wanted to say how well-written it is and how I appreciate its well-articulated content. It’s great to read things that so well coincide with many of my own beliefs. Thanks!



12 December 2002

Regarding Joseph Kay’s article, “US: Top AFL-CIO officials resign in insurance scandal”], I had noticed last summer that my national union, the American Federation of Teachers, switched its disability income insurance plan to ULLICO, even though the scandal had been reported, including on WSWS.org, some time before. One can speculate that AFT President Sandra Feldman was trying to shore up ULLICO and her fellow union bureaucrats with cash infusions from the teachers’ union. When I questioned the union representative for Manhattan high schools about this, he said he had never heard of ULLICO or the scandal. There has still never been any discussion of ULLICO with the membership. This corruption is one more example of the correctness of the call by the World Socialist Web Site for workers to turn to the task of breaking from the unions and organizing themselves politically independent of capitalism.


13 December 2002