Letters on the growing opposition to US war against Iraq

22 January 2003

Below we post a selection of recent letters to the World Socialist Web Site.

On the WSWS Editorial Board statement “The political issues in the struggle against war

Dear Editors

I have to agree with your hard hitting but sadly accurate depiction of the environment and decisions that are leading us into a war, and those not attempting to solve the problems that are facing us. I cannot find any mitigating circumstances for the Bush administration’s policies, and why so many politicians of both sides of the aisle have joined in to support it. Bush is using the aftermath of 9-11 to sneak in this war and other policies on the conservative agenda. I hope his policies have the opposite effect of their intention. I hope that these policies will cause the people to react, and that they will rise up, show up, join up, to contest these developments.


17 January 2003

* * *

In your statement you want people to hand out, you say no evidence has been found to substantiate Bush’s claims about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Interestingly, I checked the MSNBC site earlier in the day when I heard the sound bite on the radio [about the discovery of so-called chemical weapons warheads]. The original headline was far less provocative it was changed to, something along the line of “Weapons canisters found.” Now it is “chemical warhead.” I laugh at this kind of stuff.


17 January 2003

* * *


What’s the matter with Blair? Doesn’t he know that most of the international community is against Iraq invasion? I have the feeling that if they attack Iraq along with US the world will condemn his actions as it is condemning Bush’s greed and thirst for global domination. As a peace activist, I am happy to realize that more and more of us are totally committed to stop this upcoming massacre of thousands of Iraqis. My heart goes out to the people of Iraq. Innocent civilians, women and children will die, and for what? So that Bush, Blair & Co can take control over the Middle East? How sad! May God forgive them for all the atrocities they are on the verge of committing. We must stop this from happening. If not it could mean the end of the civilization as we know it. There are enough nuclear weapons to blow up the whole planet. Every city with more than 10,000 people has a bomb ready for it (Physicians for Social Responsibility, 1985). We have to stop it before it is too late.


18 January 2003

* * *

To The Editor:

It got almost no coverage in the local media here, but we had a HUGE, successful, peaceful march and rally on Saturday in Civic Center in San Francisco. (At least 100,000 people, probably much more, but the police kept reducing their estimate of the size of the crowd as it grew!) It was in honor of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and to hold vigil to the 12 years since the Gulf War began. It lasted all day, from morning (marchers congregating at the Ferry building) to night (drumming and music and dancing on the lawn in Civic Center). All races, creeds, religions, ages... it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. Joan Baez and Bonnie Raitt sang, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and many, many, many others spoke. It was so profound, and it was a HUGE sea of people as far as anyone could see. There were several helicopters flying overhead, so I know that it was being filmed, but there have only been blips in the local media. (Today, apparently, the Raiders’ football victory was the most meaningful thing for the San Francisco Chronicle, warranting a half-page headline article.) What is up with this?! I feel like I’m living inside a George Orwell novel, where history is rewritten right after it happens! Can we do ANYTHING to penetrate the fortress of the government-via-corporations-controlled media? Any suggestions? (There will be another march and rally for peace in San Francisco on Saturday, February 15th.) Thanks.


21 January 2003

* * *

Dears Sirs/Madames:

Your reporting is absolutely the most lucid and relevant of any in the mass media. We are grateful to you and your staff. My comments concern the story “Britain: demonstrators speak out against war vs. Iraq.” It is telling that the British government would protect a man like Chile’s Pinochet, a murderous despot if there ever was one, who was backed by the US government through the CIA, and then hypocritically denounce Saddam Hussein. Both Pinochet and Hussein are despots, but it appears that, according to US and British governments, it is a matter of where the oil is.

PS - I will be joining the anti-war protests in Canada, if I can find out where they are. Thank you for keeping us up-to-date.


21 January 2003

* * *

Splendid article and I could not agree more with every word in this article [“New York Times discovers the opposition to war in Iraq”]. Well done Bill Vann and well done WSWS. I am sending a small contribution to your site and your wonderful work on behalf social justice and solidarity and the have-nots or exploited of this world.

Happy New Year.


Florence, Italy

21 January 2003