Arbeiterpresse Verlag represented at this year’s Leipzig Book Fair

14 March 2006

The Arbeiterpresse Verlag publishing house will participate with its own stall at this year’s Leipzig Book Fair, to be held March 16-19. The Leipzig Book Fair is the second largest annual book fair in Germany and one of the largest worldwide.

Arbeiterpresse Verlag will be presenting the first German translation of the book Stalin’s War Communism, by the Russian author Vadim S. Rogovin. Stalin’s War Communism is the second volume of the seven-part opus by Rogovin entitled Was There an Alternative? Volumes 3-6 of Rogovin’s history of the socialist opposition to Stalinism within the Soviet Union have already been translated and published in German and have received considerable acclaim from both historians and the media.

At a public meeting at the book fair, Arbeiterpresse Verlag will also announce a new German edition of Leon Trotsky’s In Defense of Marxism, which will be published later this year.

Arbeiterpresse Verlag will have its own stall at Hall 4, Stand A301/B300.

Below are the date, time and location of the public meeting to announce the new German edition of In Defense of Marxism:

Saturday, March 18, 12:00-12:30
Leipzig Book Fair, Hall 3, Stand H302

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