Letters from our readers

The following is a selection of recent letters sent to the World Socialist Web Site

On “The New York Times covers for US role in Georgia crisis”

I appreciate your article in regards to the US media’s exaggerated demonization of Putin and Russian’s actions in response to the offensive by Georgia against South Ossetia. In addition to the skewed articles in the Times and the Wall Street Journal, I would add that NPR, often viewed by intellectuals in the US as an important liberal resource of information, notably cast Russia in a similar vein as the papers. Lincoln Mitchell, professor at the School of International Affairs at Columbia University, and so-called expert on Georgia, was interviewed on NPR a few days ago. Despite his brief mention of the Georgian government being first in the offensive moves in the recent conflict, he was quick to discuss how he hopes the US will come to the aid of Georgia. Georgia, he stated, is our ally and “we should acknowledge that,” without any explanation as to why Americans should accept Georgia as an ally and why they should acknowledge it.

Unlike you, Mitchell and NPR make no mention of the likely hypothesis that the US has orchestrated this conflict (after Secretary Rice’s recent visit, the conflict began) for strategic reasons (gaining more NATO allies and building up its missile shield “defense” programs against Russia) as well as political ones (whipping up fear related to “national security” concerns, as you point out, before the presidential election in November).


California, USA

16 August 2008

On “US government survey: Most corporations pay no taxes”

Horrid. Criminal. The two Americas—that is, the two nations/cultures that constitute the United States: the plutocracy and then everybody else—will soon be in open war, I think. Although the timeline cannot be certain, objective historical forces are at work that cannot/will not be denied. The uber-lords, or masters, know this and fear it, if even only on a level below consciousness.


15 August 2008

On “Gunman murders Arkansas Democratic Party chairman”

Thank you for revealing the details of this particular incident and that it may be part of a growing pattern of otherwise incomprehensible violence. Working people, many perhaps “middle class,” are increasingly being stressed economically to a degree often never before experienced.

Many working people, after working years in a declining economy, and perhaps accumulating massive credit card debt to meet rising costs of living, are realizing they are personally facing an irresolvable abyss for themselves, their families and children.

The political conservatism of both major political parties, and the labor movement, means that the deepening economic crisis of working people will continue unabated. After years of critical and socialist analysis of these macro and micro events, what do we do now?


15 August 2008

On “The origins of the subprime market”

I have one of those subprime loans. People ask why can’t I figure out a way to solve my own problems. How am I going to get myself out of this when I work hard and didn’t even get a raise this year? My loan payments went up, gasoline is up, my heating bills are going to be up and food is up. It is really hard to make this work when I can only earn so much. I wrote a song that I put up on YouTube about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3G1PdipmtI


15 August 2008

On “California budget compromise takes from the poor, gives to the rich”

Thank you for this informative article. I have spent my entire adult life listening to sound bites from brave candidates who are willing to “make the tough choices,” which almost always means gouging services and benefits for the working class, and instituting regressive taxes that favor big business and potential cronies. Just once I would love the opportunity to vote for a real coward who makes the “easy choice,” which by opposite definition indicates a truly craven individual who would institute a progressive tax plan, campaign against immoral wars built on lies, and use the accrued funds to bolster necessary services to the men and women who provide the work base for this country. Isn’t it funny that politicians, most of whom are so timid in so many ways, are shamelessly aggressive about these supposedly “tough choices.”


Southampton, New York, USA

16 August 2008