Letters from our readers


On “Sri Lankan military again shells hospital in no-fire zone


“Pawns,” “human shields,” “cannon fodder”—the article demonstrates the contempt that both Tamil and Sinhalese bourgeois factions have for the Sri Lankan masses, and their willingness to put people in harm’s way.


And as the American, Chinese and other international bourgeois interests circle the carnage of this humanitarian catastrophe, it becomes clear that humanity has no friend in the bourgeoisie.


In short, the masses stand alone.


Our only relief will be revolution: “the full material and spiritual liberation of the toilers and exploited through the socialist revolution. Nobody will prepare it and nobody will guide it but ourselves.”


Dan P
15 May 2009


On “New York City demands rent from the homeless


I read this article wishing to disbelieve it. Some elements of “high” society have sunk to such low levels of callous inhumanity. “Jaw-dropping” does not begin to cover the level of insane cruelty of charging the homeless for the basic necessity of shelter. The very idea, embellished by the impersonal means of execution is just stomach twisting. What’s next—enforced factory work? Indentured servitude?


“We love the rich people,” indeed. And hate the poor people whose labor is so integral in making the city run. Such audacity.


Oregon, USA
14 May 2009


On “Home of Slumdog Millionaire child actor destroyed by Mumbai authorities


What? Didn’t these children get paid for acting in this film? Why were this child and his family still living in a shack? The film won an Oscar, for heaven’s sake! Is this another example of the greedy film industry exploiting child labor? How could such a thing happen?


California, USA
15 May 2009


* * *


Well, this is a classic episode that can happen only in my nation. The fact remains that the reasons for eviction of these slum dwellers are null and void. This is being declared as a pre-monsoon drive to reduce drainage problems. The problem, however, remains that most of the real estate of the city of Bombay has come on reclaimed land and sponge land. The natural catchment of the Mithi River is now covered with these big buildings. In the first place, these buildings should not have been built, but they have been constructed in violation of numerous reports by environmental groups. The reason is thus being pinned upon the poor of the city, for whom the government has done nothing apart from breaking their homes.


The Maharashtra government would do well to act in the same way against real estate magnates in the area rather than harass the poor. How long will the government continue to serve the interests of the high and mighty and oppress the people they claim to represent but act against them always?


This is a trend that is consistent with governments across the globe who are in the trap of the globalization mania.... It’s time, I believe, for the people’s revolution to set things right, once and for all....


Sainath S
Orissa, India
15 May 2009


On “SEP candidate certified for Detroit mayoral election


My compliments to Mr. D’Artagnan Collier on his qualification for ballot status and a run for Mayor of Detroit. Indeed, “the disgust that workers feel for the Democratic Party” will permit the SEP to gain the support of many workers, employed and unemployed.


I will follow this campaign closely. The DNC will no doubt rear its ugly head, but the SEP is prepared to fight back; never doubt it.


“All for Marxism and Marxism for all, that is our device!”


Randy R
Oregon, USA
15 May 2009


On “Closures of US auto dealerships will cost tens of thousands of jobs


In the state of Washington where I live, Chrysler and GM just gave notice they are closing their dealerships. Chrysler has a large dealership in Kennewick, Washington. The owner has to lay off a large workforce, including auto mechanics. The car dealerships are closing their doors one by one. Some are no longer honoring their service contracts. Many have spent their lives selling and fixing cars and are now forced to look for work elsewhere. Customers who have spent most of their money on a car have no place to go to get their car serviced; the contract is no longer valid. I feel it’s time that we realize are economy is finished and a new program must take its place


Paul M
Washington, USA
15 May 2009


* * *


I have no qualms with this article or the contention that these cuts are ruthless; however, I strongly suspect that they will be carried out. If that is the case, I’d like to see a follow-up article interviewing the dealerships to see how they visualize their options in the future. For instance, if the dealership in El Centro, California, is closed and the nearest dealership is 60 miles away, is there anything stopping that disenfranchised dealer from continuing to service Chrysler products? I know that now I can take my vehicle to any independent garage that I want to and have it worked on for non-warranty work. I realize that people wanting warranty work done will not have this option.


Do any of these dealers plan on taking on “foreign” lines of cars as a replacement and remain open? Do any of these dealers plan on remaining open as perhaps used car lots with service departments?


The news is bad. I’m just wondering if any of the loss can be slowed.


Troy J
Arkansas, USA
15 May 2009


On “The Haymarket frame-up and the origins of May Day


A very interesting and informative read. All persons associated with the working-people’s movements have grown up with the memories and traditions associated with May Day, the most glorious of holidays known to man.


And most youngsters (and even experienced persons) tend towards anarchism at some time or the other. (Mistakes we made—lessons we learned.) This series is a must read for all of us.


Thanks for posting,



Prashant B
Tripoli, Libya
17 May 2009