More letters on Obama, Cheney and democratic rights


On “The Obama-Cheney ‘debate’ and the threat of dictatorship in America

It seems to me there are two steps involved in ending the influence of Cheney and the other Bush war criminals: 1) Stop committing war crimes, and 2) indict and convict Cheney and the others who have committed war crimes.

Obama is digging his own political grave by his approach to the crimes of the Bush administration. If he wants to “restore constitutional government,” then he should be enforcing the Constitution, not making apologies for those who will never apologize for their crimes.

Ultimately, this is all about who rules this country and how they do it. Obama perhaps thinks it is ruled by laws, but Cheney and his cohorts in crime know it is ruled by guns.

Billy W
24 May 2009


You write, “In fact, Obama knows that Cheney—the real decision-maker in the Bush administration, the man who presided over a secret government—retains enormous influence within the Pentagon, the CIA and other less known sections of the military-intelligence bureaucracy that exercises vast and unaccountable power.”

The only time that the multi-layered protocols for handling nuclear weapons has failed in the history of the United States was while Dick Cheney was in office, when nuclear weapons were “accidentally” transported across the country from the Minot Air Force Base. 9/11 was the event that launched the Cheney regime, just as he knew it would, just as he knows another 9/11, while Obama is in office, will destroy Obama’s presidency, and bring Cheney back to power. The only thing that can stop him is a real investigation into 9/11.

David J
24 May 2009

On “Letters on the Obama administration, the CIA, and democratic rights

Michael G wrote:

“Unfortunately for your aims, you and WSWS share with Cheney and Obama at least publicly the premise that 9/11 was an attack on American by Arab terrorists, an assumption that cripples Obama vs. Cheney and reduces most criticism of Cheney to the irresoluble sphere of whether or not he and colleagues are ‘overreacting’ in their efforts to keep America safe.”

He is incorrect in that several excellent investigatory articles were published on wsws.org in the years following 9/11 concerning unanswered questions about that event and the cover-up commission which purported to investigate the same.

It’s also the case that without legal subpoena power, there is only so far one can take such an investigation.

Stu Z
New Mexico, USA
25 May 2009


The reader’s suggesting that ICFI conduct/host an international tribunal-trial to highlight crimes—follow the course of law as it would be in sane society—seems as though this could be very productive/illuminating. I know time and resources are limited, but think of it: At last somebody showcases their crimes, tries them for it. As you mention often, their crimes against humanity are on a scale equal to—or exceeding—those of the Nuremberg defendants.

Rob M
26 May 2009

On “US media ignores threat to democratic rights

I’ve written once before after being astonished by the clarity and accuracy of some of the articles I’ve read from your website. If only a few major news outlets could do the same thing, they might make a fortune when word got around and people in the street were singing their praises. Perhaps there are media outlets like that—it’s just that I haven’t seen any yet.

I haven’t written this because I prefer your politics, but because I felt compelled to do it after reading so much nonsense in other places for the last eight years at least.

Ray M
28 May 2009