Letters from our readers

On “US extends global terror alert

More than likely they are preparing the public for another false flag attack like the Boston Marathon. They have to do them on a regular basis to keep the Congress/public in line.


6 August 2013

* * *

Something to consider: The US closes embassies all over the Middle East for Sunday (now longer); and, the State Department issues a travel warning for US citizens for the entire month of August!

The stated reason is due to Al-Qaeda jailbreaks and increased Internet chatter about possible terrorist strikes.

Consider this backstory: Barack Obama has found out from Israel, that Israel is going to attack Iran imminently. Obama knows that when Israel attacks Iran, the Middle East will rage with anti-American sentiment against US installations and US citizens. To provide the cover of “I forewarned you,” the Obama Government releases the warnings of a “different type” to forewarn US citizens—without leaking Israel’s imminent attack.

I would like to hear your thoughts.


6 August 2013

On “Rail boss scapegoats Lac-Mégantic, Quebec train driver

Replace “MMA” with “BP” and this story is identical to the Gulf Disaster.


6 August 2013

On “Sri Lankan army fires on protesters, killing 17-year-old youth

Now a pattern of state terror via its coercive instruments (police and army etc.) is emerging clearly and rapidly. Oppressed people’s expectations for economic prosperity as promised by the fraudulent government, once the communal war was concluded, have now gone into the dustbin.

This reader then, during the war, was in tears for the killing of his Tamil compatriots by the government based on communal politics. Once that mayhem was successfully completed the brutal repression of southern masses is being unfolded in ever-increasing scale. The necks of fishermen, free trade zone workers, farmers, and of the people who are incrementally poisoned by the government’s industrial and agricultural policies, are kept in line by being impacted by the blood-soaked IMF.

Undoubtedly the pseudo-left gives its full support to the government in its criminal reproduction of underdeveloped capitalism on this land. But the fraud concerned is carried out in the name of development. So the question, “Development for whom?” should be raised. An answer that occurs to this reader is that the ongoing development is for the local bourgeoisie and its international counterpart at the expense of the basic needs of the working class, peasants, youth and other oppressed masses including the urban poor who are now being harassed and evicted to pave the path to cities and towns for the developers.

However, this reader is happy with and admires the SEP for its uncompromising, heroic mission focusing on the working class and other oppressed masses nationally and internationally. The authenticity and the implementability of this approach is not without proof, when recently workers in Seoul agitated to forge a link with their counterpart in Detroit to face their respective bourgeois regimes. You take the message effectively to the masses that there is no solution to our burning problems without overthrowing the current underdeveloped capitalist system from this land in favour of a workers and peasant government. I wholeheartedly support your revolutionary politics. Hats off to the SEP. Thank you Panini and Rajapakse for your thought provoking report on the tragedy.


Sri Lanka

3 August 2013