Corporate Corruption

Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal of Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling

By Joe Kishore, 16 October 2009

The decision by the US high court to hear the Skilling case indicates that it is considering curtailing use of the “honest services” law to prosecute corporate fraud.

The Enron verdicts: corruption and American capitalism

By Joe Kay, 29 May 2006

The guilty verdicts handed down by a Houston jury last week against former Enron chiefs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling provide an opportunity to evaluate the significance of the company’s rise and fall within the context of American capitalism.

Former CFO testifies in Enron case

By Joe Kay, 10 March 2006

Former Enron chief financial officer Andrew Fastow continued testimony on Thursday in the trial of the company’s former CEO Ken Lay and former president Jeffrey Skilling. Fastow testified that Lay and Skilling were personally involved in the various illegal activities, accounting manipulations, and fraudulent statements for which Enron has become notorious.

Enron tapes expose blatant criminality of corporate America

By Rafael Azul, 15 June 2004

The recent release of transcripts of taped conversations among Enron electricity traders in the summer of 2001 reveals that company insiders not only knew they were stealing from California and other states, but gloated about it. The partial release of thousands of hours of tapes is a powerful indictment of the energy companies that looted California and Washington of close to $11 billion, with the support and assistance of government officials.