Cancer Treatment and Research

Putting profits before health: Siemens abandons cancer therapy project

By Elisabeth Steinert, 2 February 2012

The Siemens group has decided not to commission its particle therapy cancer treatment facility in Kiel.

Profit drive leads to shortage of critical drugs, deaths in US

By Nicholas Russo, 11 January 2012

Since 2010, at least 15 deaths have been linked to the shortage of critical drugs in the US.

State of California ends free mammograms for women under 50

By Kevin Martinez and Naomi Spencer, 18 December 2009

Beginning in 2010, women under the age of 50 in California will no longer be eligible for free screenings for breast cancer, the state’s Department of Public health announced this week.

Cancer and class

By Kate Randall and Barry Grey, 19 November 2009

Monday’s recommendation by a US government panel that women under the age of 50 not undergo annual mammogram screenings should serve as a warning on the future of health care in America.