Cancer and Industrial Pollution

US Steel and Indiana authorities covered up chemical dumping near Lake Michigan

By Jessica Goldstein, 21 November 2017

A lawsuit brought by students at the University of Chicago charges US Steel with dumping chromium into Lake Michigan, following a spill which dumped hundreds of pounds of a toxic compound.

State government inquiry whitewashes Australian chemical leak

By Terry Cook, 18 October 2011

The inquiry was part of a damage control exercise to placate Newcastle residents and head off any genuine probing of the incident’s underlying causes.

Australia: Victorian government buries toxic dump as election issue

By Peter Byrne and SEP candidate for Broadmeadows, 30 October 2010

The state Labor government is trying to use another official inquiry to head off anger among residents over an apparent cancer cluster around the Tullamarine Hazardous Waste Landfill.

US: Government study finds widespread mercury contamination

By Dan Brennan, 3 September 2009

Mercury is polluting streams across the country with alarming frequency, according to a study published last month by US Geological Survey.

Chicago suburb provided contaminated water

By Clement Daly, 13 May 2009

The village of Crestwood, Illinois, knowingly supplied its residents with contaminated tap water for over two decades, according to an investigative report by the Chicago Tribune.

A letter on Canada, South Africa and deadly asbestos

1 November 2008

The following letter was sent to the World Socialist Web Site in response to the article, “Canadian Government defends export of asbestos to poorer nations.”

Wollongong steelworks pumps out dangerous dioxins

Report confirms Workers Inquiry findings

By Peter Stavropoulos, 10 February 1999

BHP's Wollongong steelworks has been identified as Australia's largest source of emissions of dioxins--highly toxic chemicals that have been linked to birth defects and cancer, including lymphoma and leukaemia. A report by the environmental group Greenpeace cites estimates by the state Environmental Protection Agency that the Port Kembla complex releases 29 grams of dioxins into the air each year, with the greatest concentration in the sinter plant. BHP's Newcastle plant is the second highest source--emitting 24 grams a year.

Industry link to leukaemia and cancer confirmed

Australian Workers Inquiry answers government challenge

By Mike Head, 7 April 1998

Following a challenge by a state government agency, the Workers Inquiry into the leukaemia and cancer crisis in the Australian steel city of Wollongong has issued comprehensive new figures confirming a close relationship between cancer and industrial pollution.

A Civil Action, by Jonathan Harr, Vintage Books, New York, 1996

A telling saga of cancer and the courts

By Book Review By Peter Stavropoulos, 21 February 1998

This book, though written as a gripping novel, is a true story. It chronicles the tortured history of a court case mounted against three major US companies. They were accused of dumping poisonous chemicals that caused leukaemia deaths and severe health problems among children and entire families in the town of Woburn, Massachusetts, just north of Boston.