Racial violence in the US

New York City: Army veteran kills 66-year-old black man in racist attack

By Fred Mazelis, 27 March 2017

The murder of Timothy Caughman by James Jackson, who confessed to plotting to kill as many black men as possible, is another in a series of racist crimes committed in recent months.

Wave of firebomb attacks on Muslim targets in New York City

By Peter Daniels, 3 January 2012

A well-known Muslim mosque was the target of a firebomb attack in New York City, in an outburst of bigotry encouraged by an official campaign of surveillance and provocation.

Seattle police beating caught on tape

By Jon Spencer, 12 May 2010

Earlier this month a video showing Seattle police using racist language while beating an innocent man came to light, after being suppressed by the media for weeks.

The resegregation of US public schools

By Larry Roberts, 23 August 1999

A new study released in June of this year by a Harvard University educational group reveals that since the late 1980s the achievements in the integration of the nation's public schools have steadily regressed, now approaching the levels of the early 1970s when the national policy of busing for integration was initiated.

US racist church linked to more murders

By Shannon Jones, 17 July 1999

More information has come to light about the racist group tied to the July 4 weekend shooting rampage in Illinois and Indiana that left two people dead. Supporters of the World Church of the Creator, based in Peoria, Illinois, have been tied to violent attacks across the US, including the recent murder of a gay couple in Northern California.

Racist gunman kills himself after three-day rampage in Illinois and Indiana

By Martin McLaughlin, 6 July 1999

A white supremacist college student who had murdered two men and wounded at least eight others shot and killed himself after a confrontation with police in southern Illinois late Sunday night. Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, 21, was linked to a series of shootings over the Fourth of July weekend which began in Chicago and continued through the downstate Illinois cities of Springfield, Decatur and Urbana and on to Bloomington, Indiana, where the gunman lived.