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WSWS : v^W h` |@L;n : iNy` up-mh`Qpy

h#tN hy @qn`@gN wvW @q@q@n qhS mt lAk` aŽk`Nt bl@k@R

Sri Lankan authorities forced to release two more of the Hatton Six

l` S
2001 s#Pw#MbR 3

h#tN hy @qn`@gN wvW @q@q@n P uqym`R sh @s~lm@l @l~gn`qN qhS mt mhvr mh`Žkrny @q l# Nv y`Wmk @n` mt e@rv sm`jv` sm`nw` pK;y (ssp) @gn y @Q\p`ln h` my stnN p avs`n@Y Nv s hyK gw kl oN qhS mt lAk`@V bN[n`g`r aŽk`ry wL @kn.

m[&m k‹kr@Y h#tN @Q\@Y wr#nyN @q@q@n oN Swv`qy v#l#K@M pnw yt@W 1998 m`s@Y t n a#mN @w`rv r>v`@gn yh.

p N oNt e@r @c~qn` iLl` aSkr g#@mN anr#v 3 q` mh`Žkrny h#tN hy @qn` aN hwr @q@n qhS mt @y~g k@L y. oN aW adAvt g l#@Y h#tN @Q\y asl @W kRm`Nw \`l`vkt @b~Mb g#@Y y @c~qn` kr. m`s gnnK bN[n`g`r@Y r>v`g#@mN p pl @c~qn` awh#r `NS@f~mR pykt h` @wL t#Aykt @b~Mb h`r eLl k@L y @c~qn` ipW k@L y. oNt e@r ipW kl ekm s`Ky @Y v>MvN pv lb`gW oN@G "p`@p~Cc`rn" pm. @k`N@Q rwv @c~qn` iLl` aSkr gNn` bv k`\ mt pt bl@kr#@N em @Hv mw y.

@b`r# @c~qn` mw h` @c~qn` oP mN @w`rv @mm hy @qn` vsr nK aWadA@V r>v` g#m ym, bN[n`g`r l[` oN K;kvm qhS m K@p klh. @n`@yK @b`r# pp`lnymy @HN ipW krN, kwr bN[n`g`r l[`N pl @q@qn`v qhS kr l#@Y s @qkkt pv y.

uqym`R sh @l~gn`qN bN[n`g`r@Y r>v`g l#@Y vrey us`@Y wvW nvK a# bv pvs. ssp@Y y@G kr# q#K@mN pv @Qy m@HS`W em @q@qn`t vrey us`y a#p lb` a# bv whr# k@L y. us`@Ym, @y~gyK av\& y y` nW bN[n`g`r l[` vrey us`yt @mm @q@qn` ipW mt }mvw`@V a@p`@h`sW h.

avs`n@Y a@g~S 13 q` uqym`R h` @l~gn`qN us`yt ipWkl avS}`@V m@HS`W yW a#p lb` a# bv Sr k@L y. et q bN[n`g`r pp`ln l[` @vnW kr# ipW krN @q@qn`v bLl bN[n`g`ryt @gn yh.

e@S nW p @qp`Rw@MNv @vw @r~[w` l#m a`rMXmW, ssp wvrtW w&`l yvr gNn` bv q#N@mW anr#v avs`n@Y @q@qn`v a@g~S 15 q` qhS kr l#. ssp pvry`t @h~ `Nt @n` qNv`m bN[n`g`r l[`N @mm @q@qn` r` Myt ptv l#@V lAk`@V aX&Nwr wWvy l oNv anr# q`yk wWvykt pW krv.

h#tN hy @qn`@gN @q@q@n vn ar#n`slM @l~@GSvrN sh @p`Nny` srvnm`R wvmW bN[n`g`r@Y p @v. p oNt e@r @c~qn` iLl` aSkrg @n` l#@V oN q ekm n@V vrqkr#vN kr l#b y h` oN@G @@vq& shkyN oNt v> a# bv q sn`} kr y y. ssp  oN@G @@vq& shk q a# kr oN vh`m qhS krn @ls iLl` p @vw @pWsmK b`r a#w.

a@g~S 29 q` @l~@GSvrN sh srvnm`R mhvr mh`Žkrnyt ipW kl nW rj@Y vry` av[`rny k@L o@G [`N smg @pWsM sMbN[v s`kCc` m s>h` ot "wvW k`lyK" av\& bv y. Il< n ny oK@w~bR 25 nt ym awr iN aqhS vN@N wvW m`s @qkK oN bN[n`g`r@Y pvn bv sh oN qhS krN@N q yNn p#h# n# bv y.

@bMv` eLIyt e@rv @gny lbn vsr 18k Q[y l a`Nv @qml j`y mRqny @M @k`tsK @ls Swv`qy v#l#K@M pnw yt@W @c~qn` oP mN @w`rv ygnnK @qml jny` r>v`@gn . kn`yk vN @w`@p`lt m$wk eLIy eLl kr l# h`r@yN pv @p`y h` hq`v @k`lx h` g@V q lAk`@V @s pl`W q @qml mhjny` qhS gnnK @|;@yN @qml wr#nyN aWadAvt gW@W y. iN M gnnK wv rtW |n mt y r>v`@gn .

ssp a@g~S 20 q` sA[`ny kl vW pW s`kCc`vkt qhS >yN hwr @qn` sMbN[ h. a`N@V @D VS, @qml vW pW vn r@K\ h` nrL v`Rw`kr#@v~ It sMbN[ h. vW pW s`kCc`vt @n` p# nW @qml vN @SvyK vn yN eF.eM. ssp uQ@{~;ny b>v h` hwr @qn` qhSm b>v sMRn Swr sw v`Rw`vK Q[ k@L y.

ssp m[&m k`rk sk l` S, avs`n@Y p @qp`Rw@MNv h#tN 6 @qn`t e@r nv pqnM kr a#W@W v>MvN lb`gW p`@p~Cc`rn mw bv g#mt wL@Y @l~k sm`jv` @vB ady @gn y uQ@{~;n mN bv @pNv` Nn` y.

ym sAS}` vN@N mKq yNn b>v q#vWv bv h` ey q#vWv @g nvK bv a#y p#v y. m`nv aN sA[`n p#n kr# ms` sthN kr gW nW plyK l#@N n#w# yN >@y~ ssp uQ@{~;nyt uph`r q#Kh.

py m`sy l ssp uQ@{~;nyt sh@y~gy Nn` ay awN OS@y`@V aR@n`LD @k`S@b@l~ p @vw y# f#KS pdyk @m@S s>hN k@L yŸ "P uqym`R h` @s`Lm@l @l~gn`qN @b`r# @c~qn` mw wv rtW r>v`@gn mt @r~[y qKv. oN @k`N@Q rwv vh`m qhS krn @ls iLl` n awr @p`Nny` srvnm`R sh ar#n`slM @l~@GSvrNt e@r y @c~qn` iLl` aSkrgNn` @ls q iLl` . mm / lAk`@V ssp h` @l~k sm`jv` @vB ady h#tN 6 @qn` @v@vN @gn yNNn` uQ@{~;nyt sMRn sh@y~gy lb` @q."

h#tN @Q\@Y @qml ky vn @K.eS cN@Skr pt yN "mm @p`Nny` srvnm`R h` ar#n`slM @l~@GSvrN yn wr#nyN wvrtW r>v`@gn mt @r~[ qKv." y p#vy.

"@mm r>v`@gn m j`wN aN uLlA{ny mK y. @my lAk`@V yWkr a# vRgv` Q[@Y q @qml mhjnw`vt e@rv eLl @k@rn h`ryN@G q @k`ts. eyt amwrv @my @qml v kMkr#vNt e@r mRqn@Y @k`ts. eb#N @mm wr#nyN @q@qn` @k`N@Q rwv vh`m qhS krn @ls mm obt bl kr ."

p @vw y# a@nW ay awr h#tN sm`j k`RyyN s>h` @KN@Y a[&K;k, j& m` a#Nw v p`slk r#vr@y vn @Qvr`J sh @vl>s#L @Svky . vr`j` q h.

ssp @l~@GSvrN h` srvnm`R vh`m h` @k`N@Q rwv qhS krn @lst wv rtW p @vw @r~[w` yvn @lst q, r# 100,000= uQ@{~;n arql s>h` a`[`r krn @lst q iLl` .

ob@G a`[`r phw s>hN nyt evNn.

sm`jv` sm`nw` pK;y,
w#.@p. 1270

ob@G @r~[w` phw s>hN nyt yvNn.

p @qp`Rw@MNv,
@k`lx 12.
f#KS 0094-1-43641
(mhvr mh`Žkrn@Y NJ 129099 NJ 129199 NJ 129299 NJ 129599 yn n aAk s>hN krNn.)

ob@G y @r~[w` vl tpW ap @vw evNn.

sm`jv` sm`nw` pK;y,
w#.@p. 1270,
f#KS 0094-74-612587.

aq`l @vnW

qhS @qml >yNŸ
"/ lAk`@V wWvy j`w&Nwr j`v i@Y @hqrV @kr#n`"

2001 oK@w~bR 26

/ lAk`@V @qml >ynt a#p lb`m p kLpm` kr
2001 13

wmN@G qhs s>h` sh@y~gy @qn @ls @qml >@y~ iLl`
m# 08

/ lAk`@V >yN qhS kr g#@ uQ@{~;ny
>yN hy @qn` n X`gyN @w`rv wvW vsrK r@gqr

2001 m`R 20

sm`jv` sm`nw` pK;y h#tN v wr#nyN hy @qn` qhS krn @ls wm k#>m aW kr
2001 jnv` 23


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