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We call on all our readers to make as large a donation as possible to our New Year Fund and help place the WSWS on a solid financial footing for 2017.

The coming year will be one of immense shocks and upheavals. The world political situation is changing rapidly. The election of Donald Trump in the United States is a part of an aggressive right-wing turn of ruling classes around the world toward nationalism, war, and reaction.

It is more critical than ever that the international working class is armed with the revolutionary, Marxist perspective that only the WSWS provides.

There are many reasons why you should financially support the WSWS: its daily coverage of world events, its on-the-sport reporting of workers struggles and protests, its reviews of art and films, its essays on great historical experiences, and, above all, the uncompromising integrity of its political analysis.

As sure as the sun will rise, tens of thousands of people like you will turn to the WSWS every day for an orientation and perspective. Look back and consider how correct and critical the analysis of the WSWS has been—on the dangers represented by the campaign of Trump, on the role of Bernie Sanders, on the nature of organizations like Syriza in Greece, on the extreme danger posed to the entire population of the world by unending and expanding war.

The readership of the WSWS is growing rapidly. On any given day, the WSWS is accessed by fifty to sixty thousand readers, from nearly every country in the world. More than 84,000 follow it on Facebook. It is regularly cited in academic journals and student papers. Tens of thousands of workers turn to the WSWS and its publications, such as the Autoworker Newsletter, for political leadership as they enter into struggle against the corporations and the capitalist state.

The WSWS is the most widely read and feared web site in the world. It is denounced as sectarian by its political opponents. The bourgeois media never mentions it. Anti-Marxists around the world consult it to determine what arguments they must oppose, the better to disarm the working class and youth. But everyone reads it.

We need your support to meet the tasks posed by the crisis of world capitalism. To keep pace with an increased readership, we must continuously maintain and improve the technological infrastructure of the site. We need more video and other multi-media presentations. We must increase the number of languages offered to reach workers and young people of every nationality. We must expand the reach of the WSWS through social media.

We have no rich patrons or corporate sponsors. We do not get money from wealthy foundations. Why? Because the WSWS is the site of irreconcilable opposition. It is the voice of the international working class and the essential counter to the lies of the bourgeois media.

The WSWS has a large and growing readership, but we need your financial support. We are asking not for generosity, but sacrifice. There is no more important cause than the cause of international socialism, which the WSWS fights for every single day.

Make a large donation to the New Year Fund. Become a monthly subscriber. Make the WSWS what it must be: the scaffolding of a socialist movement all around the world to put an end to capitalism and open a new path for humanity.

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