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As 2015 comes a close, we appeal to all our readers to make a donation to help support the work of the World Socialist Web Site in 2016. There has never been a more urgent need to expand the influence of the world socialist movement.

All funding for the WSWS comes from our readers and supporters—not corporations, governments or pro-capitalist foundations. Your donation helps us support our editorial staff, conduct on-the-spot reporting, host interview programs, develop our technological capacities and extend our outreach.

As a reader of the WSWS, you know how unique the site is. It is the essential and indispensable counterweight to the lies of the corporate-controlled media around the world. Countless multimillionaire commentators and newspaper columnists cover up government secrets and do whatever they can to pollute public consciousness. Workers have in their arsenal only the weapon of the WSWS.

The WSWS has published well over 5,000 articles so far this year, on every major geopolitical, social, economic and cultural development, along with critical commentary on history and Marxist theory. The WSWS predicted and prepared the working class for the betrayal by Syriza of its anti-austerity pledges in Greece. It fought against the expansion of imperialist war all over the world, which, as the year ends, is developing ever more directly into a clash between the major powers while fueling the greatest refugee crisis since World War II.

The WSWS won a mass readership among US autoworkers for its exposure of the conspiracy between the UAW and the auto companies to ram through a new round of attacks. It organized meetings commemorating the legacy of the great revolutionary Leon Trotsky, 75 years after the Stalinist bureaucracy organized his assassination in order to tie the working class to the profit system.

In these and so many other areas, the WSWS has consistently fought for the interests of the international working class. Our aim is an ambitious one: The organization and education of the international working class and the liberation of mankind from the shackles of the capitalist system. Yet this is the only way out of the disaster that the ruling classes of the world have created, and the even greater disasters to come.

We are asking you today to give the largest possible contribution to our Year End Fund so that we can ambitiously expand our work in 2016. Help as well throughout the year by signing up for a recurring donation.

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