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For the last 25 years, US imperialism has laid waste to a span of territory stretching several thousand miles, from North Africa to Central Asia, leaving over 1 million dead. Now workers and young people are being subjected to a new round of carefully orchestrated war propaganda, designed to appeal to the humanitarian sentiments of the population in order to corral it behind an ever-growing escalation of imperialist violence.

Each day brings fresh dangers, from the expansion of war in the Middle East, to the Obama administration's stoking of conflict with Russia and its "pivot to Asia" aimed at encircling China, to the remilitarization of Germany and Japan.

The war drive has been almost entirely excluded from the US election, and only the WSWS has warned that the next administration will proceed to escalate these and other military conflicts. There is immense opposition to war all around the world, but this opposition must be given a voice and a clear political perspective.

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