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New study doubles global COVID-19 death toll

Nearly one million people have died from COVID-19 in the United States–and 6.93 million dead globally—according to a new study by Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Bryan Dyne

Istanbul electricity workers’ struggle at the crossroads

As the Bedaş workers’ militant struggle threatens to inspire other sections of the working class, capitalist politicians of all political colors have been mobilized to drive workers into the dead end of trade unionism.

Ulaş Ateşçi

The Bike Thief: The desperate acts people are driven to

In its title and subject matter, the movie pays deliberate and admiring tribute to the 1948 Italian neorealist film, Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette—US title, The Bicycle Thief ).

Joanne Laurier

Factional warfare engulfs Canada’s Green Party

The Toronto Star has run a series of sensationalist articles amplifying claims from “equity seeking” supporters of the Greens’ new federal leader that she faces determined opposition from the party’s “primarily white” old guard.

Roger Jordan, James Clayton

Rise in tuberculosis in Peru: A byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic

Epidemiologists predict a rise in tuberculosis (TB) due to treatment disruptions related to COVID pandemic. Treatment lapses leading to an increase of drug-resistant tuberculosis remains a concern reversing the progress made in TB progress worldwide.

Angelo Perera

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Greek workers in one-day general strike against law curbing right to strike; midwives walk out and protest across France against lack of COVID safety; Vehicle and driver registration staff at UK headquarters Swansea begin further strikes over lack of COVID safety, demand remote working

Britain ratchets up NATO’s war drive against Russia

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia and the interests of competing imperialist powers have transformed the Black Sea region into a powder keg that could ignite a worldwide conflagration.

Robert Stevens

Amazonians United: A new trap for workers

Given the RWDSU’s unsuccessful union drive in Bessemer—resulting from its obviously top-down, officially-sponsored character—a subtler approach is now being pitched by sections of the union apparatus and their middle-class allies.

Marcus Day, George Gallanis, Jerry White

Cliff Slaughter: 1928–2021

Cliff Slaughter, who between 1957 and 1985 played a leading role in the International Committee of the Fourth International and its British section, died Monday at the age of 92.

David North

Union sends Oregon Tech faculty back to work with sellout agreement

Oregon Tech American Association of University Professors (OT-AAUP) is celebrating the agreement as a “historic first contract,” but in reality, it is a sellout contract that will be used to enforce job insecurity, inadequate pay and unsafe work conditions over its five-year period.

Kayla Costa, David Fitzgerald
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