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Sri Lankan pseudo-left FSP holds talks with right-wing parties

The Frontline Socialist Party has abandoned its previous phrase-mongering, now insisting that socialism is a task for the distant future, and offering the false hope of solutions within capitalism by ending corruption and making token reforms.

K. Ratnayake

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

India: Andhra Pradesh farm labourers demand outstanding wages; Sri Lankan hospital workers protest over worsening health care; Australia: 17,000 Catholic school educators strike in New South Wales; New Zealand care workers protest low pay.

Canadian imperialism’s fascist friends—Part 5: Mobilize the working class against the US-NATO war with Russia and fascist reaction!

Exposing the decades-long alliance between the Canadian state and the Ukrainian far-right shock troops Ottawa and Washington have used to prepare, instigate and now wage war with Russia—Canadian imperialism’s fascist friends—is essential to laying bare the true imperialist character of the present conflict and mobilizing the international working class to put a stop to it.

James Clayton, Roger Jordan, Keith Jones

Workers must oppose Bill 96, Quebec’s chauvinist language law

The CAQ’s Bill 96 has multiple objectives, but is above all aimed at dividing the working class within Quebec along ethno-linguistic lines and Québécois workers from their class brothers and sisters in the rest of Canada and internationally.

Keith Jones

The global monkeypox outbreak and its implications

The outbreak of monkeypox infections continues to climb rapidly as health authorities attempt to determine its epidemiologic links to recent festivals. Given the limited nature of the disease and spread the WHO has attempted to downplay the threat it poses.

Benjamin Mateus

Gray report allows UK Prime Minister Johnson to brush off partygate scandal

Hostile to any mobilising of the working class that would bring Johnson and his entire government to account for the crime of overseeing almost 200,000 deaths from COVID, Starmer insisted for months that Johnson’s removal be organised by “decent, honourable” Tory MPs in a palace coup.

Robert Stevens

UK rail workers vote overwhelmingly for strike action

Despite an unambiguous strike vote by rail workers—the biggest since the railways were privatised in 1994—the RMT union has once again handed the political initiative to the government, appealing for negotiations.

Laura Tiernan

Trump headlines fascist CPAC Hungary conference

The turn of substantial sections of the ruling elites internationally to fascism was expressed in the appearance of fascistic politicians and media figures from around the world.

Jacob Crosse

Sri Lankan SEP holds its Third National Congress

SEP congress was held under extraordinary political conditions in Sri Lanka, amid an immense global crisis of capitalism, intensified by the pandemic, the US-NATO proxy war against Russia and the international upsurge of the class struggle.

Our correspondents

UAW claims ratification of sellout contract at Detroit Diesel

While many workers recognized that the agreement negotiated by the UAW was merely a repackaged version of the contract they previously rejected, workers had no confidence that the union could be pressured to fight for them.

Shannon Jones

Who is responsible for starvation and rising food prices?

The feigned concern of the capitalist class over mass starvation is criminal hypocrisy in the first degree. The reality is that the architects of the US-NATO proxy war against Russia are prepared to sacrifice the lives of billions of working people—both through hunger and nuclear catastrophe.

Eric London

Germany: Vote "NO" to the sell-out contract in education and social services!

The agreement is not worth the paper it is written on. It can only be described as a sellout of the struggle that thousands have been waging since the beginning of March for improvements in the working conditions in the social work and education professions.

Network of Rank-and-File Committees for Safe Education (Netzwerk der Aktionskomitees für sichere Bildung)

UK plans naval intervention against Russia in the Black Sea

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis explained that participating countries “could provide ships or planes that would be stationed in the Black Sea and provide maritime passage for the grain ships to leave Odesa’s port and reach the Bosphorus in Turkey”.

Thomas Scripps

US/NATO-provoked war in Ukraine creates food crisis in Africa

The United Nations has warned that the war risks tipping 1.7 billion people, one-fifth of the world’s population, into poverty, destitution and hunger—a horrifying scenario the imperialist powers are utilising to step up their warmongering in the Black Sea.

Jean Shaoul

Imperialism and the lie of the soul

The Financial Times’ Gideon Rachman has written a column that is an unintentional—and, therefore, all the more devastating—exposure of the intellectual and moral putrefaction of bourgeois journalism and the political and social system it defends.

David North

Canadian imperialism’s fascist friends—Part 4: How Ottawa provided the Ukrainian fascists refuge and incubated and promoted far-right Ukrainian nationalism

The Canadian ruling class provided safe-haven to the Nazis’ Ukrainian accomplices, helped them whitewash their crimes, and incubated and promoted a far-right Ukrainian nationalism that has served as the political-ideological spearhead of the drive to transform “independent” Ukraine into an instrument of the NATO powers.

This is the fourth article in a multipart series. Click here for the first part.

James Clayton, Roger Jordan, Keith Jones
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