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Powell delivers reassurances to Wall Street

Outlining monetary policy—the central concern of Wall Street—the Fed chair emphasised that the present ultra-loose regime would continue even if inflation began to rise and there was a tightening in the labour market.

Nick Beams

Massachusetts nurses vote to strike for safe staffing ratios

Nurses at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, without a contract since November 2019, on February 10 gave their overwhelming approval for strike action for safer working conditions and patient outcomes.

Ben Oliver

Communist Party of the Philippines embraces Catholicism

Julieta de Lima, longtime leader of the CPP, delivered a speech to archbishops and religious leaders celebrating “500 years of Christianity in the Philippines,” and embracing the medieval barbarism of the church.

John Malvar

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Workers at Mexican air carrier Interjet voted by an overwhelming 95 percent margin to continue their strike begun in January, while Molson has locked out 300 workers at its Toronto, Canada brewery.

How to fight for democracy in Myanmar

The only social force capable of carrying out a consistent struggle for democratic rights is the working class, as part of the broader struggle to refashion society to meet the pressing needs of the majority—that is, along socialist lines.

Peter Symonds

Some new light shed on GameStop frenzy

Apart from revealing some aspects of the role of Robinhood in the GameStop bubble, a US congressional hearing on Thursday exposed some details about its modus operandi, which is assuming greater significance in the market as a whole.

Nick Beams

The Texas catastrophe and the case for socialism

The Texas catastrophe lays bare the real state of class relations in the richest country in the world and makes clear why essential infrastructure can no longer be entrusted to the capitalist oligarchs.

Tom Carter

Ten highlights from “Sylvia Ageloff and the Assassination of Leon Trotsky”

This article presents 10 key moments from the World Socialist Web Site’s live discussion with David North and Eric London, co-moderated by Joseph Kishore and Tom Mackaman, on the latest series in the International Committee of the Fourth International’s Security and the Fourth International investigation.

Our reporters

This week in history: February 22-28

25 years ago: Anti-Castro group aircraft shot down over CubaOn February 24, 1996, Cuban fighter jets shot down two planes flown by the Miami-based anti-Castro exile group Brothers to the Rescue. It was the end result of a provocation calculated to induce US economic, political and military retaliation against Cuba.

Italian government preparing for confrontation with working class

The 73-year-old former head of the European Central Bank formed a government last week including all major national parties, apart from the fascist Fratelli d’Italia, from the far-right Lega to the social democratic Democrats (PD).

Peter Schwarz

Workers Struggles: Asia and Australia

Burmese police attack striking railway workers; West Bengal contract teachers demand equal pay; Australia: NSW ambulance paramedics to protest casualisation

Stop the deadly reopening of Philadelphia Schools!

Our committee unequivocally demands a stop to the drive to reopen the Philadelphia public school system amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pennsylvania Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee

Russian court sentences Alexei Navalny to prison

The opponent of the Putin government, who now faces imprisonment in a penal colony for more than two years, is seeking to channel social anger in Russia over inequality in a right-wing direction.

Clara Weiss
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