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Chicago teacher opposing return to school maligned for citing anti-Nazi poem

The Chicago Teachers Union’s support for the Anti-Defamation League’s specious attack on high school teacher Stu Abram highlights the CTU’s complicity in the reopening of schools, and its downplaying both the severity of the pandemic and the danger of the far right.

Kristina Betinis

WSWS’s fight against Facebook censorship draws international support

Statements of support, social media posts and shares, news reports and messages sent directly to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg denouncing the political censorship of the socialist left played a decisive role in the restoration of the University of Michigan IYSSE Facebook page and the accounts of leading members of the SEP.

Kevin Reed

St. Paul oil refinery workers’ strike enters sixth day

Workers are vehemently opposed to the company demands for a reduction in full time safety firefighting staff and a push for contract safety worker positions, dramatically raising the danger of fatal accidents and environmental disaster.

Anthony Bertolt

Massive coronavirus outbreak at Airbus plant in Hamburg, Germany

Five hundred workers at the Airbus plant in Hamburg-Finkenwerder are quarantining after 21 of their colleagues were infected with COVID-19. The IG Metall trade union and its works council representatives refuse to take any responsibility for the health of the work f orce.

Gustav Kemper, Dietmar Gaisenkersting

The rise of financial parasitism and the emergence of fascism

Any assertion that the ruling classes as a whole and the dominant financial oligarchy have no need for fascist bands, let alone a coup, because they are continuing to make money, ignores both the lessons of history and the explosive contradictions within the very heart of American capitalism and its financial system.

Nick Beams

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Doctors across Peru are continuing a job action over conditions in the hospitals and adequate funding for COVID treatment including medicines and supplies.

Nevada sees record number of COVID-19 deaths

The policy of herd immunity is being deliberately cultivated in Nevada as casinos, logistics and other industries have continued to operate as normal with little to no protections in place to stop the spread of the virus.

Hong Jian, Dan Conway

Facebook escalates attack on socialist left

Facebook is engaged in an escalating campaign of state-backed internet censorship targeting socialist organizations, including the International Youth and Students for Social Equality.

Statement of the Socialist Equality Party

Growing warnings of a Wall Street bubble

The rise and rise in the shares of the “barely profitable” electric car company Tesla “seemingly beyond all reason” is an expression of the “market craziness” resulting from the injection of trillions of dollars into the financial system by the Fed.

Nick Beams

Faurecia Gladstone Rank-and-File Committee calls for congressional investigation into Trump's coup attempt

“We demand a full public congressional investigation, as well as the arrest and prosecution of all those responsible for planning, carrying out and providing political cover for the attempt to overthrow the Constitution! We must prepare for political general strike action against these fatal threats to our democratic rights!”

The Faurecia Gladstone Plant Rank-and-File Safety Committee

MIT faculty defend professor against trumped-up charges related to China ties

A letter signed by 100 faculty members at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology calls for the defense of Professor Gang Chen, whom the US government is prosecuting on charges of wire fraud and tax violations as part of its witchhunt against academics who collaborate with Chinese institutions.

Mike Ingram

Russian police crackdown on pro-Navalny protests

The Western press, which has proclaimed Navalny an “international hero” and “democratic opponent” of Putin, has deliberately kept its readers in the dark about his political orientation and history.

Clara Weiss

Ten years since the beginning of the Egyptian revolution

The decisive lesson from the Egyptian revolution is that a revolutionary leadership in the working class must be built, in opposition to the pseudo left, prior to the eruption of mass struggles.

Johannes Stern

This week in history: January 25-31

25 years ago: Dozens killed in Colombo suicide bombing On January 31, 1996, a suicide truck bomb carrying 440 pounds of explosives blew up in the downtown center of Colombo, killing nearly 100 people. Many victims were severely burned, leaving relatives identifying bodies with great difficulty.

Trudeau and Biden to strengthen Canada-US military alliance and trade-war bloc

Readouts of Biden’s conversation with Trudeau, the first he had with a foreign leader as president, and a flurry of press commentary make clear Ottawa and Washington plan to expand their strategic partnership to more aggressively challenge their great-power rivals, above all Russia and China.

Roger Jordan

World Bank details economic and social impact of coronavirus in Sub-Saharan Africa

Death rates in 20 countries are higher than the global average of 2.2 percent, rising by more than 30 percent in the past month in Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa. Officials in Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo said hospital capacity and oxygen supplies were running out.

Jean Shaoul

Teamsters union shuts down Hunts Point strike in New York City

Fearing the strike was becoming a catalyst for a broader movement of the working class against social inequality and the criminal response to the pandemic, the unions and the Democrats rushed to shut down the struggle.

Daniel de Vries

Texas educators call for full investigation of fascistic coup plotters!

Our committee calls for the fullest investigation into the high-level connections between Texas Republicans, the Trump administration, and the far-right and fascistic groups that coordinated the January 6 coup attempt in Washington, DC.

Texas Educators Rank-and-File Safety Committee

Russia ends COVID-19 restrictions in major cities

Having witnessed a small drop-off in infections and hospitalizations, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are now ending the very restrictions that fueled these improvements.

Andrea Peters

Israeli human rights organization declares Israel an apartheid state

B’Tselem's statement that Israel is an apartheid regime confirms not only what critics of Israel’s brutal suppression of the Palestinians have long been saying, but also the historic bankruptcy and reactionary culmination of the Zionist project and all such nationalist programs.

Jean Shaoul
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