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What does the UAW spend its money on?

While planning to starve striking workers on the picket line with just $275 a week, the UAW continues to spend millions on its staff at its national headquarters.

Marcus Day

Indian chemical factory explosion and fire kill 18

The tragic loss of life and terrible injuries are a direct result of the callous indifference of management and the state authorities towards mandatory occupational safety measures and workers’ health and lives.

Yuan Darwin

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Workers in two main unions strike together in Greece over anti-labour laws; CaixaBank workers in Spain strike against job losses while unions negotiate jobs away; General strike in Lebanon as economy in free fall destroys living standards; Lesotho garment workers’ pay strike continues into week four.

Workers Struggles: The Americas

About 12,000 nurses in the Canadian province of Manitoba have voted in favor of strike action while a protest in Buenos Aires by social groups demanding jobs, decent wages and vaccinations was met by tear gas.

Johnson government announces token delay in UK’s reopening plans

That a Conservative government so determined to end the “last lockdown” on “Freedom Day” in a week’s time has been forced to make even such a limited gesture points to the serious dangers posed to the working class by the resurgent pandemic.

Thomas Scripps

Crisis: The big pharmaceuticals’ “Holy Grail”

The film’s three interconnected segments deal with the drug business, legal and illegal. One of the narrative strands is particularly hard-hitting and compelling, pointing to the profiteering and homicidal operations of the giant pharmaceutical companies.

Joanne Laurier
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