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Preview release of ChatGPT shows potential of artificial intelligence

ChatGPT, released as a free prototype by the research laboratory OpenAI last November, is a powerful artificial intelligence technology with socially transformative potential that is being used under capitalism to eliminate jobs, increase exploitation and automate warfare.

Kevin Reed

Workers Struggles: Asia and Australia

India: Uttar Pradesh government sector workers protest sackings; Tamil Nadu government farm workers strike for permanency; Australia: Melton City Council nurses demand higher wages; Offshore shipping workers strike in Western Australia.

Netflix airs docudrama on the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff: Part one

That major financial players ignored the flashing warning lights and continued to invest with Madoff points to the social psychology of a ruling class so manic in its pursuit of ever-greater personal wealth that it has become blinded by its own greed. More, however, is involved in this sociopathic outlook than subjective personality traits.

Barry Grey

Israel’s protest leaders enter talks to stabilise Netanyahu government

Equally committed to the Zionist project, Jewish supremacy and the suppression of the Palestinians within a system of apartheid rule, along with the enrichment of Israel’s corporate elite, the protest leaders fear Netanyahu’s measures will destroy Israel’s democratic fig leaf.

Jean Shaoul

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Teachers in Portugal resume strikes over pay and career progression in the face of government minimum service requirements; Lebanese telecom workers on indefinite walkout over pay as currency plummets and inflation hits 124 percent; South African workers at Makro stores begin 10-day strike over pay and sackings in year-long dispute

Targeting China, US Navy to purchase 100 new ships

Speaking at a hearing of the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee Tuesday,  the US Navy’s operations chief  said the United States Navy is currently building 56 new warships and has contracted the building of 76 more, as part of a massive military buildup targeting China.

Andre Damon

Workers Struggles: The Americas

The PIT-CNT and other unions held a limited general strike March 23 while 500 workers at Maui Health are continuing their two month strike after voting down another management offer.

The three lies of the Brandon Johnson campaign for Chicago mayor

The Cook County commissioner, Brandon Johnson, is seeking to use his affiliation with the Chicago Teachers Union to suggest that he will defend the working class. Actually, his role as a CTU official means the direct opposite.

Kristina Betinis

Defend Sri Lankan teachers’ right to strike!

The president accuses teachers and principals of taking students hostage, but in reality, the working masses have been made hostages to the IMF with the Wickremesinghe government acting as its policeman.

Pani Wijesiriwardena
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