Reader differs with WSWS review of Apostle

I must totally disagree with you and your interpretation of The Apostle. Yes, this man seems unbalanced to the rest of the world, but the film is not about declaring that he must be forgiven. Instead, it challenges the viewers to decide what makes a worthy role model. Is it acceptable for someone like a preacher to have killed a man? Does forgiveness equal absolution from consequence?

I do agree with one of your points. This film is absolutely about legitimizing religion. In an age of postmodern thought, I would think this helps people to understand the conflict of modern 'evangelicals.' By the way, this film does not paint him in any way as a political 'evangelical.' What I mean is he is not politically driven in his faith, he is personally driven. His personal motivations for his faith show how Christians, even those who have become rich, condescending, right wing idiots, are Christians because of their PERSONAL experience with God. I guess this film does have a limited audience. I think it's the 2nd best movie I've ever seen. ( Dead Man Walking is the 1st.) By the way, having studied film criticism, I can assure you Duvall did a spectacular job as director.

27 May 1998

The Apostle: Robert Duvall's false objectivity
[24 March 1998]