The Starr investigation and the right wing

Enclosed is my donation to your Web site. I hope that you will be able to continue your work.

On one issue I think that you are wrong. I don't think that the Right ever wanted to impeach the President, only to reduce him to impotence. To impeach him would entail too many unknowns. For now, as you pointed out, the Right wing is having it both ways, preserving the status quo. Starr's job is to keep this slow burning fire from getting too hot or too cold.


7 July 1998

Dear GM,

Thank you for your message and contribution to the World Socialist Web Site. Your point about the Starr investigation is well taken. What is generally referred to as 'the right wing' is a heterogeneous mixture, with its own internal divisions. It can be said with certainty that key sections of the right wing did aim to impeach Clinton or force him to resign. Others, however, may have been more apprehensive about such a course of action, preferring to take advantage of the Starr investigation only as a means to maintain pressure on Clinton to enact measures favorable to big business and the wealthy.

While the WSWS is aware of these differences, it has sought to underscore that which the various factions of Starr supporters have in common: the use of a personal scandal as a means of destabilizing the present government and implementing more right-wing policies. We have stressed that their plans were carried out entirely outside of the traditional electoral process and posed a clear danger to the democratic rights of the public.


WSWS Editorial Board

17 July 1998

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