Reader comments on the retraction of the CNN "Tailwind" story

"I am increasingly disturbed by how controlled the supposedly 'free' press is in America today"

To the Editors:

In reading about the behind the scenes pressure brought to bear in forcing the retraction of the CNN 'Tailwind' story, I am increasingly disturbed by how controlled the supposedly 'free' press is in America today. Thankfully, however, we still have outlets such as the World Wide Web which allow the 'real story' to seep through despite intense media pressure to suppress it. There was a time in America, when a story like 'Tailwind' would have set off a flurry of high-level investigations and congressional inquiries, with the press acting as the mirror held up to expose the corruption of the system. Now the major media outlets have simply become another mouthpiece for the power elite, parroting whatever 'official truth' is deemed sanitized enough for public consumption.

Already, on the Internet and in Usenet newsgroups, one can view further proponents of the 'official story' further decrying the 'Tailwind' story as bogus. Fortunately, there is also much evidence that not everyone is buying into the official truth, further proving that Americans are not nearly as dumb as our leaders apparently think we are. It's time for average citizens to come forward and demand the truth about the burial of this story, not to mention the charges leveled in the 'Tailwind' report. If our leaders are not willing to deal honestly with us on this matter, then it is high time we sent them packing and elected leaders who understand that they are servants of the public, and not a privileged, ruling class. The upcoming elections, when most of congress will be up for reelection, would be the perfect time to send such a message.

And here's another thought. As it seems likely that April Oliver and Jack Smith may be vilified in the media as a result of this report, perhaps they would make a fine addition to the team at the WSWS!

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