On CNN's retraction of nerve gas story

The retraction of this story stinks to high heaven. I'm glad you at least have the brains and the guts to say so.



13 July 1998

I just read your report on the 'Tailwind' whitewash. As usual I found your writing and position to be excellent. I will be using your Web site for my main source of news. The comparison between the Tailwind retraction and the Mercury News retraction has been something that I have been considering and that you seem to be the only ones to point this out. The news and media are hopeless. And your bringing in the issue of the Lewinsky trivia was well taken. I feel that you are doing important and significant work. It is good that Yahoo has your coverage in its Full Coverage section. These are evil times in America. Thank you very much.


13 July 1998

Dear Editor:

I have been following with great interest the WSWS reporting on the double standards and political forces behind the retractions of CNN over the Sarin gas controversy. I wonder why it is that the sacked journalists do not attack their employers with the 1st Amendment. Could it be that they no longer feel it is an effective legal weapon of self-defense?


Amiens, France

11 July 1998

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