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I was in Army aviation in Vietnam supporting US Special Forces. From my experiences, I don't doubt there is something to this story and am glad your analysis is available. Someone in that camp knew too much and had to be eliminated at all costs.

I have forwarded this URL to many on my mailing list. I hope people will wake up before it's too late. If it isn't already.


A revealing insight into a murderous regime and the press that cover up for them. I think the article could be taken further with some background on the victims. Were they hiding out in Laos? Were they disgusted with the war? Was this a lesson or were they expendable? etc. Is there a possibility of an interview with the victims?



Excellent, rational argument. Why won't it be scrutinized in an inquiry?


I saw, April Oliver, on a news broadcast a few weeks ago and listened to her side of the story about Operation Tailwind and her June 7th broadcast of the 'Valley of Death.'

I was not in Vietnam but I was a protester of that war and those who were promoting and pursuing that war were continually telling the American people daily falsehoods.

I am certainly more inclined to believe April Oliver and what she researched and wrote than all the Henry Kissingers, Melvin Lairds, President Lyndon Johnson. William Cohen and the rest of the war group that sent our young men to war because they thought they were going to get a US foothold in SE Asia.

I would like to personally thank Ms. Oliver for the work that she and the others did on that report and instead of condemnation she and the others should have been praised for bringing out this information. Then a full-scale investigation should have been conducted. If we can spent 50 million dollars to investigate the sex life of our President we can also afford to spend some money to investigate whether the charges that Ms. Oliver presented are fact or fiction. But until that time that it can be proven that the illegal invasion of Laos by our military was not suspect I will continue to believe Ms. Oliver.

Does she have a WEB page where her story and discussions can be seen and heard? If she does could you give me the URL. Thanks.


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