In response to an article on the IRS overhaul

To the WSWS Editor:

You hit the nail on the head when you said 'Rhetoric.' I prefer to call it by its real name and that is 'BS.' If you catch my drift. In my 54 years upon the earth, I've never seen a politician or lawyer yet that cared about the American 'working taxpayer' or their 'client.' All they are interested in is the Almighty Dollar, and that's the bottom line.

My wife and I are in education--she as an elementary school teacher and I as a library assistant. We live in Texas and were told that all of the state's lottery money was to go to education, but no one knows where all of that money goes--probably into some politician's pocket.

Our schools are in desperate need of repair and our children are suffering because the teachers do not have enough textbooks to give to their students. When Bill Clinton and Al Gore preach about computer technology in every school by the year 2000--that too is a bunch of BS!!!! We are in the 4th largest school system in Texas and they have very few computers in the classrooms here and NO they are not hooked up to the Internet. We've been given a lot of promises, but have ended up with them being just 'pipe dreams.' I'd like before I die to be told one time from one politician or lawyer THE TRUTH on something that they said, and then it be carried out or fulfilled EXACTLY the way they said it would be fulfilled, wouldn't you????

Those politicians in Washington think that the average working person is a FOOL! One of these days there will be a revolt and working people are going to say 'Enough is Enough.' And we are going to once again have government 'Of The People,' 'By The People,' and 'For The People'--my wife and I may not live to see it but one day it will happen.

Please continue to tell the American people the TRUTH and may God bless you and your efforts.


El Paso, Texas

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