Comments on the Starr-Clinton controversy

In response to Secret Service agents begin testimony against Clinton [18 July 1998] and Who is Laurence Silberman? [18 July 1998]

To the WSWS Editor:

I agree with your article about Laurence Silberman. I don't think much of a judge who lets his party and friendship affiliations influence his decisions. And he was totally wrong to make the statements he did about the President and the Justice Department.

Thank you for a very informative article


Your article is wonderful. Starr's investigation is disgusting. This investigation is politically dirty.


Michigan State University

Good article on Silberman. What is Orrin Hatch up to haranguing the crowd against the Prez. and looking for justification for Starr to get privileged information. Fortunately it looks pretty desperate for the Right wingers. What a country. The public seems much more reasonable and intelligent than the crazed lawyers, politicians and newspeople on the Republican Right. This whole Starr thing is so stupid and trivial that it boggles the mind. How far the psychosis has spread will be determined later. It appears that the public is not fooled by some fancy, idiotic talk. They haven't fooled me. It all seems more dramatic and frightening because it is so stupid and vicious. Good article, again. Atentamente


Why isn't more of this being reported in the mainstream media?


Starr is out of control! He needs to be removed from office. Right-wing elements of the Republican Party are out to get our President and they need to be stopped and if need be challenged continually by every means at the President's disposal. I have and will continue to support our President come hell or high water. What the man does in his private moments are none of anyone's business. Compelling the Secret Service to testify indicates the IQ and/or cognitive ability of Starr is lacking, as is those others in the Judicial System, including Rehnquist. What ever happened to the idea of Three Co-equal branches of government?

If those in the power structure have no better sense, then I feel the President should let Starr take his garbage to the House of Representatives for that terrible Gingrich to handle, knowing full-well that our President will in the final analysis be vindicated! All of the aforementioned only serves to make me sick to my stomach of the Republican Party of this country! Our President has done nothing that at least 98% of past presidents have done and to make matters worse, nothing was said or done about it. And, at least 98% of the matters relating to our President are hints, innuendoes, and most likely just plain false-hoods, by less than honest folk, who want to make a dollar, either politically or monetarily. The latter is why the President has an approval rating of at least 60%--most of us don't buy Starr's Garbage, and more-over, we never will! He needs to back-off, and now! Starr's charades are worthy of first place in the soap operas, and their cognitive ability is one and the same for those who enjoy such incivility. Thanks for asking for our response to incivility in today's uncivil world!


It appears agent Silberman, having successfully engineered the first documented 'military coup' in the United States, has now succeeded in causing the public identifying of the anonymous presidential guard. Giving them names and faces, combined with job descriptions, has enabled any rank amateur to successfully take out the guard to get to the president.

I have long suspected the intellectual capacity of Republican appointees but this boggles the mind, have they defined treason or are they just that damned stupid?


In response to Brill article details media role in plot to oust Clinton [19 June 1998]

Excellent article, especially the last two paragraphs with what I agree has and is happening in American Political life--the narrowing social basis of American political life, controlled by corporate interests and catering to needs of the privileged. Certainly there is developing a chasm between the elite and the working people. We are hoping this election will begin to show that working people are aware and want to participate in the process again to change this trend you have so ably exposed.


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