On the gas breakdown in Australia

To the Editor:

What an interesting point Will Marshall made, when he said that if it was workers who'd caused this crisis in Victoria the media would be going wild ('Australian gas disaster raises many questions,' 1 October 1998).

May I draw your attention to a planned strike by railway workers in NSW on Tuesday. The media in several interviews I have listened to on the radio have accused the rail workers of holding the state to ransom come Tuesday morning. Yet they are striking about the ever increasing reduction of staff on train stations. A safety issue for the public and the rail workers alike. But the media reports the two events in vastly different ways.

I heard Bob Carr in an interview the other day saying how he had contacted Mr Kennett and was offering him all the help he could. He said in the recent water crisis in NSW, Mr Kennett had said but for the grace of God it could have happened in Victoria. This was no time to gloat.

Of course it's no time to gloat. It's time to question what is happening here and what might happen. Imagine a water crisis with no gas, or electricity! And as your article says, none of the blame for this rests at the feet of workers, but hopefully workers might realise soon that the solutions for these problems lies in their hands.

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