Reader comments on anti-gay lynching in Wyoming

Dear Editor:

I just finished reading your article of October 13 by David Walsh and Jerry White regarding the death of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming.

I could not agree more with WSWS 's take on this situation. Thank you for illustrating the direct link between the poisonous rhetoric of the religious right and hate crime. One only has to look at the disgusting spectacle of the anti-gay, right-wing religious demonstrators at this young man's funeral to determine for themselves where the blame lies.

For years, I've tried to express my view in the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered (lgbt) community that wearing ribbons and shouting 'shame' just is not enough. I've tried to impress upon all who would listen that the only way to secure equality and freedom for the lgbt community is to join together with other minorities, women and the working class under a broad organization fighting for economic and social justice.

I could not, and still do not, believe that our liberation lies in sending money to upper-middle class lobbyists in Washington, DC. History shows that rights and freedoms are never granted; they must be taken.

As a Socialist, a gay man, and a human being, I was sickened and outraged at this brutal, senseless attack. Unfortunately, attacks against members of the lgbt community are commonplace, but the extraordinary viciousness of the Shepard attack demands action and justice.

If there is such a thing as a positive side to this tragedy, it is that it has served as a lightening rod for lgbt organizations. They seem ready, finally, to take their first steps toward holding responsible the people who created and fostered this hateful, inhumane atmosphere: right-wing bigots and hollow, impotent liberals.

Thank you for being one of precious few resources for insightful, accurate and meaningful news and analyses.

Yours in solidarity,



17 October 1998

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