On the Starr investigation

To the Editor:

Thank you for Starr-dirty-tricks chronology. There may be some connection between the Watergate and the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal after all. Lucianne Goldberg is reported to have been a member of the CREEP, Nixon's committee that organized the Watergate break in.


To the Editor:

We have spent $4.4 million to determine if Bill Clinton has had an affair with Lewinsky and denied it. How ludicrous. This money could have been spent on more realistic things like feeding the homeless, job creation etc. The whole political scene is nothing more than politicians playing for position. When do we take the time to address the positive items during the Clinton presidency? I wonder how many of our politicians could stand up and say that they never had a affair and denied it. It is just another example as to how we can spend money on stupid items. Our political format makes the US look rather stupid in the eyes of the international community.


Although I am a capitalist 100%, I agree with everything you said on this matter and it was eloquently stated. Ken Starr is diabolically evil and clearly biased. He is like Inspector Javert from Les Miserables. I only hope that someday he gets the justice that he deserves but there will always be two version of American History.


I am so very tired of hearing about President Clinton's impeachment proceedings. Has anyone stopped to think about the fact that possibly the President is not the only person in office that has had an extramarital affair? How many of our congressmen would want their personal life broadcast through media, newspapers, etc.? I believe that President Clinton lied to protect his family and supporters. Why take him apart at the seams because he has made a mistake? How many can point a finger at the President knowing that they have never done anything wrong? The President should be able to conduct business for at least the end of his term without more torment. Where is [this] all going to lead? This has started a ball rolling by opening others lives to the public. Why can't we just leave him alone?