Readers comment on WSWS coverage of Starr investigation

Below we are publishing a selection of letters received from readers commenting on the October 13 WSWS article “New revelations demonstrate role of right-wing lawyers, judges in anti-Clinton coup” by Martin McLaughlin.

Dear Editor:

I read this article with great interest. I am a California lawyer and I’ve watched this mess unraveling for the last couple of years. My legal sense has kept telling me that the law wasn’t being followed. I was shocked to see the lightness given to attorney-client privilege. I was also stunned when the Supreme Court allowed the Jones case to proceed while Clinton was still in office. I could not understand how the Court could not see what a disruption it would cause to this country.

I didn’t know about Rehnquist’s relationship with Nixon nor did I know his views about the civil rights of student protestors (I’m proud to say I was one of them).

This entire issue has been difficult for me to comprehend; I know that there is “politics” and there is “law”; but for me, it has been clear from the very beginning that Clinton was faced with a huge dilemma. How to proceed in a politically-acceptable fashion and still within the legal parameters. This article has clarified a lot for me; now, I am more convinced than ever of the truth of Hillary’s comments in January.

Thanks again and keep up these articles.


13 October

I just discovered your site today via a link from Yahoo on a news item. I am by no means a socialist, although I have leaned left in different periods of my life. I have a mid-level managerial position that requires that I stay current with health care issues. After reading a health care related article on your site, I stuck around and read several articles on the Clinton impeachment process and the Starr office link to right-wing movements. These are some of the best articles yet that I’ve read on the scandal, and I’ve read plenty. Pulling together accounts from different sources, especially the foreign press, helps me get a perspective on the scandal where before I was awash in New York Times details and contradictory editorials. I’ll certainly visit this site often, and maybe even download some of your polemical pieces.



14 October

Please continue this investigation and keep us informed. This conspiracy is much worse for the country than anything Clinton has done.


13 October

Dear Clintonite:

Even if Bill Clinton was “set-up” by a bunch of right wing activists, why was Bill Clinton so NAIVE to fall for this “conspiracy” in the first place? I sure don’t want someone that DIMWITTED taking care of national affairs.

Anyway, even if these “right-wingers” conspired to bring Clinton down, aren’t they doing so in a LEGAL fashion?

Many people fail to realize this point: If all these people in high level influential positions are conspiring to force Bill Clinton out of office by LEGAL means, then Bill Clinton must have legitimately done something to inspire their vindictive motive. Otherwise it would not be worthwhile for them to pursue their quest.

Remember, approximately 1/3 of all Americans don’t just disapprove of Bill Clinton, they ABSOLUTELY DESPISE AND HATE EVERYTHING HE REPRESENTS AND STANDS FOR.

These people are not a group of an ignorant few.



13 October

It was interesting to read your thoughtful article on the subject. Now that the president is so viciously trapped and attacked, is there anything that the citizens can do or should do? I think it is time for a well publicized demonstration of our disgust with the politics of the right-wingers. Any suggestion on how it can be done?


13 October

It was clear since his appointment and statement: “I’ll get him” about President Clinton, that Ken Starr is a big phoney. However you overlook a fact behind this modern “Tomas de Torquemada”—the real BASTARD is the Pat Robertson thief (Please look into the enormous wealth of this false individual ... diamond mines in Africa, highly paid advisor to dictators, anti-Clinton agitator at election time, sending his goons to pass out pamphlets ..... never denouncing the Tobacco lobby or the GOP sellout to it) who in fact has a stranglehold on the GOP as he does the gullible “faithfuls” who follow him blindly in search of the imaginary Heaven or the opportunity for commercial connection. The point is that this sort of opportunist pretends to speak for God. He makes his flock bring him more faithfuls, thus more money ... while they get a promissory note good for one admission to Heaven ..... after they die, while Pat and such enjoy their Heaven right here on earth.

The rest of your article about the GOP clique is excellent and follows the exact thread of the scenario. Congratulations, hoping we can get out the vote on November 3, for President Clinton’s side thus for We the People of the United States. Many of us, are fooled by the GOP purring + campaign money into voting against our own interest.



13 October

Thank you for an interesting article. I had long suspected that there were things about this matter which were not quite as they seem. These men are directly tied to Dick Nixon, and a real scandal of proportions which warranted the overturning of an election. The American people need to know this. I hope that some of these men will have a close view of an unemployment line this November, but there is no telling about the American Public.

Sincerely yours,


14 October

Just how many pages would be in Starr’s report if Clinton had not been asked about his legal sexual involvement with Monica??


13 October

Mr. McLaughlin,

You state that right-wing lawyers conspired as early as 1994 to “destabilize the Clinton administration.” Just because a lawyer does work on a case does not make him guilty of conspiracy. Remember, someone had to be the victim, lawyer, judge, etc. Perhaps we should not look for excuses for other people. History reminds us that early in America, men became leaders after confessing publicly every single and solitary sin before God and man. Not much has changed. People deserve and expect honesty and truth. Further, the “spoils system” was in place long before your great-grandfather was born. Clinton benefits from Reaganomics and perhaps Congress benefits from a majority. It is a well tuned system of checks and balances. For now, let the system do the work. If a government official does something wrong and gets caught, it either slides off or sticks. Leave Nixon alone. Nixon was twice the man Clinton will ever be. He knew when to scrape the bottom of his shoes and walk home. Perhaps Mr. Clinton has been walking behind the wrong dog. Honestly, if I thought Paula Jones and a handful of lawyers could set up a “legal trap” to impeach President Clinton, I would have lost faith in the system long ago.


13 October

I believe Ken Starr should be put under oath by Congress to find if there was a conspiracy to drive our legally elected president from office. I believe this would be an act of treason to conspire to entrap the President of the United States, by any elected or appointed official, senator, etc., to cause his removal from office. By the way, I did not vote for this president, but I still support his presidency. I have full compassion and forgiveness for his weakness. I also have full praise for the job he’s done as president. Maybe by putting Ken Starr under oath the country would be setting their own perjury trap for this self righteous hypocrite. They say the president should be held to a higher standard, then so should the Speaker of the House, the third man in line for the presidency, who was convicted of lying under oath by the Ethics Committee of the House.


14 October

I believed your report and I can’t believe the current media is not reporting this right-wing plot. I believe the Christian coalition is involved because of their strong ties to the right-wing movement. I hope and pray that the American people will see this witch hunt before it’s too late. If the right-wing take over this nation’s political power we will lose the freedom to say and do the things that make America a great nation. We will be under the control of a few elite groups that can control the outcome of every election and if they can’t, they can get rid of the people in office they don’t like. What happened to the will of the people? I hope the America people will vote the current Republican party out but maybe America is sleeping. If America keeps this current group in Congress we will wake up in a police state, a land that looks out for only the rich and powerful. It’s sad don’t you think?


14 October

Wow, today Oct. 14, 1998, Yahoo directed me to your website regarding a news story on Ken’s ethical lapses. This was my first visit to your web site. Bravo!! I read through past articles including your September 13 editorial which first outlined Ken’s little scheme. I myself have been telling others that Starr has been inclining for a bloodless coup. Your site is on my bookmarks. I would suggest you send out e-mails on a daily or weekly basis letting people such as myself know what is new on your web site. Again bravo and keep up the good work. Appreciate the workers struggle section as well.


14 October

I just read your well-written article about how the “black-robed” justices are involved in the Clinton sex scandal. As a WW II Marine combat veteran, recalled for the Korean War, is this what we fought for ? I thought it was to maintain our AMERICAN DEMOCRACY not have it surreptitiously taken from the people. It is scary to learn about the RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS-especially being in positions of power.


14 October

In reference to Martin McLaughlin’s article “New revelations demonstrate role of right-wing lawyers, judges in anti-Clinton coup” dated 13 October 1998, I did not read any reference to a “right-wing conspiracy” (or right-wing anything ) forcing Clinton to lie under oath in a court of law.


14 October

I have really appreciated your site and its reporting on the Starr inquisition, etc. since there has been such a lack of substantial critical mainstream media coverage on the subject. Thanks.


Seattle, Washington

16 October

Excellent site! Your writers are top-notch and I eagerly await logging on each day to read news from MY point of view; the worker’s point of view. I can’t commend you enough and recommend this site to anyone who sweats for a living. Keep it up!




17 October

I read the column on Starr and Clinton. I am not an American citizen, but like it or not, the President of the United States has nearly become the President of the World.

I agree with you that invasion of his privacy is the destruction of the privacy of nearly every other human being. How can people criticise the Taliban for draconian personal laws when the situation in America seems no better? Mr. Clinton deserves a better deal than he is getting.


18 October

Dear Mr. McLaughlin,

Many thanks for your work exposing Ken Starr and the cast of “blackshirts in black robes” surrounding the attempted coup against American democracy.

The one connection that I found most potentially damning, with her historical connection to Nixon, is the role of Lucianne Goldberg. Could you perhaps direct me to other material that speaks more fully of her role in Nixon’s dirty tricks? Your article made some of my rather complacent work associates sit up straight after I shared it with them. Thanks. By the way, there have been allegations that Linda Tripp “bragged” about being a covert agent with the Pentagon’s Delta Force. Have you come upon any sources that confirm this?

Again, many thanks for your work. It has had a very good impact as far as enlightening many of my friends and associates here in the U.S.