Recent correspondence from WSWS readers

Below we reprint a selection of correspondence that has been sent recently to the World Socialist Web Site.

On affirmative action

Larry Roberts' reply on affirmative action is quite correct. This is a crucially important issue for the working class. True socialists are the staunchest defenders of democratic rights, but as such recognize the inherently anti-democratic character of class society.

The unabashed representative of the CPUSA refers to affirmative action programs as 'the only positive actions against institutional racism.' This itself is a telling assertion. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which were the outcome of the courageous and selfless struggle of both blacks and whites against Jim Crow, are not considered by this spokesman as a 'positive actions.'

Our letter writer neglects to even attempt an explanation of why support for racial quotas will advance the cause of socialism. I assert that he cannot because the cause of socialism can only be successfully advanced by a working class which is united in its programmatic and strategical aims.

In this pursuit the working class as a whole must steel itself against the illusions sown by capitalism that our society represents a true democracy and put forward its own independent socialist program around which to rally masses for a new social order.

The SEP's position on affirmative action is clearly advanced as a contribution to such a program.


19 November 1998

On Iraq

Although I don't agree with socialistic ideology, I must agree with you that the US-led sanctions against the Iraqi people are one of the worst tragedies in recent history--much worse than blowing up an airplane.


20 November 1998

On the Aleksandr Rodchenko exhibit

Thank you so much for the article posted about the art and life of Aleksandr Rodchenko and the expired exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. I have recently been studying the art of Rodchenko, and was hungry for some depth and historical context that the books on Rodchenko do not provide. I am a student that was thrilled to find such well-written, personal and expressive text about Rodchenko and the political climate. Your site is extremely interesting and informative, and I will visit it often as I learn more about Russian history and Socialism. Thank You.


20 November 1998


On child labor in Australia

Friendly Greetings :

I wholeheartedly support your stance regarding child labour exploitation in local industries. A truth which the 'powers that be' try so very hard to conceal, and, worst of all, secretly sanction; especially the current government, whose youth wage policy clearly reflects an attitude which is reminiscent of pre-twentieth century capitalistic deportments.



23 November 1998

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